Monday, December 03, 2007

Ufo no1 off the list and let's hope there will be more!

While I was searching for yarn yesterday from the lace yarn box (which is too big) I came across an old shawl, old in the meaning that it was knitted some time ago. I never got around blocking or weaving in the ends but decided that its moment had come. It took a fair amount of my time in the morning ... and I was getting a bit frustrated since I was on a schedule and was supposed to get on the way to town. I was so pleased when the job was done and one ufo was off the list. While stretching it on the bed I was wondering what happened and why this was left behind. As far as I could see there were no big mistakes there so I guess something more interesting must have turned up or the amount of needles needed for blocking were intimidating.
This is the Pacific Northwest Shawl
by Evelyn Clark. The yarn is Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk in Blueberry colour way… I think. I’m sure of the yarn but not the colour.

While this one is resting on my bed I have been struggling with the Icelandic shawl, the last row must have been close to thousand stitches. I made it a bit bigger than in the pattern and really did not realize how many stitches there would be in the frill edging. But now it is done except for the last row which is casting off by crocheting.

I would have set this aside when the stitch count was about 800 but since this has the best lace needle in the house I need to get if off that needle before casting on for the new shawl. I was knitting with bamboo circular until couple of days ago and wanted to test my addi Turbo Lace circular (I can’t believe it is named Turbo!) and now there is no turning back. The needle is little bit too slippery but the delicate stitches do not get caught between the cord and the needle and the ends are sharp.

When I left the house in the afternoon I took the camera along just in case if there would be something interesting around, but only spotted couple of reindeer very far away off the road. But since I had the camera I took couple of pictures from the road… This was little after one, no sunshine, just plain grey all around… If I start to think about the amount of light or rather the lack of light here at the moment, I just might rather stay under covers all day long through the winter. But this is the payback time for the nightless nights we have in the summer...
the road from home

the main road going south

getting close to town

It is not late but I feel totally wiped out. So I'll grab a book and see how long I'm able to stay awake.
PS. I don't think that I'll knit Tomten anytime soon but then you never know for sure.


  1. Hi Lene, I am having trouble getting my comments published but I will hopefully succeed this time. Love your shawls. Your dog is adorable too! The next few weeks will zip by so fast so I hope we all enjoy them!

  2. Your Pacific Northwest Shawl is just gorgeous! I really love Evelyn's designs.

  3. Ellen in Connecticut22:53

    I know how productive I feel just to get one thing off my list, one that has been lingering there for weeks or months! Congratulations with the beautiful shawl.

  4. That is a beauty! Also like your Advent Calendar!
    I was going to make a Tomten, but then I got the book and the DVD for Knitting Around with EZ and Meg Swansen and now I plan to make the baby bog jacket. I have some reclaimed yarn that will be perfect! The Tomten will be on hold! Your road looks better than mine today. We had a huge fall of snow yesterday and now we are having a Pineapple Express - that is a weather system that comes to BC/Oregon from out of Hawaii - lots of warmth and rain! The snow is vanishing before our eyes, but schools, etc. closed today - good knitting weather though!

  5. oh what a FIND in that forgotten shawl . . a whole project done and just needed blocking? very very good! and it's so pretty too . . thank you for sharing it.

  6. Hello Lene,
    I have missed your blog when you weren't able to write. Somehow, I really like seeing the bits of life from up so high in the world and hearing about it through you and through knitting. I am glad that you are back again. I do not have a blog, but have enjoyed yours a lot. Mary from RI

  7. What a beautiful shawl. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. I like your Advent Calendar and your forgotten shawl is so beautiful!!
    Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Oh my God, the shawl is just breath-taking! Really beautiful.

  10. Anonymous14:47

    I love your pictures of snow. I grew up in Wisconsin, and now live in Virginia. We don't get much snow here, sometimes only one inch for the whole winter, and I really miss it.
    Ellen in Virginia

  11. We have plenty of 'deer crossing' road signs in Ohio, but no 'reindeer crossing' signs :-)

    I wondered where you would block something as large as a shawl, thank you for mentioning it.

  12. Wow. The shawl is amazing. I can see not wanting to take the time to pin out all those points for blocking,but what a beauty when it's all done!

    I hear you on the gray days, and I known mine are nothing like yours. I hope you're well.

  13. Anonymous18:54

    If you Google "knitting dictionary french" you'll find some help.
    Here's one link (note very non-English spelling of dictionary!)

  14. Beth S.19:06

    How strange that you never blocked that beautiful shawl! Something very pretty and exciting must have distracted you. Since I don't even remember you knitting this one, I guess that must be what happened!

    I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if the sun had gone away yet. Looks like you still have a bit of daylight left to enjoy.

  15. Thanks so much for the pictures of snow. I live in southeast Virginia, USA, and I long for snow that never comes. Your pictures let me look and enjoy even if I don't get to touch! Thanks for sharing.