Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring! Definitely Spring!!

The birds are chirping (screaming) in the trees, it is partly cloudy but quite warm, Tina is barking fiercely right here under my window, she is trying to talk some sense into annoying rodents which have grown big and fat under the thick snow carpet during the winter months and have now surfaced... after all it is spring and the world is bursting life after the long rest.

I can hardly believe that the snow is gone and the lake is just about to be free. There is no denying that the spring and the sun and the warm weather have impact even on my knitting.

But first of all I would like to point out to you all that KnitNation class registration is about to start (May 1st)

I am so looking forward to this happening. I am really happy to have an opportunity to teach there amongst the great knitters and this makes me feel very humble and thankful. Have you looked at the teachers list?
I have never been part of anything this big and experiencing the buzz of knitters and yarn and knitting knowledge in one place is going to be something I will never forget... This will be the highlight of my summer!

But the knitting...

I tried to make a sock out of hardwearing Gansey yarn --- Wendy Guernsay five ply for my daughter to wear inside her boots but I just could not to. It felt so thick and somehow hard in my hands and maybe a bit too wintery too that I had to put it away. I turned to mittens but just the same...
My hands yarned for something soft and light and delicate and I finished the shawl that has been lingering in the knitting bag for two years (Ice Fantasia by Anne Hanson).
I will block it soonest so that I can show it to you. And while I was at shawl knitting I cast on for the third big Faroese lace shawl by Anne: Lacewing.
I think I bought all three of them (the third being the beautiful Irtfa'a) about the same time because I could not decide which one I liked best and then and there promised to knit them all. So two of them are done and the third one is on the needles.

I just love tiny sweaters and cardigans and I have been swatching for a wee Korsnäs-like (combination of knitting and crochet) cardigan. The colors here are not traditional but somehow they feel just right at the moment. The motif is traditional "dancing girls", in my mind the most beautiful one amongst the traditional patterns.
It is almost May, time when I find it very, very difficult to go to bed at nights. The scenery (both visual and audio) is breathtaking: no leaves on the trees yet, plenty of water in the lake and the concert of the birds echoes around the lake... I cannot bear to miss one minute of it! And the light! I wish you all could see my May.

Wool with you,



  1. I would love to see your May! I love your work and I aspire to be as skilled as you someday!

  2. I wish I could see you May too, Lene. I'm visualizing, so with you in spirit!

  3. Sounds lovely, almost all snow is gone here except for the huge drift on the north side of the house. Your lace is divine...I'm always amazed at lace as I find it hard to do.

  4. I too would love to see your May. Maybe you could post some photos? That shawl looks gorgeous.

  5. I believe it safe to say, we'd all love to see, and experience, your May.
    Beautiful choices with the lace designs, Anne is quite genius :^)
    Lene, I think you fit in quite well with all the teachers who will be at KnitNation! You have such a brilliant, creative mind!

  6. Lizzi01:16

    You describe 'your' May so clearly - I would still love to see it, though.

  7. I am so excited to have booked a class with you at knitnation - I am sure you will inspire in person just as your blog does.

  8. Ellen in Conn14:32

    Oh, Lene!! More variations on Rovaniemi!! You are a brilliant person.

    The primroses are blooming in my garden. My great-grandmother Selma brought them from Germany to Amerika 130 years ago, and her daughter Lena (Caroline) kept them, and my Mom Doris, and now me, and I will give plants to my niece and my daughter this month. My Mom died on Saturday (how could she?? She was so strong and could survive anything!).

  9. Karen M05:45

    Normally, I lurk. I live in Nova Scotia. Our snow has melted and our lakes are clear. Just. Now it is cold and rainy, which is the price we pay for summer. My garden is thawing. I spin. I knit. I quilt. I wait. Thank you for your blog.

  10. Lene I have booked onto your Friday mitten session and am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about the techniques you describe.

  11. Anonymous22:00

    Lena, I keep up with you and your blogspot. It is wonderful! Just want to express to you, how happy I am to see you in the KnitNation teacher's directory!!!! As I've said before, you are such a wonderful artist and you have such a lovely way with words. I loved seeing Tina talking to the rodent! Only the best to you and yours. Jeanie in Montana