Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back knitting

Thank you for your comments on the dogs. Since the weekend the only dogs in my days have been hairy ones, not crocheted woolly ones! This is slightly wet Kukka this morning. The bodies of the crocheted dogs are about 10 cm (4”) – something like that, I have not measured them.

I did start three (!) different knits over the weekend. The first two are just tiny beginnings, so I will introduce you only the one that has occupied my mind and hands mostly. I love sweaters, I always sort of wish that I was knitting a cardigan but find myself knitting a sweater instead.

I have a stash of very small balls of Shetland Spindrift, then I have several beautiful skeins of old Alice Starmore Campion and even though these two yarns feel little different from each other, the difference is not so big that I would be afraid to combine them into the same project. The variegation in quality is more like different colours can be in the same brand. I took some Finnwool (woollen spun, with little variegation in colour) and added the above mentioned, looked at Poems of Colour and came up with this. (For some reason I call this, not Blue Shimmer, but Blue Bummer in my mind.)

So far this has not been an easy journey, there has been lot of tinking. Last night I went to bed just after adding this rusty colour and then in the morning thought that I don’t like it. But without it the yoke looked very cold and I thought that it longed for something warm and added it. The more I look at it, the more I think that I should leave it there. I did not draw the pattern, I am sailing uncharted waters, so I have to be on the lookout for rocks but I am loving the process so far. I have Poems of Colour next to me and I consult the book frequently and for the rest of the yoke I think I will follow a pattern from the book.

Doing colour work after quite a while feels very refreshing. I am hoping I would do it more often and I have been taking pictures for inspiration. I think this is my favourite. And this tree bark reminds me of a batt. If spun, it would make lovely tweedy yarn.I did say that I am making a sweater, but I really would love to make this into a real dress, the kind with a little bit flirty hem. But I have never made a skirt (well, I did once make one, that was back in the ‘70’s) and I am not sure how to work out the increases, but if I take that route, there is still plenty of time to find out.

Once the yoke is done and the loooooong stockinette part begins, I am happy to know that there is some lovely lace waiting on the other needles. But of that next time.

Follow your wool,



  1. I always enjoy seeing what you create and I thoroughly enjoy the way you write about your creative process. I admire how you are an artist with your wool whereas I'm just one who tries to follow directions!

  2. Lene, I agree with Marie on your creative process, which is amazing. I do enjoy your blog and your creations.

  3. Good morning, Kukka!
    Now see, I like that touch of the rust colour there. Those are wonderful photos for colour studies and I'd never be able to choose just one favourite :^)

  4. The rust is good. You will tie the color in as you work the rest of the yoke.

    Do you have Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top Down? She has instructions on increases for skirts.

    I very much enjoy your dogs, expecially the little details that you added with your embroidery.

  5. I love the rust. i vote to leave it in.

  6. I'm sure I've said this before but Lene, you never cease to amaze and inspire me. It's a privilege to have this window looking into such a creative mind and onto such accomplished hands.

  7. Helen00:49

    Lene, the colors look great. I think the reason the rust works, in addition to adding warmth, is that it's a medium value. You've got a lot of contrast going between the green, the blues and the creams; the rust moderates that contrast.

    Plus, in traditional color theory, blue and orange are complementary -- their combined use adds both balance and energy.

    I love your blogs, both this and the quilting one.

  8. Anonymous04:41

    Kukka is kute!

    I too like the rust!

    Blue Bummer??
    (have you heard "bummer" used as american slang for "disappointment", as in "you locked yourself out of the care? What a bummer!")

    Margie in Maryland

  9. Lilly in California05:31

    I, too, like the rust. It warms up all those cool blues.

    I keep wondering what your doll family is up to.