Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lost bolts?

Do you still remember this? My very first twined knit sweater, well, my very first and the only twined knit sweater. Twined knitting is very, very slow technique and produces a firm and thick and not stretchy fabric. I don't remember any more how many months I spent knitting this one but there were times when I thought it would never ever be done. But over the months I not once took it away from the sofa and put it away into a closet so that it would eventually get a row once in a while. Now I don't know what it is that draws me to this road again... I wonder if the bats in my attic have got loose again or if my elevator quite never reaches the top floor or whether it just keeps going and going or if it has stuck all together. (There are so many more ways to express what I'm trying to say here, you can add your own favorite...) But this twined sweater is my inspiration.

And now do you remember this?
The stitch marker from last fall. I made many red ones with orange and green dots. There is something in that color combination that I can't pass? Do you suppose it is Christmas already in my mind? (Lately I have been taking very long walks with my MP3 and more than a week ago there was an essay about Christmas knitting on Cast-on - maybe it's the word Christmas echoing in my empty corridor now...) This is the color inspiration anyway.

Here a cuff for a new sweater or cardigan... I have not yet decided which one it is going to be, that is why I'm starting off with sleeves. The picot edge is very pale green which is difficult to see because the picture taking inside is so very painfully difficult. And finally, this is where I am this very morning. Don't expect much during the coming months...There is no progress on the Gatsby Girl Pullover because it is knit one row, tink one row. I'm afraid it is soon going to be frog the whole thing because I simply cannot see what I'm doing and even though it is simple purl and knit with occasional cabling, you still have to see the cable to be able to successfully change places of the stitches. The reason for this agony is the blackest yarn I have ever come across.

Many warm thanks to Dave for arranging the Bitchin Mittens! In case somebody is wondering if I'm searching for the lost card of my deck of cards while camping next to my mail box by the main road, I'm not, because I 'm waiting for some fabulous yarn here...


  1. Beautisul little stitch marker. It's really cute.
    Stand by the mail box, the yarn and knitting basket is already on it's way to you...congratulations on your win!

  2. Congratulations Lene! Looking forward to seeing a pic of your 'winnings', what fun. Your first twined knit sweater took my breath away, so will wait patiently for the finished second one, it's looking lovely so far.

  3. Elle in Conn15:06

    Ah, Lene, you are a funny woman today. I like your little stitch markers, and red-orange is one of my favorite combinations. They look like they are lightweight, quiet and easy-to-see.

    I have a little booklet on twined mittens, but I am still enthralled by the 2-color double-knit ones, from Maine, Latvia, Sweden and Russia. Sometimes the overall patterns are the same in these places, but the details are very different.

    Some days, I, too, am missing a few marbles!

  4. Wow! Twined knitting! My hats off to you! I tried it once on a pair of mittens when you were making your lovely twined sweater, I got so frustrated I frogged immediately and haven’t looked back since! It is so hard.
    I love do your Stitch markers! I went back and re-read your tutorial on how to make them from last year.
    Hehehe, you’re almost at a bloggerversary soon! I can't believe how the time has flown. I have been reading about your life and wonderful inspiring talents for almost a year now!

  5. Love the twined sweater! Can we get a close up of those embroiodered cuffs?

  6. Stunning colour combination on the sleeve! And congratulations!

  7. I just love that combination of colors... the very subtle stripes of warm red and orange with the accent of pale, icy green. It's very Poetry-in-Stitches. :-)

    Since you already have a pullover, why not make this one a cardigan? (Unless a pullover would be more useful to you... less drafty in cold weather?)

  8. Judging from that sleeve, the sweater is going to be a stunner. Any chance you'll be able to finish it in time for Christmas? Twined knitting is something I think I'll keep admiring from afar, at least as long as I live in Southern California.

    The color combination is gorgeous and something in the pattern reminds me a little of one of the mermaid jackets by Hanne Falkenberg. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    BTW, is the little heart-shaped stitch marker felted or knitted/fulled?

    Always inspiring.

  9. So beautiful. Everything. And I know cameras only capture about half of what things are like in reality. Your colors must look even more amazing when not seen through a lens.

    And I love the stitch markers!

  10. Did you do the whole sweater (the first one) with 2 colours? I'm just curious. I remember you once put up a bunch of links for twined knitting, can you link back to that post?

    I think I'll try a pair of mittens first! :D But I love knitting with 2 strands of yarn (one in each hand) and I sometimes feel like it goes faster then my regular knitting, not sure.

    Loved your mittens, so glad you won something! And I'm just in love with your embroidery, I should learn that myself!


  11. i really, really enjoy seeing your embroidery lene! i have not done any since i was a child, and mine never looked like that, anyway. your color choices are so happy. i love the tomato red and pale green together too.

  12. Barb Outside Boston02:40

    I've done one pair of twined mittens, which I loved making and love wearing, but a whole sweater?! You are amazing!

  13. That little stitch marker is just beautiful. From the looks of the sleeve so far the sweater is going to be absolutely stunning.

    I'm sorry to hear about the forecasted frogging.

  14. Lene, I absolutely LOVE the twined knit sweater with the embroidered cuff. Hats off to your patience--it so paid off. Can't wait to see the new one. I'm thinking of possibly starting the Gatsby Girl sweater myself...but I may reconsider my choice of deep forest green. Thanks for the warning!

  15. I am crazy about that new sleeve with the picot edging underneath the orange-red. How do you do that or is it a Finnish secret? I think I know how to do picot cast on but what then? Please please, pretty please Lene, I have to try this immediately....
    And I'm thinking Christmas too...

  16. Your stitch marker is so pretty. I have a bunch of wool that is dyed and your stitch marker made me think to needle felt it today.
    I woke up cold this morning so thought of christmas time, which I love dearly.
    The twined knit is not something I know about so had to do a search on it, it looks quite time consuming. The sweater you made is beautiful and I like the one you are now working on, the colors are great together

  17. I've been using my sock knitting machine quite a bit and in order to see properly what's happening, I have 2 halogen lamps shining on the work. That might help you with your black knitting. I also have good reading glasses which clarify and also magnify. I can't knit without them (but I guess that kind of gives away my age bracket.)

  18. Elk with small antlers16:13

    The elk sends you lots of greetings. Twined knitted sweather - again! I deeply envy you all the time you've got - for knitting only.
    I have to do everything efficient: - The Log Cabin Socks from "Handknit Holydays" became legwarmers, no feet (old, colourful Finnish legwarmers as inspiration).
    And the recently returned girls sweater (size 7-8years. It had been lent out, I hoped I had got rid of it. A Kim Hargreawes mans sweather knitted in thinner yarn and needles) did not turn into a new sweater, but had its cuffs remowed and extended, and so became a stylish sweater for its previous owner, now a tall 16-years old.
    The long days are not so long, but still nice and warm, perfect for sitting on the doorway steps knitting, but who will then take care of the removing of dry, brown leaves, the grass growing in the gravel walk............and so on.

  19. Your projects are inspirting, to say the least. Your photo of your twined knitting sweater is very timely. Just this Monday, at our Knitters Guild Meeting, Beth Brown Reisel spoke on Twined knitting, and brought with her the items she made with the technique. All old Swedish designs. She also showed fabulous photos of Anna Maj Ling's collection of twined knitted item she made. Beth pointed out that twined knitting is very labor intensive and tedious!!!
    The sleeve for your sweater to be is fabulous. I'm sure the ultimate work will be another inspiration.

  20. Esther01:24

    I want to thank you for your March 3rd entry about the green socks. I got the original pattern, took notes from your post and have just cast on my #2mm. I dread winter, again, but these socks will help.
    But, I might have to stop reading your posts. Your intriguing ideas!
    A twined cardigan, I would love that, but to actually make it?!
    Your shawl is gorgeous, looks so cosy! Thanks.

  21. Lene, it's time for the warm hands knit a long. http://www.sandysknitting.com/warmhands/
    Where are you?