Friday, November 17, 2006

Winter Wonderland

The sky in the morning was beautiful and red. So I was warned (red sky in the morning, sailor take a warning).
The weather turned quite nasty later on and has made things very difficult today (also blogging). We have had at least 10 short power failures ... right now there is wind and there is snow and soon there will be some rain and then ice and once again I sit in the darkness hoping that the power will be back soon but after few minutes decide that I need some light and then hit my toe and almost fall over a nervous-power-failures-hating-dogs while searching around for matches and candles. The candles being lit the power comes back but all the electronic devices with clocks are blinking and I go around the house and set the times and for a while everything is normal... The dogs calm down and won't be breathing all over me. I put off the candles and the next thing I know I'm sitting in the darkness again... This has been like a game.
I tried to bake (silly on a day like this, it is like asking for trouble) and of course the power went off and my cake in the owen sort of died. I tried again and the same thing happened. Did not try it for the third time.
But you all, have a good weekend! I know I will, because a dear friend and a knitter is arriving at the airport in a few hours!
More next week, when the weather calms down and uploading pictures will be possible again.


  1. Oh dear… snow I can take but ice storms -- bleh. Stay warm and enjoy your time with your visitor!

    (Sending good vibes to the local power authority)

  2. Lene, I feel for you, power outages are no fun, and playing games with you no less...that just stinks. Sorry about your cake...
    Sending the best of thoughts that the weather calms down, at least enough to get power back on and stay on, fmor humans, canines, and the cake (I know you'll try again at some point).
    Sounds like you're going to have a lovely visit.
    Happy weekend and happy knitting to both you and your friend.

  3. I hope you and Susanna have a wonderful time. Please tell her "hej!" from me!

  4. Terveisia myös mäyräkoiralle !

  5. Anonymous17:04

    What a hassle! I am a big baby when it comes to power outages, so when there's a storm I always keep a few candles lit whether the power goes out or not. Just in case, you know. I hope you stay warm, and have fun knitting with your friend!

  6. Ice storms are the worst!

    Our family tradition during power outages is to light the hurrican lantern and play monopoly. But then, we don't have to endure almost 24 hours of darkness.

    Hope the ice doesn't delay your friend's arrival.

  7. Lighting candles is only fun if you don't have to. I hope the electricity fairies stop playing their games soon so you can get that cake baked. Have a great weekend knitting with your friend!

  8. It's winter all over the world...
    Please tell Susanna 'hej,' and that she missed a crazy windstorm in Seattle!
    I will enjoy thinking of the two of you, sitting cozy in the Arctic winter.
    Thank you for all the work you've put into the blog, Lene. I've had cranky days when seeing your photos and hearing your calm tone has helped me put things in perspective and enjoy the beauty in everything, particularly the handmade.

  9. Sounds like our summer thunder storms! Without the snow part of course. Stay warm and have fun with your "guest"!

  10. Our little power failure due to fallen trees from high winds seems teeny tiny compared to your trials. Ice storms are not fun at all.
    Enjoy your friend's visit and happy knitting!

  11. I second what the other Karen said earlier: I so much enjoy reading you and seeing your beautiful creations, and there is an air of calm about it all. Have a lovely weekend!

  12. There must be gremlins circling the world messing with the electric! Ours was off for about 5 hours Monday night! Such an inconvenience.

    Have a great visit with your friend.

  13. Oh what a trial
    Sounds like you a coping with it philosophically and stoically!
    Funny that your dogs get nervous in the outages. My dog gets very nervous when it's windy outside making the windows & doors rattle!

  14. Lene, I hope that you are at least staying warm.

    We had a power outage in my office recently, which was quite funny - people are not used to that sort of thing here. I work in Kinshasa (DR Congo) as well, and power outage is a daily event. In fact, it is much more likely that the internet is off than on.

    And at my office here, people were telling their 'survival' stories after about 15 minutes of no power - "I was in the bathroom when it happened!" "I wanted to get lunch but is the cafe still open?"

    As much as losing power gets in the way of my daily activities, sometimes it is kind of a nice reminder to slow down.

  15. Hopefully your property will avoid all damage from the storms.

    It will be nice for your friend to arrive after flying through rough weather or flying longer to avoid rough weather.

    Happy knitting as you two share ideas.

  16. Michele18:12

    Winter storms are much more tolerable if good friends are around. I was excited to see that Susanna is from Seattle and forwarded the cafe information to my daughter. Maybe they'll get a chance to meet?!

  17. Just wanted to say I've been reading for a while, and your blog has got to be my absolute favorite!

    And on the note of power failures, that sounds so much like my little place on the coast of Virginia... it gets crazy, sometimes!

  18. Hang on in there, pet. We're all with you in spirit. (I intend to get over there in person once the spring comes, so be warned!)
    And I've found that whisky and toast by the fire can make everything seem OK for a while. Until you fall asleep and totally muck up the knitting anyway...
    Celtic Memory Yarns

  19. I agree with Jo except that it should be whiskey and chocolate not toast - chocolate makes everything better and when you add some whiskey with it - even a blackout seems cozy. :D

    ok... third time is a charm on the word verification - right?

  20. anne00:43

    Maybe you should add power outages to the Helsinki Complaints Choir?

    There is a video at this link - i couldn't get it directly.

  21. I'm jealous of your arriving friend. Hug her for me, will you?

  22. I've been away and so I'm catching up with your posts. Very understandable that after you've spent so much time knitting on one project,Katarina, that you may not want to look at it for awhile. The stories an article of clothing can tell-well or the stories they can keep a secret :-).

    Your knitting, spinning and embroidery is lovely. I'm glad you have your love for it back.