Thursday, December 01, 2011

December - Day 1

Christmas is soon here, the countdown starts today. 
 In December time flies. I am sure one reason for this is the fact that up here the days are short and they get shorter by the hour. Today sun rose around 10 in the morning and set around 2 in the afternoon. I got up in pitch dark in the morning, drank coffee, lots of it to persuade me that it really was morning and not the middle of the night, double checked the time,  and I waited for the day to begin and for the coffee to kick in, and then right after lunch, the sun set and it felt like it was bed time again. Tomorrow the day is going to be even shorter. Sometimes I wish I was a bear. I would make myself a nice, cozy little cave, eat lots of berries in the fall, over-eat really to gain all that fat, sleep tight until April, and wake up skinny to enjoy all the summer activities like fishing.
 This month is short and there is so much to do, to prepare perfect menus for the three festive days, to buy and make brilliant gifts (Mom really needs a big and warm blanket, all my three daughters need new hats and matching mittens, it would be nice to design and  knit a fair-isle sweater to my husband, and Ruusu would look kind of cute in a new coat) and then to clean the house thoroughly (now is the time to sort out all the old clothing and clean all the kitchen cabinets). It is the time to write the long, meaningful letters to far-away friends and bake many extra, rich and tasty Christmas breads to give to neighbors and other acquaintances that one would like to impress.   

Let's add to the list snow; what if there is not going to be White Christmas, and there has to be. I must make some snow, because all these preparations are in vain if the ground is not going to be white. Everything has to be perfect for these three short days, because even though we have then passed the shortest day of the year, it is only two days after it and let's face it, the days are going to be very short, shorter than they are now. One has to enjoy quickly of all the fruit of the preparations in those few hours. Right after Christmas is New Year, new menus, more cleaning as some of the decorations need to come down,  they seem a bit much in New Year's celebrations. All this means that December truly flies by. 
 So, ok, maybe I won't get all that done but the truth is that there are few things that I want to do to get the spirit of the season. And I mean few things, just a few:

I will walk a lot. One has to be in good condition and grow a healthy appetite.

Wool with you,

PS1. There is a video clip about aurora borealis. According to an ancient Samí legend, aurora borealis, northern lights are caused by a fox, whose tail brushes against the snow and sparks.

PS2. My husband has been touched by all your nice comments.


  1. Eipä tässä etelämpänäkään juuri päivää näe. Aamulla töihin ja kun kotiin tulee on jälleen pimeää. Lumi tuli ja suli pois, sataa vettä ja tuuli ulisee nurkissa, rytisyttää pellikattoa. Mikä mukavampaa kuin olla sisällä ja nauttia neulomisesta. Sinun kauniin siniset lapaset ovat kyllä melkoinen innoituksen lähde. Olisipa minullakin yhtä kaunista lankaa mistä niitä tehdä. Näyttävät lämpimiltä.

  2. The days seem short even in Germany at the moment, which must be, like, equatorial to you ;)

    (btw: A fox tail brushing through the snow? Oh this is SO much cooler than the "real" explanation :D)

  3. PS: What the heck does "lämpimiltä" mean? It sound so cute and cozy.. One day I'm going to learn Finnish so I also can use all those funny and cute words :D

  4. Love reading your blog although I don't leave a comment occasionally...but thank you so so much for the film on the aurora borealis. Me and hubby are going on a Hurtigruten trip in Norway next year in search of the lights.....heres hoping....thank you once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopen your days are filled with knitty delight and some sun.

  5. This post is pure poetry to me, perfectly capturing the feeling of December in the Northern hemisphere. I love your blog.

  6. I too love reading your blog, Lene. It is always an inspiration. Oh, and the clip on the Aurora Borealis is better than any fireworks display I've seen.

    The days are shorter here too, but not nearly as short as yours. I am in Vancouver, Canada, a stone's throw from the US border on the 49th latitude.

    Wishing you snow for your three days of festivities.

    Knitterly blessings,