Monday, December 19, 2011

December - Day 19

The sun rose at 1110 and set at 1318. The length of the day was 2 hours and 8 minutes. Cloudy and grey weather, more wet new snow (shoveling wet snow is hard work).

Today I had a very busy but productive day. I got lots done. Walked (pushed through the normal route in snowy pathway), cleaned (scrubbed really!), baked (just a few gingerbread cookies) and wrapped presents - and that is the reason I am running so late. So I am pleased even though the blog will suffer from this.

The mail brought to me a fabulous book (and lots of yarn, but of that I will talk about later on). 

The book is of Finnish national costumes and it is absolutely beautiful, the text is in Finnish. I did not have much time to read it, but the feel is good, it is hardcover, printed in good quality paper and the pictures are good.The book is a joy to have and to hold.

If you would love to see more Finnish national costumes, there is plenty to see here. When you click on the letters, they will take you to different costumes from different areas in Finland.

This is my favorite of all. I dream of making this one day, my father's family roots are quite close to the area where this dress comes from. This is the dress from Rovaniemi. 

I hope again that the links work and now I better click on the publish button as there is only 15 minutes left of this day here.

Wool till tomorrow!


  1. Minä nypläsin anoppini tykkimyssyyn pitsit 21 vuotta sitten, kun olimme menossa naimisiin mieheni kanssa. Oli iso urakka, hänen pukunsa tykkimyssyyn kuului kolme eri pitsiä, jotka yhdessä olivat todella leveä. Olisinkohan miestäni saanut, jollen olisi tuota urakkaa tehnyt? Olisin varmaan. Mutta sen jälkeen en ole juuri nyplännyt. Meillä on tuo suosittu Härmän puku tällä alueella.

  2. Finnish culture is so strange and fascinating, even though Finland isn't so far away. Not to mention the language. You are a strange bunch of people, and lovable nevertheless :)

  3. Just wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. I always enjoy your blog and I am especially spoiled by your daily posting.

  4. Hi Lene~
    Is this a book that can be ordered on Amazon? If not, where can it be ordered? My grandmother was from Kangasniemi and came over to the States in 1912. I would have loved to see her native costume. I tried to find it by following your link but no picture came up for Kangasniemi.
    I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing your stories from Finland. It makes me feel closer to my heritage.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  5. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas

  6. Oh, thank you so much for the links!- Very interesting for someone like me...

  7. I have always loved European national costumes and the wonderful handiwork that goes into them - in tiny Switzerland alone there are dozens of variations! This looks like a beautifully photographed book, I wish I could read Finnish... The link to the costumes is great, I was interested to see the detail of the man's leather (?) knickerbockers - do you know if they are kid leather? The Appenzell region of eastern Switzerland has yellow kid leather knickerbockers as part of the men's Sunday costume. In that particular area, the people are immensely proud of their heritage and wear their costumes often, even when there are no tourists about, whereas sometimes the costumes are more for show. It's so interesting.
    I have loved your daily blog posts and am excited to have your days lengthen from the end of the week!!


    This is a picture of the Appenzell costume!

  9. Anonymous21:17

    Kiitoksia paljon for the links. My Finnish is rusty from lack of use, but maybe it will improve by reading the site. So much good information, I've bookmarked the site. Hauskaa Joulua.