Monday, January 07, 2013


Happy and Creative New Year to You all!

I intended to post earlier but had to make a little trip quite unexpectedly and that right away crashed all my good intentions. The trip was good and I am at home again. I came home yesterday, and today I have been trying to get back to my home routine; luckily the dogs pulled me to my square quickly since I had to walk them first thing in the morning and a good, long walk clears the head and arranges all the loose ends.

Before I can dive into this year's creative pursuits, I need to write about the quilts I made last year. Quilts is really too grand a word for these little pieces but in lack of better term, I call them quilts. They all are about 9" x 10" (few of them might be little bigger/smaller).

My ground rules in making these were few but there were a few that I tried my best to stick to:

1. Each quilt was supposed to be done in a week, I would start a new one every Sunday and finish it by the next Saturday.

2. The size as mentioned before.

3. Any technique, any color, any theme that would interest me during the week, could be tried on a small scale - the quilt could tell about the week or then it might not - I did not want to limit myself too much, I was afraid that I would not be able to make any if there were too many rules.

Here they are in the order I made them, the first one was done in October.

It was raining hard. Some parts of Finland flooded during the week and I had a nightmare where my house was washed away; hence the rain in the quilt. When I made this first one, I had no plans to make a quilt a week but I thought about it while making this first one. I started this by embroidering the green patch onto the background and the rest sort of grew from there.

The week was quiet, I remember walking the dogs and kicking the leaves lying on the ground. The idea of making leaves came from the background fabric that I found when cleaning the stash. If you look closely, there is one leaf there that has applique and decorative stitches on it - very much like Sue Spargo. I love her work and one day would love to make a whole quilt following her instructions.

First snow and more of Sue Spargo -style applique: buillion stitches all around the owl body. 

We have a small quilt guild and there was lots of talk about owls and we made a few stuffed ones in our October get-together. I played with the stitches around the eyes.

November full moon was brilliant, it reflected from the frozen lake; nights were truly amazing. The moon and its rings are made from lining fabric that resembles silk.

Karen Eckmeier visited the Quilt Show and I was very inspired by her work. (Lots of chain stitches.)

I heard that all my three girls would be home for Christmas.

More Happy Villages. (I am not yet done - I plan to make a few this year too.)

These snowmen were old recycled project. I had very little time on my hand (Christmas time) and had to fish the ufo pile to see if there was anything that would suit the theme. The snowfall was heavy and these snowmen were very fitting. 

(The two small ornaments were given to me as a Christmas present by my daughter when she was very small and I have been saving them forever not knowing where to hang them. They are a part of a set and I might take them out and make a small quilt for them all at some point.) Lumi is snow in Finnish.

We are now well into this new year and because of my trip, I have to squeeze two quilts this week as I plan to make one small quilt a week this year too. The size will probably stay the same but I am thinking of setting some rules this time. I have to think about them yet.

I loved making the small quilts. I love hand stitching and the small quilt is a perfect place for them.  I love the idea of getting to play with any technique that interests me without having to commit onto a large project. Also getting to start a new one every single week has been very rewarding.  I am not sure where to hang these or if there is ever any real use for these but I am happy that these small quilts keep me connected to my fabrics and hand stitches and each one taught me something. 

So this week I have to make two to keep up with my goal. I will probably make two very simple ones so that I will not fall behind too much. What do you think? Would you like to join me and make one small quilt a week, it could be even smaller, pot holder size maybe. It could be any size or shape or any technique... just one small quilt every week.

Wool with you,

PS. "The cabin fever" quilt-drawings from last year; I thought that I would only bind them into a book or a journal for me to keep... I never really thought that I would make any from fabric, so I did not think how to quilt them... And I need to draw a new header very soon.


  1. Lene, you are a constant inspiration! I have just been looking through my neglected fabric stash, and you may have given me an idea. . .

    Happy New Year! I wish you peace and much happier times in 2013.

  2. These quilts are such amazing pieces of artwork. I am in awe of all of you who use fabric in such artistic ways, I am not a quilter so I will enjoy your creativity from here.
    Hugs and have a good week,

  3. Hi there! I love your blog. I'm new to reading here and to quilting so I just love this post! When I learn more about applique I hope to make a small quilt using the same method. Your adorable quilts are inspirational.
    Have a great week!

  4. annie19:17

    These quilts are beautiful art. And what a lovely journal they make.

    Peace in the New Year to you.

  5. What a wonderful and fun idea! You have a tremendous amount of self discipline to keep up with this week after week. I would love to make at least one. I may dig through my fabrics and see if I come up with anything. All of your little quilts might look great hung in a row like a little banner or hung on the wall, one at a time, changed up from time to time or bound together in a big, soft, squishy, comfy book. I look forward to seeing your upcoming creations! :-)

  6. Very nice fairy pictures, but I always look forward to pictures of your country. Anneczka

  7. These are wonderful, Lene! I am madly in love with the rabbit and the moon quiltlet. You are so inpsiring.

  8. I have to say I've never felt the smallest desire to quilt...until now. These are so charming and cheery. I love the happy village with the pig and the one below it with the dogs.

    Sarah's're an inspiration to us!

  9. Your happy villages remind me of the work of the austrian painter Hundertwasser. Everything is so pretty! Happy New Year to you and all your family, Lene.

  10. Anonymous21:29

    Lene, I'm not a quilter, but you have inspired me to dig in my fabric stash. Please keep posting your quilts. They are beautiful. Deb

  11. lisa00:40

    These are much activity and life in such a small area.Yes, I will attempt some, perhaps not one a week; I will begin and see how I can progress. I love your blog,and I am constantly inspired by your stunning projects and attitude to living and surviving. For you and your family I wish a healthy and peaceful 2013.

  12. Love them! Beautiful. It is a great idea to do them on a smaller scale. The daunting thought of a whole quilt has always kept me at bay. In a colour theme or something similar it may be a great way to build up to piecing them all together to make an actual large quilt. Great idea and look forward to more.

  13. Hi Lene

    Do you ever sell your drawings? I'm enchanted with all of them.


  14. These are stunning !!
    You are so inspiring. thank you for sharing these with us all.
    I love your blog and wait in suspense for each entry. You always have fantastic creations.

  15. Anonymous11:14

    Dear Lene, I believe I might have said this before but your work, drawings, sculptures (stuffed animals), quilts are all so joyful and animated with happy energy. They always make me smile. They all have a 'life' of their own, even when village pictures which of course are not technically 'alive'. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful idea again, Lene. I think the quilts are wonderful. Most of all, I like the second one. I would l o v e to join you in making these, but I have no idea how to make them. I can stitch and sew by hand, but I don't know how to make the margin, f. e.
    Keep up the good work!

  17. love your quilts remind me of when i attempted to do a quilt block a day as a diary three and half months of absolute joy and love to look back on it and remember what was happening as i made them . so will try and join you and try and keep up this time

    elizabeth S
    ps really love your drawings and blog

  18. The are beautiful and so meaningful to you.

  19. Mary in TN05:02

    Beautiful! Amazing artwork. I love this post.

  20. These are just amazing. I am a knitter, but would love to take up quilting, and these are seriously inspiring. Such beautiful artwork!

  21. Oh what fun quilts!!! I adore the ones with owls and leaves. I can't stand sewing, which is why I knit, but it makes me admire quilts a little extra. Lovely work. :-)

  22. Sondra in Seattle06:34

    As always, your work is amazingly creative. What a wonderful way to capture memories from the year.

  23. Anonymous15:11

    Happy new year, Lene! I love each of your small quilts. You are a very gifted artist and you inspire each of us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. I decided in December that 2013 would be a year of quilting for me so I will quilt along side you but will be making larger quilts. Blessings to you and your family - kelley secrest

  24. Anonymous03:16

    Your art is gorgeous and compelling as always. You are an inspiration.


  25. Well! i see from the comments that many are as inspired and enchanted by your small quilts as I am! I am overwhelmed that you are completing one a week! I have a similar project - but i am doing only one a year!!!! You are amazing, creative and I love your new quilts - each and every one!

  26. Beautiful work, Lene! It's always a pleasure to see what you are working, as these little quilts are delightful. Absolutely love the little villages. I unfortunately am not a quilter, as my other pursuits keep me happily busy, but I look forward to seeing your imagination blossom.

  27. these are amazing! So fun, and so colorful. I found your blog through Gingerbread Snowflakes. Love the blog title, too! This is happy and pretty. I'll be back.