Friday, February 22, 2013


I was shocked (I know, a strong word, but truly describes my feelings) yesterday when I was reading Kate's blog and saw Bruce frolicking over crocuses. It cannot be - not yet! I love Kate's blog and am happy to see spring and flowers but  in the midst of all this...

If we are lucky, by the end of April, there should be less and if we hit a jackpot, the lake will be free of ice during the first days of May. 

March is the best time for snow activities (and it is not even March yet). It is the time for taking the skies and heading for the slopes when the sun comes out. It is the time when ice fishing begins and snow mobiles are all around. In March you can feel the warmth of the sun and it is so bright, it hurts your eyes. But March is winter!

Inside the snow house I am still knitting mittens ... 

... maybe I could embroider crocuses all over them...

Hmmm... I have to think about that.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, and wool with you,


  1. Gail [Fishfarms]18:06

    It looks just the same here in Northern Wisconsin - lots and lots of snow! I love winter.

  2. Oh! Your country is beautiful! We've just had a snowstorm here in Kansas, but still nowhere close to the amount of snow you have there. I too, am starting to feel the itch for spring to be here. To calm that feeling, I dive deeper into the wool :) while dreaming of what to plant in my little patio garden.

  3. Such lovely photos of your beautiful part of the world. I live in Nebraska and we just had some snow too. I love the peace of winter and the warmth of wool.

    The mittens are pretty too.

  4. annie21:28

    Oh, your photos are beautiful! I'm a wee bit envious here in Southern California where people are complaining about the "too cold" temperatures....55F!

    I just love the mittens too.

  5. Anonymous21:37

    Would you consider publishing a pattern for your lovely mittens on Ravelry?

  6. March is late spring where I am (Phoenix, AZ) and it never ever gets cold enough here for crocuses. We plant flowers in the "winter" because summer is too hot for them.

  7. Well, it is below freezing here in Edinburgh tonight, and I think we are not quite done with the snow yet ... There are flurries forecast for the weekend.
    One of the interesting things about Spring in the UK is that it is so very slow and gradual. The season starts early, and lasts a long time. In the eighteenth century, British emigrants and visitors to America often expressed surprise at the length of the Winter and the sudden arrival of Spring. Personally, I love the snow -- your deep winters and beautiful pictures really tug at my heart strings. But those beautiful mittens would look fabulous with embroidered crocuses!

  8. The embroidery on your mittens is absolutely divine!

  9. Mary04:02

    Beautiful photos! Thanks.

  10. Carmen17:02

    Yes, we have mountains of snow here in Ottawa Canada and it is still snowing....more today, tomorrow and most of the week. So the only flowers are at the florist's shop!

  11. We are in the midst of a heat wave here in New Zealand.
    No rain for weeks and weeks. The ground is burnt.
    But I still knit...because winter is coming..soon I hope

  12. Unfortunately, Southern Wisconsin doesn't look that way at all!

    Your mittens are amazing.

  13. Your photos touch my heart.


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