Thursday, December 15, 2011

December - Day 15

We are getting there, few more days when the next one is shorter than the previous, but soon it will be the other way around and the light will come back.

The sun rose at 1102 and set at 1323. The length of the day was 2 hours and 21 minutes. Cloudy, grey, too warm day. I cannot believe that I am saying that the day was too warm, but it was. It is supposed to be cold during this time of the year, and I am keeping freezing temperatures as a standard here and will not accept anything above zero Celsius.

I spent the most part of the day in town shopping. It is hard to believe how much "stuff" one needs for these holidays and even though now that the girls are big and we have settled into adult celebrations and concentrate on being reasonable and realistic, I still find myself over and over again queuing in various shops. Being winter, everyone is dressed up in winter gear and standing in crowded shops does take a toll on most of us. The bright side of this all is, that even though shops are crowded, most times one meets nice people to talk to while waiting and there is this feeling of being together in the same chaos. I really think these friendly talks and wishes for merry Christmas add to my Christmas feeling.

I want to thank you for being worried of me after reading the first comment yesterday. I am fine, and I try to do my best. I know my wording is often "off" and language many times clumsy, but because I love this language (I love Finnish too, of course, it is my first love), I will stubbornly keep writing in English, wanting to learn little bit every day. I will try to concentrate more on my writing in the future. I always write in Microsoft Word and it catches the spelling errors and if the words run together, then I copy and paste it to my blog. I have found that it works best for me. Thank you Brigid for pointing out that the words run together when the posts are being read via Bloglines (or similar services), I would have never thought of that and would have stayed puzzled. But please, feel free to catch my mistakes and gently guide me towards better English! ;-)

All is good, I will go spend some time with dear husband now, he is leaving for work tomorrow morning. We bought some cider today for Christmas, and maybe I can talk him into making me a hot, tasty cup of cider. Knitting, candles, fire and feet up.

Wool with you,


  1. Lene, Love your weaving. I have a large rectangle loom that is quite fun but not the same as a traditional loom. Cider, knitting and candles sounds delightful.

  2. Marcy22:13

    Who appointed Auntie Michel to the grammer police? Lene, keep writing as you do. I hear your voice when I read, speaking in English but with a Finnish accent. It is most charming and gives me a glimpse into a world that I have never visited. Make no apologies.

  3. It is so wonderful to get home after shopping.
    I dont think we are going to have a white Christmas here in Chicago but you never know.............
    I feel better that I am not the only one drinking cider and knitting this afternoon. I might have a tipple of my home-made raspberry gin tonight.
    Love your blog !

  4. Lene, I have noticed your words running together in Google Reader too, but I have never been able to figure out why, since there are no such issues on your blog when I go there. I don't mind, since then I just go to your blog where I much prefer the font and colors anyway. But I certainly don't think the commenter was saying anything about your language or English... just some kind of mechanical issue. Anyway, I love your English just as it is. In fact I love it more for being a little different for its not being your native language. You find much more beautiful phrasing than many of us who fall into cliches or don't think about our words because we're speaking in our native tongue. Although I do wish I could read how you would write in Finnish.

    The weaving photos you posted yesterday are so beautiful; they do make me think of snow. And glad you are feeling the Christmas spirit even if the weather isn't! Here it is unusually warm, and enormously windy. So far I am not missing the cold, but if it went on for a long time I wouldn't put it past myself.

  5. Your English is very good Lene.
    Enjoy your cider and knitting :-)

  6. Anonymous23:32

    xoYour writing is beautiful and lyrical, much like your drawings. Yes, I agree the first poster yesterday was trying to be helpful, but most of us have noticed the same glitch and not mentioned it as it is no big deal. The important part gets through. For heaven's sake, Lene's English is better than a lot of native speakers, and my Finnish leaves a lot to be desired.
    Carry on, gentle person. May the sun finally shine on you for many more hours in the day!

  7. Dear Lene, I love your blog just the way it is. It is perfect. Thanks for inspiring me and letting me have a glimpse into your lovely part of the world (both knitting and environs). Writing a blog is a lot of work, and mistakes are often made no matter how careful we are. It's of no concern.

  8. What a small world it is! My day on the East coast of the US was almost the same, but with a few more hours of daylight. We had a grey, rainy day with too warm temperatures (58 F, 14 C) while I spent the day queuing for "stuff". Now it's time to knit and drink elderflower liqueur! Enjoy your cider!

  9. Anonymous05:03

    I love your blog! It feels genuine and that is no doubt a reflection of who you are as a person.

  10. The weaving is very interesting - I love the fringe!
    Best wishes for a lovely holiday.

  11. It's so odd that, with Christmas approaching, I have finished all my knitting and have nothing on my needles. I feel like something is very wrong with my world right now.

    My goal for today - cast something on!

    My Google reader runs words together in many of the blogs I read. I'm used to it now.