Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Perfect Excuse

Most of the time I won’t need an excuse, but since it is given to me I won’t oppose.
There is no need to go out.

the sky around two in the afternoon

The scenery is wrapped either by thick fog or darkness.
The weather is as grey as it can be. There is no daylight. It is either raining or snowing and the temperature is hovering around zero… The few times when I have tried to abandon the knitting to go out for a walk, the roads are like skating ice making walking very difficult or nasty winds have grasped me right at the door steps or it has started pouring water or ice from the sky above. I give up. This time of the year up here in the end of the world one is supposed to be snugly inside by the stove knitting. To be completely honest, this is what I want to be doing. So really, this kind of weather is fine and my heart rejoices. Silently. I have to hide my joy because the ones around me who are not knitting are fretting.

too little snow for snow mobiles!!

The Casino shawl is done. I will block it tomorrow. And this means that I can start something new.

I have few alternatives. I mean to continue this “wear thy knitting” theme what means that when I look at my wardrobe it seems that I have enough shawls for the time being. So the new project won’t be a shawl right now. There is always demand for socks but I would like to knit something else as well. I have a pattern for the Tundra Camisole for qiviuk - it could be her. New Interweave Knits made its long journey here and the bohus-inspired cardigan Enid by Veronik Avery is another interesting alternative. The perfect sweater is on the list as well. All these alternatives demand swatching. I could not just cast on with qiviuk and hope for the best. I don’t have the yarn for Enid cardigan so I might look for a substitute. The perfect sweater is nothing but a dream at the moment.
Then there is the Christmas knitting to consider; something to knit during the holidays.

There are times when the new project has to be on the needles very quickly without any hardship with the fit or anything else. But now I feel like I could face small challenges and handle even few (minor) drawbacks and I would like to learn something new.

PS. The needles don’t glow, you can actually turn the needles on and the tips will light up!


  1. I'm with you Lene, and really, it's the only sensible thing to be doing. Snuggled inside, knitting by the stove. Sounds perfect to me.
    Looking forward to seeing Casino blocked...also your next projects, the camisole is particularly lovely, it'd be so soft and warm (well, the areas it covers anyway).
    As always, it's a delight to visit.

  2. Ann in Montreal00:32

    I understand perfectly your desire to stay within, I am doing the same as well. The streets are slippery after a day and night of freezing rain and now 4 or 5 cms. of snow. I am not obliged to go out so I won't. The Tundra camisole would be a very luxurious garment to wear. So feather light and soft next to ones skin. Mmm. Lene you put ideas into my head, very good ones indeed. I've been thinking of purchasing some qiviut and now I have made up my mind to do so this week. A gift to myself.

  3. oh, i am burning with anticipation to see that lovely pile of beautifully knit wool turn magically into casino! the color looks ethereally, glowingly dark, just like the skies you described this week

  4. Oh, I envy the grey days when the only thing to do is sit in front of the fire and knit! I have a school assignment due by 10:00 p.m. (it's now 8:30 p.m.) and I am procrastinating! Sometimes I question the wisdom of going back to graduate school at the age of 57!!!

  5. It was below freezing here all day, and windy, so I wouldn't have gone out except that the dog kept insisting he needed walking. And then he just wanted to sniff trees. He wasn't troubled by freezing wind at all, and he didn't seem to care that I was turning into a human popsicle.

  6. I wish I had winter too, and was able to sit inside beside a lovely warm fire and just knit and sip a cup of hot chocolate.

  7. I have to admit, I feel the same way about this time of year and the weather. It doesn't bother me and I relish the chance to stay inside and be creative. I can't wait to see the Casino shawl blocked...!

  8. The beauty of knitting a shawl is you get all the fun, with none of the worry about fit. I agree, you most certainly do want to be careful with the quivit.

    I'd love to try a lace cardigan one of these times. Perhaps the one in Knitty....

  9. Sitting by the fire with you, Lene. Here it is marginally lighter during the day, but rain, wind, storm, more rain, make it very unpleasant to go out.

    Make something indulgent, just for yourself.

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