Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little bit of everything

Thank You for all of you for taking a few moments to send me a comforting comment. First I thought that I would not write about the incidents at all, fearing that reading all the comments would make me feel really sad, but on the contrary, sharing it with you all was good, so thank you. Last week I went out to town and bought few new rose bushes and planted them where all my three furry girls rest. And the big news is that we are expecting, (hope you don't mind me putting it out this way) the due date is somewhere in the middle of July, and hopefully the new puppy will join the household sometime early fall. Really, we can't wait.

The white nights are here and when they arrive they always mix my daily routines. I would love to be up at all times, forget the sleep, and just enjoy all the different shades of the day. I stayed up until two in the morning and just admired the calm lake and the sun plus I could not put down my knitting.

I have finished two old scarves and knitted two small shawls, well, the first one was a small one (needs few finishing touches yet) but the other one is bigger. It is just perfect when the cold days return.

And I cast on for one more last night and I just could not put it down. Watching variegated yarn and waiting for it to make twists and turns in the color palette is so very interesting. I have just started but by looking at the ball of yarn, there is plenty to wait for! Knitting has somehow stepped back from the focus point but it has not been totally abandoned, it is totally mindless and just something to keep my hands busy when I am tired to do anything else.

The night before was totally different, then I picked up my quilting and quilted the evening away. While I was sewing I was thinking if there was a way to include these two crafts and even few others into my daily life and feel balanced.

What would be the best way to go? What do you do? Have you found a good way to give time to all of your handwork? Do you have a schedule or do you just go where your muse takes you?

I have been embroidering some. I know I promised to show you some of my books about embroidery and that will happen, but right now I just would like you to see this. It is going to be a butterfly at some point for someone special. Someone very small and thus the butterfly has to be intricate and that is why here and there I will need to embroider looking through a looking (ups, thank you Ellen!) magnifying glass.

For all my life I have been collecting yarns and threads and there was a time when I just had to buy few glossy threads and there were almost impossible to sew with the machine successfully and so I just kept the threads and just admired them from time to time. I was very happy when I started with the butterfly and remembered that I had those beauties. And with the good order in my space, I knew exactly where they were. (I really cannot but be happy about the new clean space, going through everything has been totally worth it!)

One other thing that has really brought joy to my days is a new web site I discovered some time ago. I am sure many of you are familiar with it, but to me it came as a happy accident one night while surfing the net. I have been spending many hours watching The Quilt Show.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are the hosts and they are the nicest people to host the show. Both of them are big names in the quilting industry; I have been away from the quilting world for a long time and really don't know what is going on most of the time. Both of them are funny (in a quiet way, not this forced laughter kind of way that I don't care for in the TV show), and they are nice and polite and humble. Even though they are well known they always let their guests shine.

Few of the best shows that I have seen so far are the ones of Jinny Beyer and Suzanne Marshal and Liuxin Newman.Every single show brings me new stuff to learn and to think about. The shows are not free but in my opinion they are totally worth every single cent. (And I say this sincerely, I am not influenced in any way.)

So, white nights with some knitting, some quilting and some embroidering. All the best to you and hopefully it will not take quite this long to get back to you.


PS. I have not been playing around with the blog lately and I am having some difficulties with getting used to using this new template. Sorry about the way this site has been looking for the past month or so.


  1. Anonymous17:40

    Those are pretty colors in the scarves and I can't wait to see the butterfly finished.

    I have two very old cats, they are both 20 years old, and I have recently decided on where they will rest when the time comes for them: on the other side of our fence, in the woods, where all the little animals run around.

    I am sorry for your loss of such special companions.

  2. Congratulations on your 'expecting', so happy for you, and looking forward to greeting your new member of the family!
    Your new FOs are beautiful, they will serve you beautifully.
    I've yet to organize my time for all the things I enjoy, and want to do. Hadn't done any embroidery in so many years, then when I embroidered the rabbit I asked myself why I didn't do it more often, it was so enjoyable.
    Your butterfly, wow! and I know just what you mean, cleaning and organizing your room, knowing where things are, that's always a wonderful thing.
    Happy Summer days and nights to you!
    ps... the only thing I really miss re: your blog, is the banner of photos. otherwise? I enjoy the fresh simplicity. very much.

  3. bizzilizzi20:06

    I am so glad to see your latest post - I was becoming quite concerned as you have been quiet for a while - but you needed the time and I am delighted that a new puppy will be joining your family.
    I love the butterfly and agree about clearing space - it does energise you to do something with all the finds that get forgotten.

  4. Ellen in Conn23:30

    Dear Lene,

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy the photos of your furry ones and your projects and before/after in your workroom.

    I believe that "looking glass" is a mirror in British English; the tool you are using is a "magnifier" or a "magnifying glass" in American English. In my American English, "looking glass" is not used. But there are a lot of varieties of English - just ask a Jamaican or a Kiwi!

    See you later, alligator!

  5. What pretty colours you have knit for the scarfs. It is enjoyable watching varigated yarn weave its colour way through the knitting. Your embroidery is very pretty. I sometimes have a list of things to do, especially with knitting, but just do other things when I feel like it. It will be great to see the new edition to your family.

  6. Anonymous00:27

    Hi Lene

    I've been thinking about you and your long bright nights as the summer solstice nears. OUR longest daylight lasts only til about 9PM.


    My handwork is only for my enjoyment, so I don't feel a need to plan /organize such time. Of course, right now, all I do is knit, so that simplifies things.....


  7. I just go where the muse wants to go. Right now, the muse wants to knit. My spinning wheel is not very happy about that...

  8. I adore your butterfly. Gorgeous!

  9. Lovely knitting and beautiful butterfly. I tried embroidering with the metallic thread recently and could not do it - was all tangly and messy looking. Yours looks perfect!

  10. Congratulations on your soon to be new arrival - can't wait to see pictures!

    When my "heart kitty", Gaspe, passed, I buried his ashes in the yard and planted a mock orange over them. A year ago, I added the ashes of his buddy, Lester. The mock orange blooms beautifully every June and reminds me of their playful spirits.

    Love your FOs - such beautiful color!

  11. Can you tell me about the rolled edging on the yellow and oatmeal/multi shawls? It's beautiful.

  12. It is so good to hear from you :-) sad things will ease in your soul with time.
    Your handiwork is gorgeous as usual.

  13. Trista23:13

    Oh, I am very excited for your family about the new puppy!
    I too lost a beloved dog this winter and I have a new puppy coming home on July 10, so I am feeling very blessed.
    Blessing to you too!

  14. Enjoy your white nights. When does the sun set again? At this time of year here in Dublin Ireland there is still light in the sky close to 11 p.m.

  15. michelle in cali20:21

    oh, goodie, a new baby...i mean, puppy! '->

    i have to follow the muse. if i'm not "feeling it" when i'm working on a project, then no matter how much determination (aka stubbornness) i force into that project (knitting, sewing, or quilting), it just gets screwed up. then i pitch a hissy fit...and that's not pretty. LOL

    enjoy the light!

  16. Anonymous03:28


    I have been a lurker on your site for over a year and I must say i so enjoy your descriptions of the area around your home.

    I live in Canada in a very urbanized location (Toronto) but I grew up in Northwestern Ontario, (nowhere near as far north as you are)and a lot of your environment makes me think of my home when I was growing up.

    I also love to see what you are knitting. Nice to meet you,


  17. I have always wanted to visit a place with white nights. I live in Richmond, VA, USA so no such thing here. Just hot and sticky.

    I am sorry for you loss of such treasured pets.