Thursday, March 08, 2012


Sunday is a state of mind.

Last Tuesday I woke up with a feeling that it was Sunday. Why did I think so? The waking up moment was good, I woke up refreshed and ready to get up, did not want to linger on any longer, but up for a coffee, to let the dogs out and to serve Mr Cat his first bite of food.

(I am not sure if he is all demented, but it seems that he asks for food every time he sees me in the kitchen, and acts as he has  had nothing for hours. While this is very true in the morning, it is not every other time of the day. This has resulted in small bites, as I cannot give him much six-seven times a day, and so we have established an annoying habit... he just has a bite, but he insists on having one ever so often, and he can be very persuasive. No matter how sound asleep he seems to be, when he realizes that I am going to the kitchen, sure enough he is trotting there right at my heels.)

While I had my first cup of coffee alongside the cat having his first dose of cat food, I had this feeling of  very long day ahead of me, longer than ordinary day - just like Sundays felt when I was little. I felt that I had all the hours needed to maneuver through the various stuff scheduled for Tuesday and then some. And this Tuesday was like normal Tuesday, I got done as much (or little) as usual, but my mind was set on a Sunday mode and that made all the difference. That gave me the feeling of having all the hours needed, and it made everything so light. I only wish it would feel like Sunday more often.

Many of you were interested in the fabrics in the last post. I bought them all online from Fabric Insprations. 
Their service was quick and the fabric arrived nicely wrapped, folded and also cut (not torn). This was the first time I ordered from them and am really a happy customer. I have no plans for the fabrics yet (one linen, the rest quilting cottons), wanted them for inspiration...after all it is spring approaching, and sewing mojo usually arrives with southwesterly winds.

Then I was directed towards the Attic24 by Shandy and if you'd like to see colorful and beautiful crochet, please visit her site, she is very talented!

I have been knitting (the same cardigan and I am writing the pattern for it) and drawing some. Remember when I told you about Carla Sonheim's online classes...

In January I took her Imaginative Creatures class and one assignment was to make different blobs of color on paper and then by turning the paper were to look at the picture to find a creature hiding in it. I have been doing this exercise few times this week and have found these creatures hiding in the blobs. After the creatures were found, she introduced several steps to make them visible.

I know that many of you think about drawing and would like to jump in. My advice is: Jump in, just like that! It is not difficult and learning the skill is such an interesting journey. Carla Sonheim is hosting a new class starting in April, it is a bit more expensive than the previous ones, but since the three I have had, were all good and I learned so much, I am thinking of taking this Flower Crazy class. I will wait for a bit yet to see how much time I will have in April and decide then. I highly recommend her classes, her approach is very friendly and easy. (And again, I am just a happy customer, nothing else.)

Very overcast and grey and windy day today.  But it is light for almost 11 hours now!! And this coming Saturday, above zeroC!!

Thank you for reading, and for all the comments... If there is something you would like me to respond  quickly, please send me a message through Ravelry (lenealve) or just e-mail using Gmail (lenea.alve).

Wool with you,


  1. Our cats have also developed this comes from the fact that their food is IN the kitchen, and when we are IN the kitchen, sometimes they get fed. So of course they follow us and meow and act like hungry kittens, which means we think they are cute and FEED them. Pretty soon, everyone is trained. ;-)
    They can be untrained...keep their food somewhere else, feed at exactly the same times every day and no other. When they follow you into the kitchen, pick them up and put them somewhere else with a toy and a pat and then go on about your business, ignoring them. As the old saying goes: "If you reward bad behavior, you will surely get more!"

  2. Lizzi16:26

    I love your little pictures - you have inspired me.

  3. Anonymous18:41

    I was going to say our cats must be 'clones'. She does not get feed every time we are in the kitchen, but it is hard to ignore her as she sits and stares at the food bowl. We usually try to keep it to three times a day, morning, noon and evening. Dropping a 'treat' into her dry food bowl is usually enough to make her think she has been feed something 'new/extra' and she will munch on that instead of more canned food. She is a trip. Helen

  4. A Sunday kind of feeling sounds just perfect! I sometimes wake up midweek thinking that the weekend has arrived - hooray! But then, the letdown. I want to explore your idea of keeping that Sunday feeling close throughout an ordinary weekday. It may be just the tonic for an exhausting job, etc! Thank you for sharing this AND your wonderful illustrations. I hope that you know we all want you to publish!

  5. You do know that we are all waiting to see what will become of those lovely farics, don't you ?

  6. Your cat sounds like my deaf male cat RADAR. he has me trained to give him/..buttah just a tiny dab at dinner.

  7. I am glad that you enjoyed Attic 24 I don't crochet, and I prefer a cooler palette, but I really admire Lucy's zest for life and her amazing tutorials.