Sunday, November 28, 2010

The first advent Sunday

Christmas is close. This is the best part, it is close enough to start planning and decorating but not too close to throw oneself into panic. This year I plan to enjoy every little piece of this season. I have already started a bit of decorating while I go cleaning (just a little) through the house.

When the girls were small, Christmas time was probably one of the best times during the year, it was such a delight to watch the girls experience all the magic and make toys behind the closed doors. My Sonja felt special since she was celebrating her birthday December 24th and the Christmas Eve morning was always a treat for her. And ever since that Christmas in 1989 when she was born I have felt that I get a special gift that day too.
But then when the girls grew up, the magic sort of disappeared from this season and the anticipation of Christmas became less thrilling. It became an adult celebration of food and more practical gifts and it became less magical, there was less play and I have missed all that. One should never forget to play said our world famous architect Alvar Aalto and I have decided to bring the play back into our Christmas.

Many years have passed since I have made any Christmas decorations, but I have been sewing some this year.

While making these little angels (from this book),
I have found the joy of playing. And I realized that the anticipation really is born through my hands and the Christmas spirit is fed by making and creating.
This first advent is about lighting one candle and about waiting and preparing.

It has been very cold up here for the past week, almost -20 daily, so it is freezing but very beautiful, the trees are all dressed in white.
Wool with you,



  1. Oh! I agree with your words. My experiencies are simmilar. I didn't create anithing last years because my sons aren't interested in Crhistmas decoration. But my mind has a lot of ideas to do, little things. During the time that I'm planning them I ever have a smile in my face.
    Happy days and inspirations.

  2. Once again, it is so great to read a post from you Lene. Many years ago, I lost the spirit of Xmas, to the point when I actively dislike this time of the year... this year, just a few days ago, I was thinking, maybe it is time for me to try and find it again?
    Thank you for reinforcing that thought

  3. Anonymous12:49

    Lene! What a treat to find your blog post this morning! I have missed you. I love all of your posts but most especially your Christmas posts. Every December, I go back into your archives and re-read all of them! I love your wonderful new ornaments and look forward to seeing all of the magical things that you will create this year! I hope all is well with your new puppy! Stay warm!

  4. Oh Lene your work is so beautiful! Those angels are pure delight! I am sure you will have a very playful time x

  5. love your christmas angels! they just make me feel a bit more "waiting for christmas". thanx!

  6. Your daughter is two days older than my youngest. I tell her she is the best Christmas present I ever got, and also the best birthday present, because I found out about her on my birthday that year. I agree with you about the joy and the playfulness; that is where a large measure of my holiday happiness comes, too.

  7. Beautiful snowflake doilies and I love your birds! The angel ornaments are just precious. We choose names for a "made" gift. It is my favorite to make and receive. I am looking forward to this Advent season. Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Anonymous16:21

    Hi, Lene.

    It's so good to see a post from you! You have been busy--the angels are beautiful. And so be will the Ann Hanson cowl. What yarn are you using--it's a lovely color. I hope today to work on some Christmas knitting--I'm a bit behind I think. Ever since I saw your embroidery on a pair of gloves, I've been wanting to try it (but on mittens)!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. I hope this season goes well for you. I love to hear your perspective on the seasons!

  10. I understand this completely. My kids are now all grown up and Christmas just doesn't seem the same. I really appreciate what you have posted and plan to take it to heart. I love the Christmas ornaments you have made! They are beautiful.

  11. Giving one special gift for your daughters birthday is such a lovely thing to do. You have helped to bring out my Christmas spirit which has given me the idea to put up one special ornament each day until Christmas. Your little angels make me smile as they are so charming and sweet. Happy Advent to you, Lena.

  12. I agree Christmas is so much more with kids around. my kids are grown and live in other towns so X-mas just isn't the same. but a few years back my husband found a solution instead of presents for each other we donate to different charities feeling good that we are providing X-mas to someone who might not have one otherwise. this year a local bookstore is doing a promotion that when you buy a childrens book to charity they will give you a discount and wrap and send it for you. we still give the kids and reletives home-made goodies for the holiday. I find that I enjoy the holidays this way without all the hoopla of running around trying to find the perfect present.

  13. I always love reading your beautiful, sensitive posts. You are so inspiring to others. I had no Christmas spirit last year and I'm determined to have some this year. I think reading this post and seeing your latest creations are just the motivation I needed. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for another beautiful post. I so agree with your comment that the Christmas spirit is fed by making and creating! And you have shared that spirit beautifully by sharing your creations with us. Thank you for your inspiration.

  15. We are -2 and I am freezing but it is snowing now and I am stargin to feel the holiday spirit. Your mittens are beautiful. And I agree with you. The spirit of Christmas doesn't have an age.

  16. My little boys are just 5 and 2, just old enough to start understanding Christmas and enjoying. I'm sorting through my memories of Christmases past with new appreciation for what might again appear as magic to little sparkling eyes.

  17. Anonymous12:47

    Upea löytö tänään tämä uusi postauksesi. Suloisia jouluisia enkeleitä!
    Täälläkin paljon lunta ja pakkasta ja oikea fiilis odotella joulua.
    Vaikka esikoisemme on pois kotoa silloin.
    Lämpimästi sinua ja tyttöjä muistellen - ja joulupukkiamme. =)

  18. Anonymous20:17

    What beauiful little angels. I always look forward to reading your blogs Lene and seeing the wonderful things you have ceated.
    I haven bothered putting up my Christmas decorations the last few years but had already decided to at least put the tree up this year. Maybe it's all the early snow we're having in the UK at the moment!

    Have a wonderful creative time and keep warm!

  19. A few months ago, I was travelling with three other women. We began to speak about how lonely we are now that our kids have grown and gone. How much we miss the noise and activity of a house with children. I was surprised to find this feeling so universal and we all thought that most likely none of our husbands feel the same. So I know how you feel about Christmas just not being the same. Wool to you too.

  20. Thank you for another wonderful blog entry - I have been looking forward to it the whole month of November! Have a creative and beautiful Christmas time.

  21. Thank you for your words. My children have also grown and flown. I've always said that Home is where their stories began...not ended.
    Thanks for inspiring me today. I think i'll go up in the attic and get the decorations out today.

  22. Beth in Maryland20:12

    Dear Lene, it's good to hear from you. Your work has magic for me. I hope your Christmas season is filled with love.

  23. your ornaments are beautiful! I was so happy to see your post in my list this morning. Fun to see what you are up to and what the weather is like with you. A. xx

  24. Anonymous06:20

    Lena, I have so enjoyed your blog and absolutely love your aesthetic sense and priorities about life. I am always thankful when I see you've posted a new message and especially with photos of your beautiful, northern land, your dog, the trees, your wonderful, wonderful work. May you and your family have a whimsical, fun, joyous Christmas this year.

  25. Renata05:39

    It's so nice to see a new post from you. Your hand-made creations are so beautiful - and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Christmas can be a rather bittersweet time. Memories of those idyllic Christmas's of childhood. Then a kind of in between time before one has children of one's own. Then one's own children grow up. This Christmas we'll enjoy being with some of the grandchildren and re-experiencing Christmas through their eyes. I just wish some of my family were churchgoers. Thanks Lene for another great post.

  27. I'm not sure whether my previous comment got through. So this is a bit of a p.s. Here I am listening to beautiful Christmas music on National Public Radio. It's just lovely.

  28. Anonymous10:23

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  29. Best wishes for a very lovely Christmas with your family!
    Thanks for your posts as always.
    Lisa in Toronto

  30. Merry Christmas!
    (I miss your blog-posts...)