Wednesday, November 08, 2006

From Tina


Thank you for the comments and questions. And suggestions. Me and miss D put together our clever heads and came up with a poem with words luu-kuu-puu-suu in it. The poem of which I'm very proud of tells that while the moon is up in the sky, in the woods stands a tree under which a bone is hidden. And nothing but a dog's mouth finds it.
Double u, like in the words luu and kuu, is very much like this howling sound we use when we (dogs) miss something or somebody terribly. Wolves are very good in producing this sound.

Rudy, the best way I have found to get people to scratch your tummy, is to use the universal dogs' language in which one throws oneself on the floor and reveals one's belly. Nobody can walk by without scratching a little bit. To get food, I have followed the advice that was given in one of my favorite movies "Homeward Bound" by Disney. (I'm not sure whether it was in the first or the second one.) I strongly recommend it. You should look cute and miserable at the same time. But never slobber, humans dislike it to no end.

This is all today. Oh - almost forgot, one Casino shawl is being knit over here.



  1. I am delighted! How wonderful! Tina's smile in the drawing says it all. Now I have just one more suggestion, if I'm not being too bold.

    I would love to hear the poem being read so I could practice the pronounciation. :-)

  2. Whee! Nothing like a little Finnish poem to get the tongue and blood moving on a cold, rainy day. Kiitoksia paljon!

    I agree with lauriem: you should record it and add it to your post! There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of Finnish being spoken (with the exception of the sounds of a shuttle through a loom or a spinning wheel flyer whirring away).

  3. I love Tina :-)

  4. Tina, what a clever poem! Thank you for writing that the uu sounds like howling. Lying in bed during bright winter nights and hearing my coyote/dog howl is a favorite sound memory. Sometimes, it feels really good to howl. O-o-oo-ooo

  5. Thanks for the lesson Tina! I look forward to more!

  6. Thank you Tina! Your poem is very lovely, and it made me smile! Rudy hasn't left his spot in front of the stove yet this morning, but I'll recite it to him later. I suspect he was practicing his Finnish yesterday afternoon in the yard - he was definitely using his "uu" sounds...

  7. The friendly "grrrr, wooof Good Girl" of a belly rub to you Tina.

  8. I truly love your art work.
    That's a fine poem, Tina.

  9. What a beautiful finished Katariina. It is absolutely gorgeous, and it is all your own design. How clever you are, and I love the little drawings on your blog, they are so cheerful.

  10. What a nice blog, nice puppy picture... and a GREAT name for a knitting blog!

  11. Hyvaa huomenta Lene.

    kiitos paljon Tina ja Daniela sijaan hyva suomalainen runo.

    mina hakea joka sana sisassa minun suomalainen sanakirja.

    mutta en ymmarra tama sanaa (puun). En voi loytaa sanaa sisassa minun pieni kirja.

    Elise says olkaa hyva lähettää lumi!

  12. I came here via Knitwise and just want to say how much I like your blog. I read a bit here and a bit there and even more than your knitting (and it is adorable and gorgeous) I love your words, your kind of humor, your reflections and thoughts. So I will come back very often, I am so glad Francoise gave us the link.
    Have a nice day,
    with greetings from Germany,

  13. That made me smile on an otherwise gray day. Paljon kiitoksia, Lene.

  14. Oh GOOD girl, Tina! Your poetry is coming on so well! May we book you for a literary festival sometime soon, please? I'm sure your mama will knit you a devastating scarf for that. Please keep warm and cosy now that the nights are getting so cold.

    And a tummy scratch from me too.
    Celtic Memory Yarns

  15. Gypsy here, I agree with you Tina, no one can pass a dog belly without rubbing it. I am having trouble levitating food items from my people's plates to me. No matter how hard I concentrate, the food just stays put. Do you have any suggestions? I get to lick the plates when they're done, but would really like to get more!

  16. so you spent time here with us yankees!! I love knowing that. Where in the US were you? During the 70's I was in Virginia Beach, VA, USA.