Thursday, December 06, 2012

Little bit of this and that

It is cold and dark up here, just as it is supposed to be in December. Every day I build up at least two fires, possibly three, as we have three different spots in the house to add extra warmth. I love that task, I love coming downstairs early in the morning, when I am all alone (except for the dogs and the cat) and while I am waiting for my strong coffee, I build up the first fire.

Thank you to all of you who are still here and have been commenting and sending me messages! xx

Today is our Independence Day - congrats to all the fellow fellow citizens! If you look at the map
to see the shape of the country, there is a lady sitting there, waving her right hand.  This lady is aging; she is celebrating her 95th birthday.

December is already well on the way. Preparations for the holidays are happening and this year until now (I know it is early yet!) I have managed to stay calm, focused, and not too worried.  
My creating live has changed just a bit. Very little knitting is happening; I have one pair of socks on the needles but will cast on for a new something when these (Shani by Nancy Whitman) are done. The progress is very, very slow, as I seem to knit only when it is not possible to do anything else.

Few weeks ago (in late September), I challenged myself to make one small quilt a week. I have managed to stay on track and I have 10 little quilts. I will show them all to you before the end of the year, as I am thinking of continuing this challenge next year. Here is the latest one.

Earlier this fall Karin Eckmeier was visiting the Quilt Show and she introduced her Happy Villages on the show. I simply fell in love with that concept. I have done four villages, all inspired by her, and plan to continue with them. (There is this little gift something that I need to clear away first.)

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you already know how I admire Carla Sonheim and how I enjoy her approach to making art. I took her Imaginary Creatures online class earlier this year (I think it was this year). When her book "Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals" came out, I of course bought it. If you ever feel even just a tiny tug towards pen or pencils not knowing where to start, get this book. It will have you running (drawing) very soon.  

I have been drawing a lot this past fall. I cannot talk about it yet, as I am not doing this alone. It might take a long time before I mention it again, but if you have been wondering what I have been doing, now you know ;-)

While most of what I have been drawing is secret, here are two drawings that I did following Carla's advice.

 This is the blob fox...

And this the sidewalk crack 
I guess, I could call this little painting "A good deed".

Hope you are warm,
Wool with you,


  1. Lena - I love your drawings and creations!

    I'm one of your long-time readers who rarely comment but I wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    I'm located in the warm and toasty southern part of Texas United States and long every year for snow which rarely falls here. I enjoy reading blogs from around the world and live vicariously through the friends I find out in cyberspace.

    I just wish I was a good writer and could commit to a blog but I'm just too busy with quilting and knitting.

    Thank you for spending time with all of us that enjoy your blog.

    Warm blessings

  2. I love your artwork but I am really smitten with your "sidewalk crack". I wish I had some spare money because I would be asking if it was for sale if I had.

  3. I wonder if you have ever considered illustrating children's books. Your drawings are "magical". What many talents you have.

  4. hello! your drawings are wonderful. lovely to hear from you.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Connie19:37

    So glad you are back. I check for you every day

  6. Nancy19:38

    Lene, everything you create is absolutely wonderful! I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful things that flow from you. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your creativity is inspiring!

    Wishing you and your family a peaceful solstice and many blessings. Happy Holidays to all!

  7. I love your blog....


    happy day friend....

  8. Beth in Maryland20:14

    When I clicked and saw your new post, I said, "Oh good!!!" It's probably silly but I've been a little worried about you. :) Thanks for taking time to share these wonderful things with us. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Anonymous22:15

    I love your magical thinking. Thank you for sharing with us. I live in California and never see snow except in the distance on top of peaks. I love that you share your world with us.

    Happy Birthday to your country and I too hope your family has a Merry Holiday.

  10. Ludmilla22:41

    I love the snow in your pictures. And I love the whimsy you display in all your art. Wishing you and your family the very best this festive season.

  11. Anonymous23:57

    Happy Holidays Lene! It made my day to see your post today. I am about to start rereading your blog archives for all of your December posts which has become one of my holiday traditions. I have read your blog for many years. It has been a joy to learn about life in Finland, meet your family and I have loved following your creative path. I certainly hope that you will continue with your drawing and painting. I think you have such a gift and I feel that there must be a wonderful children's book or two in your future! You will knit again as you feel that familiar pull that wool seems to have on all of us! God Jul! Gretchen

  12. Lizzi00:21

    Soooo good to see you back! And working hard on so many arty projects. I love your quilt. Can I ask, is it machine or hand-stitched?

    (And, yes, I was a wee bit worried, too).

  13. Always glad to 'see' you Lene back online. Drawing is so relaxing (almost like knitting!).
    Love the Fox!
    Keep warm!!
    (P.S. That's my best time of the day as well shared with the Corgi and the Cat!).

  14. Lovely artwork! I have taken one of Carla's classes too.

  15. Mary in TN02:12

    Lene, I love your artwork and writing about life north of the Arctic Circle. Beautiful little quilt. Can't wait to see the rest. Here in the mountains of Tennessee, USA we are still having days of warm weather. I am hoping we will have some snow this winter. Doesn't seem like winter without it.

  16. Anonymous12:12

    Dear Lena, like the others I was happy to see a new post by you. Your creativity is spreading to new media but each piece is so cool and interesting and as one person said 'magical'. The fox is a perfect example. He is so lively and you know he is up to something! lol. The quilt is the same way. Keep it up but don't forget to let us see and read what you are doing. Helen

  17. Love your work, Lene. Now I dont feel so guilty about not knitting so much and I am going to try to make a little quilt every week. You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing.

  18. Carmen14:55

    Absolutely lovely, Lene. Glad to have you back.

  19. welcome back Lene!!! I have missed you very much. The new work is delicious!

  20. Wonderful quilts! So good to read your blog.

  21. So glad you are back! I really enjoy your blog very inspirational.

  22. Anonymous18:23

    I have your blog listed in my little section called "Favourites" - and it is is! You inspire me. Thankyou :-)

    Ros (in England)

  23. Dear Lene,

    I have followed your blog for many years now, and always smile when I see there is a new post. Even though we have never met, I feel a real connection. It never ceases to amaze me that, often, when we both take a hiatus from knitting and the blogosphere, it is to explore similar things. While you have been drawing in secret, I have been studying drawing and pastel painting. It is finally coming together. What I do not know is how this ties in with knitting and tatting.

    Happy Holidays to you! I shall be thinking of you as the days keep darkening.

    with warm regards from a little further south (what isn't?),

  24. Always glad to see a post, Lene...such creativity! You're an inspiration.

    Last year, about this time, you shared some Finnish folklore...about the sun and 'nesting time'. I shared that with my knitting friends this year, in their Christmas cards. More interesting than what's going on in my life! A couple years ago, you gave some Finnish folklore on 2nd sock syndrome that I also shared with them. They loved it! (me too)
    Merry Christmas!

  25. Kimi W18:02

    What fun to be working on a secret project! I love your wide variety of talents and interests. I look a weaving class this summer and bought a small loom. Do you have any favorite patterns that you could share? I also have enjoyed when you share stories, traditions and recipes about the holidays. Wish you many blessings this season! :)

  26. I'm glad that you are continuing your art and craft pursuit. Your drawings are lovely and I agree totally with other commenters :)! You do beautiful work in whatever art/craft form you choose to do.

    Happy Independence Day!!!


  27. Dear Lene,
    your quilt reminds me of the artist Hundertwasser - only done in fabric. And I am very interested in your painting project!
    Have a wonderful Christmas time,


  28. I love your blob fox