Friday, December 23, 2011

December - Day 23

The sun rose at 1113 and set at 1318. The length of the day was 2 hours and 5 minutes. Mild temperature (around zero) and still very windy.

Tonight when I go to bed, all (except some cooking tomorrow) will be done for this Christmas. For me these few days are the closure of the year, the light has died out and it is time to stop and rest. These few days feel like one should go on tiptoe not to make a sound, just let what is left of this year, quietly diminish away and then after the holidays, get up and go on with life. Christmas Day used to be the first day of the year yet in 1500's in Sweden (Finland was then part of Sweden) so no wonder this feels like the end of the year already.

This is Ruusu tonight, she has been doing as many ours in the kitchen as I have during the last two days. We both are all set to enjoy now.

I know that many parts of the world celebrate Christmas, celebrate being merry. When I was a child - long time ago - Christmas was celebrated without any noise and merrymaking. Christmas Day was so sacred, that everybody spent the day with the family inside - I don't remember us ever going out even. We did not get up at five o'clock to go to church but many did. Anyway it was a long day, imagine having all those new toys and you could not go and share them with your best friend. It must have been the longest day of the year (Good Friday was another). Then when the Boxing Day came, the merrymaking could begin and what a great day it always was.

Till tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous23:07

    What a pretty Christmas dog!

  2. Merry Christmas to You and to all your family!
    And thank you for the interesting postings during Advent time.

  3. technikat00:22

    Thank you for you beautiful descriptions of your December. I wish you and your family peace and joy at Christmas and in the New Year.

  4. Anonymous01:39

    I share your feelings that this should be a time to share with ones you love and to rest. After all, we have been working so hard these last few days!
    I look forward with you to when the day becomes two hours and TEN minutes long.
    Happy holidays, Lene.

  5. Enjoy your Christmas holiday! I hope the relaxing knitting time (plus coffee) comes very soon.

  6. Oh Lene, These daily post in December have been a kind of meditation for me. I look forward to reading them and sharing some quiet as I think about your life in the Arctic Circle. Thanks you so much for the gift and lovely Christmas wishes for you and your family. xoxoxo

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I've thoroughly enjoyed your December posts and reading about the magical part of the world you live in. Happy New Year too.

  8. What a sweet face! She looks a lot like my Timber, although he's a bit thicker :)