Thursday, May 09, 2013

She is back and a new knit

The lake has returned. Once again there is the lullaby of waves at nights ... and in the mornings, before I get up I can listen for a while for the sound to hear what kind of a day is ahead of me. As a bonus feature the sounds of the birds echo loudly from the surface because the forest is naked and does not soften the noises. Not to talk about the light... The magic of spring in the arctic.
To be able to experience all this beauty wipes away the memory of all the dark and cold winter months.
Even though it seems quite bare and cold in the pictures, if you bend down close to the ground, there are spots of bright and new and fresh greens. (We have cleaned the summer kitchen and have already used it a couple of times.)
But now I have to show you my new favorite knit...
To be honest, it is not that new anymore, I knitted it few months ago. This is not my idea, as I saw this in my LYS. I quickly made a mental note of k4/p4 rib and bought two skeins of Sandnes Garn Mini Palett sock yarn (I am not quite sure of the yarn any more, but I believe it was this), 200 grams altogether and used it all to make this wrapper.
I love it, it must be the best thing I have made myself for a long time. You can pull it down so that it covers just your shoulders, or further up, and then it hugs your neck. In wintertime it fits beautifully inside a coat and while puttering around the house when you feel cold, you can even pull if further down to keep it around your waist - almost like a mini skirt.
It is the best thing ever, but ... the drawback was that it was quite a boring thing to do, 200 grams of sock yarn is a lot to knit. Then again, boring is good at times, when in need of something easy and portable - this is the excuse I am using as I am thinking that I need a new one, or maybe even two.

Wool with you,


  1. What a lovely spring. I've never been in the Arctic, but I have lived through bleak winters, and what a joy it is to see the tiny green shoots!

    That is also a lovely knit, and now I'm thinking about some of my sock yarn in the stash...

  2. Hmmm. Cast on 320? I have so many single balls of sock yarn that I think I see stripes in my future. . .

  3. I love your spring pictures. Here in the Midwest, we went right from winter to summer! I miss spring.

    Very cool wrap.

  4. The ice is finally out on our lake too. Seems like it took forever this year but things are starting to green up now. Love that wrap!

  5. We have catapulted into summer now, so I would sweat in this now... but in the fall, it looks just right! I love it!

  6. That is lovely! Can you please share more details? I'd love to make one, too.

  7. Anonymous17:26

    How many stitches around?

  8. Anonymous19:59

    Spring is the reason that I love England, after a cold, grey winter, suddenly the whole world turns green and life is everywhere.

    Is that you in the photos, Lene? You have a beautiful, elegant face.


  9. Ellen in Conn02:01

    Nice to see your face, Lene! And your pretty hair.

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  11. Your pictures are spectacular, Lene. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  12. It nice to see that you have spring. Sometimes people make it sound like you never have spring, winter just goes straight into summer.

  13. I love cold places even though (maybe because) I live in a warm place, Texas. Spring is over year and the heat of summer is on the horizon. I love the beauty of our lake and your description of mornings there.

    Your cowl/hug is wonderful. Yes, would you share the cat in stitches you used or will you be writing a pattern?


  14. Anonymous07:14

    I'm guessing something around 256 sts for the cast on?


  15. Lovely photography. Is there anything you don't do well? (That's asked admiringly, by the are very talented.)

    And a lovely cowl/wrap/skirt. I certainly have piles of sock yarn...surely there is some that might turn into one of these...