Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kingscot - Episode 1

Thank you for all the nice comments you have given to a Merry Sheep’s Reel Dress! I have enjoyed reading them and while I think that I did succeed in making her, your comments have been overwhelming.

I love these early Sunday mornings when I have my cup of coffee next to me (flavoured Winter Chocolate or something like it), and the whole day ahead. Now is the time of the day when the day is about to break, the world is still blue, but not this dark and rich blue but pale and light and promising.

The transit from a Merry Sheep’s Reel into a new project has been painful. I have tried two kinds of mittens, at least one scarf and one shawl, two sweaters… all gone to frog pond. During this hardship I cleaned my stash and there are some good old yarns there that need to be knit now.

This is one of them, yes, it is variegated, it is not the type I would get today, but the wool is good and sturdy. Also it is a bit thicker than I like but then on the other hand, I would love to have it used up. I don’t have a clue of the brand or the color way, it is all caked up beautifully without any bands. The color is perfect for this time. It is mainly blue with a bit of brown and green (like the forest around wrapped in blue) with few red spots to remind me of the coming season. I really turned my stash all upside down and this is what spoke to me. Although, I am little worried how this will look when knit up and I just might end up dyeing it later on.

I am sort of tired of long knit only rows and my own tricks so I started to look around the web and magazines to see something different and to learn something new. The winter issue of Twist Collective is packed with beautiful things and finally I was able to choose one, Kingscot by Norah Gaughan. Her designs are innovative and interesting and I am prepared to learn something new and to look at knitting from a different angle.

First I thought that I would knit the cardigan exactly as written. I truly was set to do that. Then I read the pattern through and came to the final chapters about finishing. I love hand sewing but when I started to picture myself weaving in this bulky yarn I started to hesitate – how could I get all these thick ends woven in neatly? So I decided to knit the sleeves without seams and adjusted the instructions accordingly. I also took out few stitches from the cuff to make it a bit narrower. Then I read again through the instructions of the fronts and backs and front bands and I am moving towards knitting this in one piece. So I have been gathering all the bits and pieces of information for doing everything simultaneously and right now it feels like a challenge. It might not work but I am eager to try.

There was a video clip of tubular cast on by Eunny in Knitting Daily and I decided to try it on this cardigan. I used a bit bigger needles for the waste yarn and the first few rows of the main color and then when picking the stitches, I switched to the needle size I planned to knit the rest. This gave a little looser cast on – my first attempt was too tight. (This is very much like I do the tucks, only I knit the picked stitch together with the one on the needle.)

I have barely started. I did make preparations for the sleeves first to have something mindless knitting when that is needed and now I will cast on for the body, which will need to be knit in the privacy of my own room with all the charts laid out in front of me. Wish me luck!

And I wish you blue calm mornings!



  1. Karin, Uppsala, Sweden12:38

    What a beautiful cat. It´s a very peaceful picture. And I do enjoy your knit-stories as well. But that cat :)
    Have a lovely day

  2. Minäkin olen erittäin ihastunut Kinscotin, ja Tuulian sormikkaisiin, ja... todella monta ihastuttavaa mallia kokoelmassa. Lankasi väri on todella kaunis, paljon onnea neulomiseen!

  3. Anonymous17:50

    I always enjoy your posts and had to smile when I saw your beautiful cat sleeping on your knitting. Even as I write this, my cat Skoshi is between me and the keyboard all stretched out! Melody

  4. I always feel rather out of sorts when finishing a big project too. It just takes a while!

    My cat ignores my knitting when it's quietly resting somewhere. However, if I'm knitting he's very persistant about trying to climb onto my lap. He spent an hour last night working on that before I finally gave in!

  5. Sweet cozy photo of moggie and yarn:^)
    Variegated, I understand, but oh my, the colours are just what my eyes/brain wanted to see, they're rich and earthy, a delight.
    Kingscot has me smitten also.
    Sending best of good wishes and luck (I seriously don't believe you 'need' the luck but sending it nonetheless since you asked :^)

  6. With my cat purring on my lap I smiled at your peaceful cat pictures. Perfect for a Sunday at home. The yarn and pattern are beautiful. I recently took a knitting class on seamless knitting. Sounds like a good idea for this sweater. I just love learning or trying something new. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  7. tess21:55

    I hope you don't decide to overdye - I don't much like variegated yarns, but this one is almost like tweed, not at all typical. It's lovely and the blips of color just deepen the blue - and go beautifully with your cat!

  8. Luisa22:50

    I've also learned tubular cast-on not long ago and I am in love with it - even for socks. starting with a bigger needle seems like a good idea. I will definitely try it!

  9. Anonymous01:06

    Hi Lene
    I love the yarn!
    And, I didn't know you had a cat - very s/he looks very nice against the yarn.....
    Margie in Maryland

  10. Anonymous01:54

    Hello dear Lene! I know you will enjoy this new project and I look forward to following your progress. Peace to you. kelley from kentucky

  11. Ahhh look at him the sweet kitty!
    -I watched the same Knitting daily videoclip over the weekend and tried to re-knit my dog sweater using this technique. I immediately realized this trick would be similar to your sweater piping effect:) I was close! What a treat to visit an old friend (the stash). I always enjoy that.

  12. you so much for introducing me to the Twist Collective site. Wow! So many goodies to dream about there!

    The last photos make me miss having a cat around the house.

  13. You're kitty and my kitty could be twins. Nehemiah loves to sleep on my knitting too.

    Always love seeing what you are working on.

  14. Jeannie19:11

    I love to read about your knitting, the thoughtful and calm way you put things, but I love love love love love the pictures of your animals and your surroundings! That cat is gorgeous!

  15. Anonymous03:37

    Kingscot is very beautiful and looks like it will be enjoyable to knit.

    Your kitty is the perfect knitting companion, I see.

  16. Now I am going to HAVE to go tubular. Beautiful project. Beautiful pattern. Beautiful blog!

  17. lizzie18:37

    I am relieved that I am not the only one frogging. I knit pretty well - the most difficult thing is matching the yarn to the pattern to the gauge. If only I could get good at it life would be so much easier. I have used up alot of odds and ends knitting socks for little grandson though.

  18. You have very beautiful work! Can I ask you some questions about the embroidery you do on your sweaters? What stitch do you use, and do you have any pointers so as to not stretch the knit while I work? My email is

  19. I think you should teach teh cat to knit, it would be a real time saver. Still he looks so peaceful perhaps it's best to let sleeping cats lie?

  20. i love your kitty photo!

  21. Hi, Lene,
    We’re admirers of your blog, and wanted to let you know that we’re publishing a new print knitting and fibercraft magazine called Knitcircus. It’s three rings of knitting, sewing and fun, with an eco-and socially-conscious bent.

    We’re a small, but passionate group of knitters, writers and photographers, including myself, Elizabeth Morrison (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy blog), Beth Dooley (Chocolatesheep blog) and Amy Detjen of Schoolhouse Press.

    We’ve got review copies aplenty, so just say the word and we’ll mail one right out for you!

    May your gauge always be true,

  22. I too have had some days lately, where nothing seems to fall into place with knitting. It seems I'm fluttering about like a butterfly from one project to the other.
    I have a Ginger Tabby cat, and have had several over the years, and I'm convinced they are truly the best, smartest and most loyal out of all the cats.