Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My head - the hen house

Thank you for your comments on Aada... It did take a long time to finish! 

I have had birds on my mind lately. I think it comes with the season, when the sun shines, the birds chirp even though it is cold. April is just around the corner, it will bring lots of changes and migrating birds will start appearing. Cheerful times ahead even though April is my least favorite month of the year: it is so hard to keep up with the constant changes, one day there is the spring and then the next, it is all winter again.

I have had this desire to make a beautiful, happy bird. Something that would make me feel all good and warm and in love with the project. So far it has not happened but I will show you the process pictures. At this point, I am exhausted with the idea and will need to put it to rest. I have given this so many days, and nothing seems to work, so I know the idea is not thought through and I will just make myself tire of the whole thing, if I stubbornly keep at it. So no more birds for a few days but let's look at where I have been. I would like to say, I have wasted time, but I am sure this is not the case. I know, that at some point, the bird will come back to me, hopefully the idea is so ready then, that I just need to make it, but I am not quite there yet. 

 First I knitted this yellow bird. 

 I like the head, the hat and the beak but the rest, I am not sure. 

How I became sure of the head, is the reason, that I knitted one with shorter beak and  it does not have the same charm. 

I played with the embroidery, but it is not right and I cannot see where it is going off. I set aside the knitting needles, took out some fabric, and made this one. 

At this point, I was getting a little bit tired and you can see it in the picture of the bird. When it was done, I felt  that it was a self portrait, and that the bird is saying "Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile". I think I might add the words there. 

I set aside the fabrics and picked up the crochet hook. I have this so far, and I am afraid it will never hatch, I am not sure of the wings (if, then maybe fabric) and I don't know what to do with the feet, with or without toes.

This is all I have been up to. Lots but then not much to talk about. This of course makes me a bit frustrated and I think I will need to clean my desk and work area and at the same time, I will sort out my head and tuck away all the birds. 

Hope you have a good week,
Wool with you, 


  1. J love this bird.

  2. You may not be thrilled but I love the first one, I love the colors and the flouncy feathers.

  3. I just love bird number one, i want onejust like that!!


  4. I love them all....such character.

  5. I like the knit bird's tail - sorta perky and springy.

  6. Anonymous21:03

    You are always so critical of your designs; yet, I am so envious of your talent and imagination. I inspire to have such talet. All those birds look charming to me.

  7. She may not be to your liking, but the little knitted yellow bird is a keeper. Especially love her tail feathers.

  8. I love the first bird Lene!
    Perhaps you are too hard on yourself?

  9. lizzi22:45

    The little stitched bird with his French beret is the one for me. I love birds - always drawing them trying to capture the shape and character. I think sewing one is the way forward for you.

  10. Aldona23:23

    It's always great when you share your process. It often happens that I will knit something (rarely original, mostly from patterns) that looks fine but doesn't sing to me. That's how we grow!

  11. You're very talented Lene! Love the birds and all your knitting. You've inspired me to try twined knitting. Also like your blog because I can relate to your weather as it's very much like mine with the long cold and snowy winters.

  12. I love the yellow, the grey and the fabric one. The crocheted one looks like a fancy gourd? Cute, but not so bird-like.

    You're so hard on yourself!

  13. Mary15:14

    I love all of the birds! So cute :)

  14. I adore that first yellow bird you made...I can't imagine how creative that mind of yours is:)

  15. I love them all, and I think the final yellow bird would be wonderful if you gave it some wings.

    But I also think that if you put them away and give them a rest for a little bit, it might occur to you what you want to do differently, as you mentioned. That's how it is for me at work sometimes... I have to truly take my brain off the topic and do something else for a little bit and then an idea for a solution or a different approach comes to me.

  16. Anonymous19:09

    Aivan superihana tuo paksu keltainen tipu, hyvä äiti! :D

  17. The first one made me instantly cheerful! It's lovely with its little hat and those tail feathers. Happy Easter!

  18. I love the bird with the yarmulke. I think if you removed her spots, and made fewer but wider tail feathers, she would have the self-deprecation she needs to balance her splendor.

  19. Anonymous21:15

    Check out the April 2nd entry - another bird ;)