Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ogee Lace Skirt

from IK Knits summer of 2007
design by Gryphon Perkins
size M
yarn: Sirdar Just Bamboo (about 200 grams) from my LYS
needle size: 7 mm

The pattern suggests using Rowan Bamboo Tape and 8 mm (11) needles. I used Sirdar Just Bamboo and changed the needles size to one size smaller. I don’t know Rowan’s Bamboo Tape but I have a feeling that it is a bit thicker.
The pattern was well written and there was hardly any finishing after the knitting was done. All the edgings were knit along with the main part. I followed the instructions as they are written but in the end I added one row of crochet chain stitches to the waist to give it a bit more stability and strength, since it is being tied and thus receives lots of stress.
Knitting with huge needles this slippery yarn was a challenge. Usually I work with circular needles but knit this with straights so that the stitches would keep the same tension all the time. I tacked the ends with sewing thread and hope that they will stay where they are intended to. I used a bit of Fray-Check to keep the yarn ends from unravelling.

And now it is time to move on!

I guess it will be a new dance with wool next without sur les pointes.

Take good care of those knitting muscles,



  1. gorgeous!!
    and such fabulous photos.
    thank you.

  2. Emma in France18:45

    Beautiful! It's also one I overlooked but now it occurs to me that my 13 year old goth daughter would love one.

  3. That skirt turned out quite lovely, the lace pattern is really pretty.

  4. I have been wanting to do this skirt for awhile now. Thanks for the great notes!!

    The dancer is beautiful in her ogee! :o)

  5. What a treat to admire this beautiful skirt on a lovely ballerina! Stunning photos. Thank you for your project details.

  6. Anonymous07:36

    I did not know that tension would change on a circular needle. Then again, I am not an experienced knitter. Thank you for that information.

  7. Beautiful ballerina!
    Fabulous photos

  8. India15:45

    The skirt, the photography, the dancer... stunning!

  9. The skirt turned out so well! It's absolutely gorgeous.

    - Julie

  10. What a lovely skirt! And my own little ballerina was just asking for one....

  11. Totally beautiful! your soft photographs really complement the lovely lace work too.

  12. Anonymous04:20

    Lene, I don't know which is more beautiful: the skirt or the model.
    Margie in Maryland