Friday, February 03, 2012

Go away cold front!

It has been cold, too cold for a week now! And there is no change in the near future... (Today -34C/-29F)

I have been knitting, baking, drawing, reading  and then some and am about done with all the inside-the-house activities. I want to go out for a long walk, instead I have been admiring the clear skies and bright sunshine through the windows. 

Yesterday, while glancing out of my kitchen window, I saw two reindeer walking on the ice of the lake not too far from the house. They both were going in a very slow pace, dragging their heads low. I looked at them and almost opened the kitchen door to ask them to come in to warm up a bit next to the open fire. Imagine having to stay out, never having the opportunity to come in to get warm.

The Bird is skating with the Wool in the banner as the first snow picture was not quite right any more... I am not too happy with the outcome, but I am sure you all know the feeling when the frustration pushes one to do something, anything really and so the banner was attacked. Oh well, back to the knitting.

Hope you have a good weekend, stay warm and

Wool with you,


  1. Anonymous19:01

    I like your new banner, especially the sun peeking up over the horizon. Your posts about the hours/minutes of daylight you were experiencing were wonderful. My husband and I spent Christmas of 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden with our daughter and her family, so we lived through a little of the dimness. It must be wonderful to see more light each day. Thank you for writing this blog; it is one of my favorites.


  2. Jane19:44

    I also like your new banner! I find all your drawings make me smile. Wondering what media you use?

  3. Anonymous19:46

    I,too,think your new banner is wonderful!My goodness, you are talented and should be illustrating books! Your posts are something I look forward to reading here in the midwest/USA. You so poetically have brought me into your winter wonderland. Thank you~


  4. deni19:51

    I like your new banner.

    I want to see the pic of the reindeer :)

    keep warm & busy.

  5. are your drawings for sale? if not please consider it...they are so wonderful!

  6. Anonymous21:47

    I don't know where I thought your last banner came from. Very professional and charming also. The new one is equally so. Southern Germany is warmer but this is the coldest I've experienced here in the last four years. 0oF this morning and lots of sun. And the American superstition if the groundhog sees his shadow on Feb 2-6 more weeks of winter. Ouch! Helen

  7. Oh, the sheep's charming expression is just lovely. I'm keeping this blog page on the computer for a few days, so I can look at it whenever I need a lift to my spirits.

  8. Anonymous00:03

    when i opened your blog and noticed your new banner, a much needed smile came to my face. thank you.

    margaret from Vermont

  9. I love the banner - the animals look cheerful and proud.
    I love your drawing style. Hope it warms up a bit.
    We have had the 49th day of above average temps here in Chicago, the only nice thing is a low gas bill along with dreary overcast fog.

  10. Anonymous04:30

    I noticed the new banner immediately--it's delightful! Here in Georgia, USA, we are having a very warm winter. The temperatures for the next few days are forecasted to be in the low 60sF (with some rain). Yesterday was almost 70!

    Happy Knitting!


  11. I love your banner -- it's charming!
    We're having temps in the 70's here and I'm wishing for cold weather. Maybe we could do a home exchange ;)?

  12. I can't get those poor reindeer out of my mind. Will they survive this?

  13. I think your banner is adorable. I feel bad for the reindeer as well. There is no staying in for me as the barn animals would revolt if we didn't go feed them. We haven't had a cold spell like that for about 2 yrs thankfully.

  14. The new banner is adorable! I hope the weather warms up soon so you are able to go for an extra long walk to make up for the days you have been forced to stay inside. There were three days in a row when it was too cold for me to walk this winter and I thought I would lose my mind! Cabin fever is to be avoided at all costs!

  15. I also love the new banner. I didn't realize that you drew them. I love the style of your drawings and especially love the colors.

    I hope your cold weather breaks soon. I've lived in some cold places, but nothing like where you live.

  16. The banner is lovely! The tiny skated feet of the bird and the sheep are exquisite...
    My local Belgian yarn store had a Valentine slogan already in the window and it seems to apply to you: All you knit is love...
    Warmth with you.

  17. The bird is skating with the wool while the sun is knitting something warm. Spring will come, it will. The days are getting longer! (You could whisper it to the trees and ask them to tell the reindeer, but they probably already know.)

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  18. Thank you for sharing. I love you new banner too. It has been a really warm winter here in LA.My garden and trees are very confused.
    Thinking warm thoughts for you.

  19. So beautiful, your new banner!- We here have temperatures about -20° C, but it is not windy and the sun shines brightly.

    Kind regards from Germany,

  20. Anonymous17:21

    I love your banner. All of your drawings are wonderful.
    I read your blog all the time and find it so interesting.
    Thanks for writing and letting us have a peek into your
    world from afar. I just love the bonnet on your last
    blog!! It is so vintage and so very gorgeous.

    Happy knitting from North Carolina.

  21. Lisa in western Massachusetts05:44

    What a lovely banner! Keep warm....