Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The old new blue

Mother Nature had a treat for me this morning. I know it will melt away soon but more than any other happening in the nature, this has warm wool written all over it. As the world still has some warmth from the summer hidden in its pockets, this new cold is sort of mellow, not the hard, biting cold yet. I know that the dark months are long, but I will try to look at the good sides and one is definitely that blue, all different hues of it, is present and what would be better than wrapping oneself in blue (and white)?
Thus the Wallflower socks by Stephanie van der Linden. While I am knitting these, enjoying the clever heal and the way the pattern carries on towards the instep, I am thinking to myself if there can be more beautiful socks anywhere ever. Even though I have done the first, I did not have any trouble casting on for the second sock because I get to knit that beauty all over again. (I am not good at color-knitting, so the uneven stitches bother me a lot, but hopefully the handwriting (-knitting) will get better.)

I recently bought two sock knitting books: Think Outside the Sox and Around the World in Knitted Socks. I really like both of these books a lot and am happy that I bought these. I have to buy most of my books online and while often I am pleased with what I get, at times I end up with a book that I am not so happy with.
Think Outside the Sox has many, many innovative ways to knit socks. There is plenty to knit but the book will provide lots of inspiration that will probably carry ones imagination outside the socks, and if few of the techniques are quite fiddly, I think they are worth examining a bit. I can see myself spending hours just looking through the book over and over and soon it will be filled with post-it notes of things that come to my mind. I highly encourage you to pick up the book and flip through it the next time you come across it.

The other one I bought is by Stephanie van der Linden. It has more traditional designs in it, but all beautiful as they are and these designs will bring hours of interesting knitting time for the coming dark months when the north winds shakes the house, the temperature drops too far down and the fires need to be kept going to keep the house warm.
Right this moment, the sun has climbed up and amongst the blue, the tree trunks are glowing brown. This picture is through the window... (The little one has finally calmed down and I don't want to wake her by getting up going out to take pictures, not just yet...)

Wool with you,



  1. Anonymous11:47

    that's the first snow i see this year! it's still early...
    i love that you refer to your knitting skill as hand-writing, i think i'll adopt that, it makes you feel like it will get better, like learning to write in school :)

  2. Love the wheel in the background. I had a Louet for a while, but I could never spin very fine on it, so I got an ashford. I sold my louet a few years back, and sometimes I miss it for plying.

  3. The photos of the snow (and sock) are gorgeous. I can't even imagine getting snow like that. Today is going to be in the 80's (F) although tomorrow it's finally going to feel like autumn with temps in the 60's. Love seeing another world on your blog.

  4. Such beautiful socks Lene and I look forward to seeing many pictures of your Blue season :-)

  5. Your Wallflowers are Lovely!
    Your Old New Blue... honestly, if I were to believe in past lives, I'm convinced I've lived some up north in your neck of the woods, the photos you post... I respond with such a deep yearning to be there. Thank you.
    Ahhh, puppy naps, best to let them be, shhhh. ;^)

  6. Those are quite possibly the most beautiful socks I have ever seen. I love the blue color! What wool did you use to knit them?

  7. lizzi21:02

    To have snow so soon? - it does look so lovely although it makes it such a long winter for you - but to have all that time to knit...........and walk the puppy in the snow.......life can be very good sometime.

  8. Anonymous22:10

    The top photograph features my favorite colors, and it makes me wish for snow (that's huge, as I'm as big of a fan of summer as there can be... raised in the Southeastern USA). It's just magnificent.

  9. Beth in Maryland23:49

    Hi, Lene! I am so happy to see your post. When it starts to get cold here in the Mid-Atlantic US, I will remember about that warmth in the pockets!

  10. Anonymous00:21

    Lovely Wallflowers! I feel such a sense of contentment when reading your posts - Marianne sums it up beautifully.

  11. Your socks are beautiful And the first snow of winter is wonderful too. Maybe a bit early though.

  12. kelly02:55

    OH MY GOSH I can't imagine snow yet.Your pics are beautiful as always.Wow your summers are short and your Fall season even shorter.How inspiring though to live where Mother Nature is so truely among you.Love your posts,love your needlework!

  13. Oh no.. I desparately dislike winter (though I can understand those who do)... Seeing snow this early makes me shriver...
    BUT the socks are stunningly gorgeous... and as always it is a joy to see there is a new post from you.

  14. Anonymous19:10

    Snow! Lovely! Gorgeous! I love winter. But I love Autumn just a little bit more and I am thankful that we do have quite a while to go on the autumn here in Stockholm. But I'm hoping for a cold and snow-filled winter! Starting December 1st, please?

  15. Beautiful pictures. Must be wonderful to have that view every day. :) Your sock is sweet. Thanks for sharing the books too. I bet your puppy is really getting big! I enjoy each of your posts.

  16. Anonymous14:33

    Tunnelmallinen on ja kaunis, rauhallinen tuo eka maisemakuvasi. Viehättävä! Täällä tänään jännitetään, joko tulee ensilumi ja juuri nyt tulee räntää ja aurinko paistaa. Vaahteranlehdet ikkunan takana oikein loistavat.

    Mukava, että olit kirjoittanut. Tässähän oli jo ehtinyt kaivata...

  17. Oh, I l o v e winter, too and I always put a note in my diary when the first snowfall comes...I agree your socks are the most beautiful blue-white socks I've ever seen...I think it would be too bad to wear them only in boots (as I do normally) so the complicated and beautiful pattern cannot be seen...How do you think to wear them?

  18. Anonymous01:10

    This is sooooo gorgeous! I too, live in the Southeastern US, and while I do love the warmth, that snow is just heavenly to look at!

    The socks are equally gorgeous!

    I always wait eagerly for your next post! It is like entering a different, beautiful world. Thanks for sharing~Jan

  19. Anonymous15:37

    Your blue and white socks are beautiful.

    I bought the Around the World in Knitted Socks last week and it is indeed full of gorgeous socks and some great techniques. Think Outside the Sox is next on my list of things to get :-) I have seen a previous version of this book and I was really impressed with it. Enjoy the snow!! And the puppy:-)

  20. How beautiful is your view, it must be wonderful living where you do.

  21. Beautiful....love the pictures.
    Rose, adorable. My house has lots of dog hair and wool too! The snow is lovely, this is the first picture I've seen this year of snowfall. Look forward to reading your future posts.
    The knitting - beyond beautiful!

  22. Hello! So nice to see photos like yours! And amazing socks!
    Ruusu is the most beautiful puppy!
    I'm Finnish woman living in Crete.
    Wishes from Teje and Nero

  23. Nalini00:03

    Your socks are absolutely astonishing. I still get to the toes part and quaver. Your blog keeps me motivated. Still trying to master two sox on two circulars at the same time. So far I have made a pair of leg warmers (I chickened out). Woudl love to see you review sox patterns more in depth, and sox instructional DVDs.

  24. olivia john13:19

    lovely Wallflowers ^_^
    Arts ans Crafts Lovers