Monday, January 09, 2012

Wool on the needles

Since so many of you enjoyed reading the sunlight diminishing, I will try to remember to update the situation every now and then. Today the sun rose at 1041 and set at 1402 (0202pm), the length of the day was 3 hours 20 minutes, when it was only 2 hours and 5 minutes at Christmas.

January is putting us back on track what comes to weather. It is cold, -15°C (that would be 5F), not that cold, but good for January. The level of snow is high, maybe 50cm (0.55yds), sadly the ice situation is not good at all. We got lots of snow when the ice was still very thin and now the snow insulates and there are places where the ice underneath the snow is quite weak. While people up here are used to be on ice (with skies, snowmobiles) at this time of the year, lots of restraint is needed.

Thank you for your comments on the mittens. And yes, even the plain areas are stranded, that is one color but two balls, one stitch from one ball, another stitch from another ball.

Over December and January I have been knitting all sorts of things and this hopping from one project to another is not very good for blogging, as you feel that nothing is worth showing since most are going to be frogged anyway. There are few things that I am still thinking of and here they are in random order.

Little baby pants. Most likely will finish them, they are not very far yet, I will need to add details or something interesting to them (yarn Grignasco Tango, had a big ball from an old frogged project and I often use old-already-once-or-twice-used yarns for trying out various things while making the shaping).

Little baby hat. I love this hat and the design is almost finished, just one little adjustment needed. Ever since knitting the Little-Pete hat, I have wanted to knit a lacy little hat for a little girl. I kept only thinking about it and never really took it to the needles until last week. I grabbed one book out of my bookcase with knitting patterns and told myself that the pattern would come from this book, I would not look for any further, would just pick one and start swatching with it. This was a good move, sometimes one needs to have limitations to be able to be free from other possibilities and then it often leads to some results.  (Yarn Sandnes Lanett, baby merino)

A beginning of a sweater for me. Definitely not going to continue with this but I think I will keep it for future reference. It is top down, the main body part is very good, but the sleeve heads are too wide, far too wide, and I will need to adjust them and probably I will knit the sleeves separately. Lots was learnt with this trial. (Yarn Studio Maisa Tikkanen Finnwool and a very bad picture.)

Another cloche-style hat(s) for me(?). Love this design and love this hat, have been wearing a blue one (not in the picture) the whole winter but would like to have it in other colors too. The design fits my head very well and I am happy with the way the original blue one is lined - so all these are waiting for linings (and then pictures). The detail is the same as in my Katrilli mittens. (Yarn Icelandic Lett-Lopi, very good choice for lined hats, the wool is coarse and it can take lots of wear and wet weather without becoming soaking and heavy.)

The sock is momentarily at a standstill, I think I have the final detail worked out (I know I said that the last time, but little did I know that there was a road block waiting for me), so the heel needs to be frogged one more time and then it should be easy knitting. (Yarn Renaissance Dyeing Organic Poll Dorset).

I think this is all today.

Hope you all have a good week.
Wool with you,


  1. What wise words aobut limiting our choices. More choices do not mean better decisions - and certaainly not faster decisions - for me at least.

  2. Look forward to see the finished sock!

  3. You are so productive ! Love the little hat and am going to start the mittens soon.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I belive we all have that beginning few things at the same time. I use january to finish started projects.
    Greetings from south.

  5. Jeannie04:07

    As always, thank you for sharing! You are working on so much, I am a little slow now that Christmas is over. I saw a woman the other day who had on a felted hat with a flower in the front that made me think of the blue felted one you showed us here. When I told her I liked it she told me she bought it in Finland! I live in Bellingham, Washington

  6. Anonymous05:34

    I love hearing about your day length from time to time - thanks!

  7. Anonymous16:12

    It is so fun to have projects to ponder while you walk isn't it?
    That's what I was thinking while I read your post. Sometimes I can be stuck and very frustrated but then one day usually while walking the solution will come. I love this wool obsession of ours, so much to choose and do and fail and succeed.

  8. lovely colorwork I am amazed:)

  9. Thank you for sharing your projects. I love to see what you're working on.

  10. Carol in MD.18:54

    I need to try your idea of simply pulling out one book and picking something... deciding which pattern from the pile of books and magazines is truly overwhelming at times!

    And I loved hearing about your vanishing sun leading up to Winter Solstice and Christmas... I shared it daily with my daughters, and we'd talk about what it must be like living there. Thank you!

  11. I find that I'm often a single sock knitter. Recently I started a pair of baby "longies" and decided right off the bat that I would knit both legs simultaneously to avoid finishing one and then abandoning the project. It worked! I actually got them done in a reasonable amount of time. A revelation for me - I don't think I'll turn back to one-at-a-time anything unless I get an epiphany of self discipline. Happy knitting - stick with the projects you are loving!