Friday, August 05, 2011

Ice Fantasia

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and recommendations for fragrances (I am going to try them and the thought of using Lavender essential oil with a carrier oil, as Jody suggested sounds interesting, I will have to try that, too.) And thank you for posting this little bit of history of flowers, their scents and elderly women, Tikabelle!

As much as I love wool, its scent leaves a lot to hope for, doesn't it?

Now that I have shared with you my favorite fragrances, I will share with you Tina's perfumes. During the summer and fall, when she roams the woods a lot, she always comes home with a strong scent of wild rosemary and during the winter, when she sleeps outside in her little house and she uses Timothy-grass as her bedding, she wears this strong scent. On a cold winter morning when she comes in to keep me company when I have my first cup of coffee, she always brings in this scent of summer. I think it is quite lovely, although it is very strong.

Ruusu has a strong liking to all kinds of wool. Whenever I take yarn out and spread it on the floor to see what to knit next, there is she, rolling in the yarn. She never bites my yarn, never tries to steal any, but always rolls in it!!

You came for the knitting and I have a beauty for you. I blocked her earlier this week and here she is in all her glory. Yes, the design is Anne's Ice Fantasia.

I think she has designed three delicate pieces that are faroese in shape and this is my second. The third one (Lacewing) is on the needles. I have not done much work on the last one, but it will get done. - I just checked Anne's site, there is still one more, that is Maplewing.

I used Wetterhoff Veera (100%wool) color number 421 with needles 3,5mm/US4 and I used little more than one skein. One skein is about 900m/984y.

Once again Anne's pattern was well written and easy to follow, a joy from the very first stitch to the last.

Weekend again! It is getting colder here, the temperature last night was chilly even and that was a tiny reminder that the wool season is just around the corner up here...

Wool with you,


  1. one would love to crawl into the computer to touch those fantastic scarves... very very and agan very beautiful...
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

  2. Lizzi20:25

    The shawl is just beautiful!

  3. Anonymous21:12

    Beautiful shawl! And your dogs are lovely, too. What a regal face your Tina has!

    I did a double-take to see my name on your blog. You're so welcome! It seems like a reasonable answer and it's charming to me to think of 19th century ladies who lived into the 20th century (with all of its artificial scents) keeping their favorite flower scents nearby. I have a packet of violet pastilles in a box that brings overwhelming memories of my great-grandmother every time I open it. I was only 3 when she died, but my nose remembers. :)

  4. I can always tell what is growing or blooming by the scent on the cats' fur in the early morning :)

  5. What an absolutely beautiful scarf. I wish I could see it and touch it in person. And such a wearable, lovely color. I'm off the check the other patterns you mentioned.

  6. That is such a lovely shawl!

  7. That shawl is stunning and I think the yarn makes it very special. One of my favourite yarns is Satakieli and I wish it came in laceweight. Maybe I will use my handspun yarn from my Finn ewe Lacey for my next shawl :-)

  8. Anonymous03:00

    Lene...wait for me! One more rose perfume suggestion!.....INNISAROSE by Fragrances of Ireland Ltd. Kilmacanogue, County Wicklow,Ireland,
    The perfume smells almost "tender" if a rose can be described as tender! Also, my daughter uses rose essential oil mixed with lavender oil. Don't know the ratio, but she always smells so good! Your shawl is almost unbelievably beautiful. I'm scrolling back to your blog to have another look. What can I say, the dogs are precious. Our kitty, OREO, leaves my yarn alone, too. She'll look at it, but, not play. Only the best to you, Jeanie in Montana

  9. What a beautiful shawl in a beautiful color and beautifully knitted!

  10. Anonymous23:40

    I feel so silly. I've been planning to knit the Fingerless Sawtooth Mittens pattern from the 2010 "Knitting Traditions" magazine since I bought it. I thought the drawings and even the knitting looked familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Today, I was looking at your Ravelry store, and found the same fingerless mitten pattern there. I think I need to pay more attention to the authors of the patterns I find in magazines!

    I took a class on Twined (Two Ended) Knitting from Nancy Bush at Sock Summit, and I owe it to you for inspiring me to learn this technique. Your mittens always look so perfect and sturdy!

    Thank you for writing such a thoughtful blog, and including so many beautiful photos.

  11. Enchanting accomplishment; gorgeous shawl.

  12. Ihana huivi ja söpöjä koirulaisia!

  13. Lois B18:38

    You do such beautiful work! I love to read your blog. Thank you for posting.

  14. wow, that is just wonderful.

  15. I know that every time I stop by your blog I'll be blessed with something amazing. That shawl! I can only dream of attempting something that beautiful.

  16. Beautiful work... the dogs are too. :)

  17. Beautiful, love the design and the colour.