Sunday, February 27, 2011

New mittens

The light is back! While Mother Nature boasts with shining white coverlets and sparkling surfaces, I cannot do the same, oh... the first sun rays are so very revealing, every single greasy finger mark and even the tiniest of dust balls run with their big siblings throughout the house. The urge to clean the windows is almost unbearable but this task has to wait as it is way too cold yet and will be for weeks.

I have continued the crocheted/knitted sweater, I have almost completed the main part but my progress has slowed down because I have to figure out the shaping for the neck at this point and that would require some planning and thinking and thus has been put on hold. I still love the process and it is a nice change to be crocheting every now and then for a bit.

Mostly I have dedicated my time for mittens. They are quick and portable and you can knit one mitten in just a few hours, that is if you don't grab very small needles. There has been lots of swatching (let's call it swatching although it is more like knitting a whole mitten and then ripping it out for something not turning out quite the way I envisioned beforehand), so I don't have that much to show you but here is one sample that did turn out.

I have been knitting with little heavier yarn that I usually knit my socks and mittens. I have used DK weight (BC Garn Lucca, 100% merino) but have used smaller (2½ mm) needles than recommended in the ball band (4-4½mm) to get sturdy fabric and I truly like this yarn. I made double knitted mittens with this yarn last winter for my daughter and she has been using them for the whole winter and they have worn just fine. I am really impressed with this yarn and plan to use it more. I am even thinking of knitting a cardigan or a sweater with this.

Did you notice the glove blockers in the picture, this was a happy coincidence and totally unexpected... I was cleaning my MIL's closet some time ago and happened to find these. They had never been used and had a price tag on them (59 US cents!). I adjusted the other one for mittens and will use the other for gloves.

All is good, the temperature is very good, just a bit below freezing, it is snowing, which means some work outside later today, but that is fine, it is Sunday after all.

Wool with you as always,


Oh, and a silly mitten picture from my journal...


  1. I love the mittens...and it sounds like you need them! That glove drier was a lucky find! Keep warm x

  2. This reminds me of a little poem my mother used to sing/recite to me when I was small and getting dressed to go out in the snow:
    Thumb in the thumb place
    Fingers all together
    This is the song we
    Sing in mitten weather

  3. I adore your mitten drawing! Your mitten/glove drier is a fun find and your mittens are beautiful as well as functional. The return of the sun is worthy of celebration!

  4. What a treasure find in the mitten blockers. Your illustrations are adorable and I love the mittens. They looki like winter, in pale blue and the frosty white. Nothing is a beautiful as sun on snow.

  5. Mittens fit for a Snow Princess! Very pretty!

    Lucky find in the "Glov Dryr" but goodness, we do spll fnny here in the US ;)

  6. Love the mittens! so pretty :)

  7. Such beautiful mittens.

  8. no one makes such enchanting mittens as yourself! And the illustration - priceless!!!!

  9. The mittens are adorable. I'm glad you added your whimsical journal page. I'd love to see the whole book!

  10. Lene,
    Love the blockers, they are so perfect for you. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.
    Have a beautiful day,

  11. technikat00:24

    Now how did that glove sneak into your mitten parade?!

    I love the white mittens. They look as if they've caught some snow flakes.

  12. Lizzi00:51

    Brilliant drawings!

  13. The mitten blockers are terrific what a find ! the mitt pics and the knitted ones are great :)

  14. Anonymous05:57

    Hi, Lene. What a great find--the glove/mitten blockers, and timely too, for your beautiful mittens. I have to ask if you would consider writing up a pattern? You make the loveliest mittens.


  15. Very pretty mittens
    And I love the blockers. Have not seen anything like that before.

  16. sondrak2208:16

    I've followed your blog for months and look forward to each new post so it's time I send you my best wishes Your work is always an inspiration - such beautiful and detailed projects - truly works of art. Although a trio of cats assists my knitting, I also love the photos of the dogs. Spring is on the way!

  17. the mittens are absolutely beautiful - are those beads in the pattern? And the glove blockers - priceless!

  18. Hi, I love your blog! The mittens are gorgeous! Don't worry about the dirt. There is more to take its place. :)

  19. Mittens are small enough that they can count as swatches! You're inspiring me to knit more for myself, even with Winter on it's way out.

    I love your drawings, by the way. Do you colour them with pencils, watercolour paint, or something else?

  20. Anonymous12:49

    Love that page from your journal!
    To me sketching/dreaming is often more therapeutic than knitting itself :)

  21. Anonymous15:24

    I've been reading silently for a while now, so I thought I'd pop out to say hi. I have some lovely wire glove driers too (found at a garage sale when I was a kid. I guess I've liked these vintage textile items for a long time). I loved seeing your last mittens -- can't wait to see your new ones finished.

  22. Anonymous17:15

    I love your journal page. Those mittens are also so beautiful! And finally, the glove blocker = so cute!

  23. Anonymous14:17

    I absolutely love the mittens!

  24. I agree: beautiful mittens, and would love to buy a pattern for them from your Rav store!

  25. Such sweet mittens, both the knit ones and the drawn ones!

  26. What a lovely blog you have!!!
    I will certainly come back for more inspiration!!

  27. Ellen in Conn00:22

    Is that a bit of your Rovaniemi technique tucked into that purl stripe?? Very ingenious. The Rovaniemi technique is brilliant to start with, and this is a beautiful modern adaptation.

    You wrote, "I have been knitting with little heavier yarn that I usually knit my socks and mittens."

    try ...

    I have been knitting with yarn that is a little bit heavier than I usually use ...

    Just a little adjustment for my American ears. You are perfectly understandable always. And my Finnish, as you might guess, is non-existent.

    Ellen in Conn.

  28. Found your blog today and had a quick browse. Your projects are outstanding. I am in total awe - love them.
    Off to read and see more