Monday, February 20, 2012


Snow, lots of new snow, way too much already! The temperature is mild, the walking is good, except for the snow. There is so much on the roofs that I am afraid something has to be done with it. And as I write there is more coming, and more is predicted for tomorrow. The length of the day is 8 hours and 40 minutes (0803-1643/0443pm).

I have worked on a new (old) little cardigan and I am loving it, it is on the last stretch. Just one sleeve left before it is off the needles. I made the first one long time ago and then was not sure of one little detail, so I let it rest for a few months and I think I have got it sorted now.

The color of it is this pale greenish blue, clear, clean and fresh and the cardigan has two contrast colors. These contrast colors were difficult to pick....there were not that many to choose from and then the button-question rose up... 

Last week while I made a quick trip to town, I visited my local craft store and while there I walked around trying to see everything on the shelves and stopped at Cernit (one brand of polymer clay) rack and there I spotted the same color as the little cardigan. I bought it with several other colors as well thinking that I could make the buttons. Easier said than done. When home I started to search for instructions. There is plenty online.   

Polymer Daily is a good place to start. There are online classes that you can buy and watch right away.
There are plenty of books to choose from.

This material is not all new to me, I have tried it several times so I knew my challenges. I have two books in my book shelf and there are three new ones on the way. Because of trying the material before with not so good results, I was prepared to read before getting started, and there were my answers in the print.

My main concern was that the buttons I was about to make would come from the oven with my finger prints on them (uneven surface). I could live with the fact that they would not be perfect in size and shape but the texture would have to be even and the buttons would need to look finished. What I did not know (remember?) that after the clay is baked one can sand it and then buff it, and it was the answer I was looking for.

  I tried several sizes and several forms but settled into these square shaped ones.

 backing buttons
After looking at all the beautiful and breathtaking sculpture and beads in the books and on the web, I know where I stand, but still I am quite pleased with the buttons.  And I know that there is more to come.

Wool with you,

PS. About the blog header, I did not do anything special, scanned the image and then the blogger's template took care of the rest.The Bunny picture was done using rough watercolor paper, basic layer again with watercolor washes, then Derwent inktense pencils and ink. 


  1. I like your buttons and what a great way to get them to match your sweater.

    Am I seeing things or are there sheep faces in the round buttons? I see the two holes as the eyes and the design as a face.

  2. Anonymous17:12

    I like the square ones as well. How talented you are, must be all that hard work! I think one can do most anything one set's her mind to, and is willing to put in a little work. :)
    I would love some of your snow if you would like to share. It is brown and bare here today.

  3. Cute buttons! I like the square ones too. They go well with the square texture in the knitting.

    I LOVE your banner! It's SO cute!

  4. Oh no. Those buttons are perfect.

    Must. Not. Start. With. Clay.

  5. lizzi20:38

    I tried the same thing a few years ago - I discovered that the holes in the buttons have to be big enough for the needle to go through - I learned all sorts of things just by doing - thanks for the link to 'proper knowhow'. Your buttons are lovely.

  6. The square ones are perfect, and your attention to detail always so impressive, Lene.

  7. you are very very talented,
    ciao ciao Christa

  8. Oh, I miss the little black sheep...
    Lovely buttons though Lene!

  9. annie05:27

    The buttons are have done well! But I want to see all of the cardigan please!

  10. so lovely, i think you've made the pefect match. it's been many years since i've tried this, so thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Your buttons are beautiful, and they are the perfect "icing on the cake" for your adorable sweater. I've been thinking about making some buttons for a baby surprise jacket I'm making in shades of pink and off-white. I haven't been able to find manufactured buttons that look even decent with this little sweater. Thanks for all the tips.

  12. You knit wonderful garments that you design; you crochet; you draw & create with water color and now you also make your own buttons? What an inspiration for the rest of us!

    I love the color you chose & see why you had a difficult time matching it. But...I'm with Elizabeth D. After lots of thought: Must...Not...Start..With...Clay

  13. Beautiful buttons, they fit just perfectly!-

  14. Lene, those are beautiful! As is the sweater --

  15. Perfect buttons!! Great idea, I'm gonna have to take another look at that stuff myself . . .

  16. Sondra in Seattle06:52

    Now you can make your own buttons too?! So talented - these are amazing!

  17. P.S. Your blog really struck a chord with me today, and I mentoned it in my blog, if you'd like to read it. :)

  18. Love your buttons. I have worked in polymer clay off and on for years and the one thing it takes is patience.