Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look up!

Right at this moment it is snowing...  We had beautiful blue skies during most of Easter holidays and now this. The weather during the morning walk was good, so all is well.

I think it must have been already three weeks ago when we (Tina, Ruusu and I) saw the first swans.  There were three and they flew right above our heads close to the ground and the moment was full of promise of coming summer. And of course they greeted us and we welcomed them with much joy.  We took a walk last week to the river to see them, but we spotted only two of them. 

And about a week ago a flock of these snowflakes landed on our yard on their way up to the north. I am not sure if they are still here although I did see them yesterday.  There is not much to see on the ground yet (as in flowers or such), we have so much snow, but there is a good reason to lift one's eyes a bit higher. 


I have not been knitting much, just this small swatch, and I am not sure if it will ever become much more, although I do love the pattern and have been thinking of a simple cowl or a small cardigan, but so far only this (DAZZLE,100% British Bluefaced Leicester by Natural DyeStudio - lovely yarn!)

I suspect there will not be that much knitting during the next five weeks as I am taking part in this Flower Crazy online class and I try to stay focused and draw as much as I can. But then, one can never be sure, I might need to cast on for a pair of socks or maybe make use of the swatch and make the cowl. 

Although I would really love to embroider flowers... I just don't know where. I would love to make something small and something that would read spring! all over it in capital letters but what could it be?

Wool is still very appropriate here, so wool, all the best wool with you,


  1. Beautiful! I have never seen such chilly swans! And I am excited to see the results of all your drawing in the weeks to come - hope you have lots of fun.

  2. swans! How lovely. I would be oh so thrilled to greet them on my doggie walking expeditions. Your banner is beautiful too. wishing you much fun with your class. :)xoxo

  3. A hat? Spring is lovely, but often cooler than it looks. Or a pair of fingerless gloves. I'm still wearing those in the early morning to protect my hands from the cold garage door handles. Or both!

  4. I love your new banner!

  5. Thank you for showing us these beautiful white and blue pictures!
    Looking forward to see your inspiration from the Flower Crazy class...

  6. Lene,

    I see small flowers embroidered randomly in the little stockinette squares of the cowl. Varied colors of spring. Jean

  7. Hello, I came upon your blog because I was searching for free form crocheted projects and want to ask you if I may show one of your photo's of your free form crocheted dogs on my blog with, of course, a link to your blog.
    By the way, how's the progress on that blanket? I love the result so far !!
    Greetings, Jacomijn from Holland

  8. Lene - do you sell your wonderful artwork? I just love your header piece - and a heck of a lot in your gallery.

  9. Millie19:34

    How did you manage to crochet a shell border on the piece of knitted basketweave in this blog post?