Monday, March 05, 2012


The spring is definitely here! Or the spring winter as to speak. Nights are very cold, but during the day the sun brings not only light but also warmth  and the temperature rises, not very much yet, but by a few digits. Last week we had one day when the temperature was above zero!!! Already this is hardening the snow and there are places where the snow is hard enough for the dogs to walk on it. The little one is amazed, and she keeps climbing onto the snow piles over and over again, she is astonished how far she can see all of a sudden, but Tina is so busy with all the spring scents that she really does not have time to play around. 

During the winter we have seen the same flock of willow ptarmigans (4 in the beginning, now sadly only 3, I think we saw feathers of the fourth one last week) and sure enough, her nose is never wrong, she always knows where the flock is and sets them on their wings. If she was able she would hunt for them fiercely. Then these little ones,whose breasts are like little suns, sing already. The first time we heard them some time ago, all three of us were stopped right there on our tracks looking at each other with the same expression on our faces: do you hear what I hear?

All the squirrels (the site is in Finnish but the pictures are just so great) in the surrounding forest enjoy the spring air too and they fool around and play in the big pine trees, and this annoys Tina no end. I can almost see her mouth water while she follows them with her keen eyes. She is so concentrated that it is interesting to watch and she would so go after them if only she could. I have told her that we should have been born a  few hundred years ago, in a time when squirrel skins were used as money.  I would have never been short of yarn money with a dog like her!

Last week flew by, I am not sure if I managed to grab one day to stay long enough to produce anything new, but obviously I did since I have a new little cardigan, same pattern but with few tweaks here and there. And I baked a new set of buttons. 

The cardigan is all white with bright red high lights. I soaked the red yarn in warm water in a white bowl for a few hours to see if it would bleed, and to get rid of excess dye if there was some left in the yarn and could not believe my eyes that it did not bleed and that there was not any excess dye and yet the color of the yarn is so vivid and so rich that one would expect it to bleed a little.

This yarn is Malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red.

Couple of weeks ago I ordered  a copy of "The Principles of Knitting" by June Hiatt. Huge book with lots of information. I have just barely looked at the new book and I have to spend some time with it to be able to tell how I feel about it. So far I have used Montse Stanley's "Knitter's handbook"  as my go to book for information and then of course the informative Techknitting site.

But, I would love to buy a comprehensive book on crochet. Something similar to Montse Stanleys book, so please if you know of any, let me know and if there is online-site that I should know, please tell me. I need a book but I would really like to find an online source as well.

Is this all today?

Oh, one more thing. This is mostly to my Finnish readers; few days ago while in town I went to buy "Tuhat ja yksi yötä", a book that I have been looking for some time and finally got it. It is a beautiful book, I love the text (translated by Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila) and the illustrations (by Heli Hieta) are fabulous. 

This book is a treasure, truly. 

In that spirit, I bought some new fabric too!


Now I think this is all.

Wool with you,


  1. Anonymous17:13

    Gorgeous illustrations in your new book and lovely fabric too.

    I bought the first edition of The Principles of Knitting 20+ years ago and it is one of my most treasured knitting books - enjoy reading it!!

  2. LOVELY sweater, but now you are just teasing us!!!! WAITING for the pattern .... pretty please?
    We are also experiencing springlike signs - a robin, a red-winged blackbird, a tuff of grass.

  3. Those buttons are so cute on that sweater.

  4. What beautiful new birds and squirrels you have introduced me to!

  5. It sounds like it is mighty cold still your way Lene!
    Regarding the red wool, did you add any vinegar to seize the colour? I am truly amazed it did not bleed!
    Lovely books too and the illustration are interesting. Re 'The little red riding hood' print, do you happen to know which company produces it?
    Spotted dozen of Robins this morning here...Eagles not in sight obviously...Nasty birds!

  6. The days have become warmer here too. Which is going to make for a mess. Sometimes I prefer the snow and ice. Your sweater is gorgoeous I like the contrast of red and white. The handmade buttons are crazy awesome. I would have never thought to make them.

  7. Dogs and squirrels--it must be universal. We have a small yard backing up to a busy street, but the squirrels love to run across the top of the fence and taunt our dogs.

  8. moiraeknittoo21:56

    I love that you are baking your own buttons to match. GENIUS. They're also very, very pretty. Lovely post all around! :)

  9. Wonderful fabrics, Lena. And your little sweater looks lovely too. I agree with your comment the other day about the weather setting the tone for the day. I find the more time I spend outdoors in te winter the better my outlook. Although I do have to push myself some days.

  10. Marie15:44

    What lovely fabrics -- are they from a home decor series? I can't discern the weight from the photos, but I can envision them made up in a number of cheerful items! About the little is lovely! Will you release the pattern? Your work is so inspiring, as always.

  11. Linda16:03

    I really enjoy seeing pictures of the beauty of the nature around you, it's very different from what I see, even the squirrels look different:) Love your baby cardigan. It's so much fun knitting for little ones.

  12. Not a book, but Lucy at Attic 24 knows a great deal about crochet.

  13. Hi! I love those fabrics that you have bought, especially the one with the camels and elephants :) Is it possible to buy it somewhere in the internet or is it from a shop? By the way, I like your blog :)