Saturday, June 04, 2011

Finding inspiration

Being inspired to do something is a wonderful feeling! It is something that cannot be controlled much. But is there anything one can do to nurture it? I have been knitting a lot lately and loving the task and now I find it hard to believe that this love is not
always here. I am not sure what sparked up the knitting again but there are few things I can think of.

I am truly happy to be able to be part of Knitnation. I am thrilled to be able to teach there, thrilled and a bit worried too, of course, but the possibility to meet all the knitters there is the best part of the event. I have never attended such a big knitting happening and I cannot even begin to imagine how much inspiration there is going to float around and how thick the wool fumes will be. I am already affected by them.

Another perking factor is the ability to see new yarns while there. I know one cannot buy inspiration but lately when I discovered Blacker yarns, it ignited my mitten knitting and I cannot wait to see more of their yarns.  

Learning something new always refreshes one's mind. For me this has meant trying out different ways to combine crochet to knitting and finding ways to incorporate Rovaniemi mitten technique in a new way. Both of these have resulted in lots of frogging and frustration, but both of them have proved to be highly interesting as well.  And yet I know there are still knitting techniques to try out that I am not that familiar with.

Once in a while it is good to take a break, just for a few days and do something else and the hands will start reaching for needles again. For me this has meant warping a loom, just a small project (I am hoping my daughter to do it) and sewing a bit, summer bag of Marimekko fabric. The pattern for this comes from an existing bag that I liked and used a lot.

And then finally, a success, even a small one, can really make one happy! A new mitten, blocked and waiting for a tassel while the other one is shaping one stitch at a time in my hands.

Other than knitting I have been walking a lot. We live close by a good hiking area.

Yesterday I saw this ... It could have been someone's winter home although it  looks quite wet and dreary at the moment. I'd rather not think who has lived in it. The hiking routes are beautiful and well kept and such a joy to walk on.

It is raining today, but it is supposed to get very warm next week. Maybe that will boost my cotton knitting.

Wool with you, as always,

PS. And yes, I do live a little bit above the Arctic Circle and it does not get dark at all at the moment.


  1. Look at the happy face in that last picture..."We're going for a walk!" is the same in any doggy language :)

    Lena, your work inspires me; not to try to emulate it, but to seek the joy and excitement in my own projects - stitch upon stitch upon stitch. Thank you for blogging and sharing your thoughts and projects and ideas, and of course your wonderful photographs!

  2. Suzy in Idaho19:05

    Beautiful nature and beautiful knitting. I really miss living in Alaska! I see on your loom that you have the warp tensioner. I just bought one recently and haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I have been doing some smaller projects on my rigid heddle loom.

  3. Oh I loved this post. That mitten is just glorious, what a piece of art. I aspire to one day reach your level of execution.
    And your walks sound so beautiful. And the dog...oh the dog :) What a smile!

  4. Lizzi20:53

    Totally agee with your other comments - inspirational!

  5. Did you get to see the eclipse?

  6. Lene, your walk looks like a beautiful place to be. You are so amazing with your creativity. I love visiting your blog and seeing your amazing projects.
    Have a great day,

  7. hi, I really love the mittens you have done and you live in a wonderful spot of this world.
    Have a great Sunday and greetings from a little bit more South...Switzerland, Christa

  8. I am really looking forward to meeting you at Knitnation and to learn how to knit your wonderful mittens.

  9. I still haven't tried your Rovaniemi mitten technique even though I am totally smitten with that style of knitting. There are so many techniques and styles of mitten knitting!!
    I need to stay far away from my spinning wheels :-)

  10. Those are wonderful mittens. And wonderful scenery. I love to hike, too. There's something peaceful about being out in the woods.

  11. I love seeing your pictures - they are so often inspiring! And I am looking forwards to your class at Knit Nation so much too, I'm feeling very impatient...

  12. Anonymous23:30

    Ooh I can't wait for Knitnation either! Those mittens are lovely and you live in such a beautiful area, I'm jealous!

  13. Heather16:26

    Dear Lene:

    Thank you again for a delightful blog entry!

    I really like the elegant thumb on the mittens here... it gets me thinking about knitting a pair and choosing the right pattern. I am in Ottawa, Canada, so mittens are useful here, too. :)

  14. What beautiful mittens you knit. The scenery near your home is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  15. I stumbled upon your site and just love your mitts, Can not wait to knit a pair. I love knitting and quilting and my next obsession will be spinning - yes it is a pre-meditated obsession. Love your yarn things. Corinne Morrison Morton

  16. Hello from Belgium!
    I find your blog, its great!!!
    I like your knitting

  17. Anonymous04:40

    Have you seen the mitten books by Robin Hansen? ( Lots oF traditional patterns in those. We use them here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  18. Anonymous09:10

    Lene, Thinking of you this week as you prepare for Knit Nation in London. I'm sure you have many last minute details to see to. Anyway, I just want you to know I will be thinking of you and wish you only the best teaching at the event! I'm sure you will "wow" your students with everything you do. Have fun and make time for yourself. I'm anxious to hear about your adventures! The best to you, Jeanie in Missoula, USA

  19. Dear Lene: I am just beginning the lilleput sweater and am confused by your directions on changing I see it if I change colors every third row that does not mean I am at the hem. Are there two rows of garter ridges or one? thank you so much. susan

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