Friday, April 27, 2012

More flowers, more leaves!

We have two realities here at the moment, the one that is outside with melting snow, and the other that is inside my room where flowers are blooming. Today I have been making just leaves... 

My bullion stitches are not quite there yet, but let's see if I don't get them right before there are real leaves.

(Let's hope this will not turn out to be an odd story of a strange woman who got tired of waiting for spring and started making leaves until she had all the trees outside her house covered with woolen leaves. )

I know the pictures of yesterday and today morning do not look like much to you yet, but during the last 24 hours the ice is showing visible signs of weakening. I am sure that the ice under all that water is still quite strong, but it is getting weaker by the hour. The rain is doing its magic and by the end of next week, I am hoping that most of the snow will be gone. Every single day I see more of bare ground. Yesterday morning when I let the dogs out, the sounds outside were those of a summer morning, the birds were very loud.

These pictures were taken with my phone yesterday when I was out with the dogs...

 my home street

and these are from today... see the difference?

Hope you all have a good weekend! I am probably going to a craft fair tomorrow.

Wool with you,


  1. No worries Lene: Spring is really just around the corner. I realized from your photos we actually have more snow in the mountains than you do on the ground (we cannot even reach our cabin at this time of the year). Our Corgi loves the snow and would love your weather!
    Here on the Pacific NW coastline it has not stopped raining -but for 2 days of sunny weather- and we are back to lighting the stove!
    Your flowers and leaves are stunning and I love the new banner (still missing the little black sheep though).
    Did you say Craft Market?? Photos please???
    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. You are so talented creating blooms and leaves just as winter is releasing her icy hold. It seems quite fitting I think.

  3. de-lurking to let you know how much I've enjoyed your blog, especially the seasonal views, but also the knittings (I knit and spin). Thank you, carry on!

  4. Lovley unusual leafed treed images with lovely snow...

  5. Have fun at the craft fair. Love your outdoor photo with your craft, very cool. Spotted the name of your blog on someone's blog log as I was blog walking this morning and had to pop over for a visit. Hope you'll do the same, welcome mats always out. Sorry you have to content with snow, I'm not a fan of winter.

  6. Lene,

    What kind of needle are you using to make your boullions? Is it a Millinar or straw needle? I couldn't tell but these needles make all the difference.