Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I knew this!

Thank you all for the comments. I can see that the stash worries some of you too...

Strickerin pointed out that if you limit your yarn purchases, the yarn you buy is more special because you have to make sure it is just what you want - true! I agree with Mary Jo that new yarn cheers up and keeps one sane on some days... But then again, huge stash might just push you over the edge.

Maybe you want to do like Annie and allow yourself only one day per month when you can buy more yarn. Or do like Diane and sell all the extra yarn and then only buy yarn for a project and not buy more before the project is finished. Heather said that there are some stash-alongs out there where you focus on projects using stash yarn only.

Cindy told that she had lost a dear friend some time ago and was blessed with a part of her very large stash and finds it soothing to be knitting with her yarn. So if one can't control the stash, it just might end up being a blessing to someone else. What a comforting thought!

Have you seen the lovely shawl Anne knit? It is beautiful.

I have admired it more than once. And it rang a bell. I have knit some mohair about a year ago...

It never got finished because I run out of yarn (ha ha.. can you believe it?). The pattern is this...and the yarn Kidsilk Haze from Rowan. I bought three skeins but it was not enough, so the shawl has patiently waited for the final touch... and she is still waiting because I need to buy one skein of yarn to be able to finish her... I just knew this. Somehow I think that the other me who hates all kinds of restrictions just dug up this shawl to show to me that rules are not my thing...

Anyway the shawl pattern seemed so beautiful I cast on with this red for it.This yarn is Garnstudio's Vivaldi which is not nearly as luxurious as Kidsilk Haze, Vivaldi is mohair/acrylic/polyester mixture where Kidsilk is mohair and silk. Also Vivaldi is a lot thicker but just now it has to do. I'm determined to use some stash here. The pattern is enjoyable and the color is good, so there aren't any complaints really.

(Last night was overcast and for a short time around midnight it got a lot darker than has been lately, and I must confess, I sort of liked it a lot. I did not turn on any lights, I enjoyed the quiet dusk.)

PS. About the Nordic Knitting Symposium, it is quite small symposium mainly I think for the Nordic knitters. You can find some information of the coming symposiums by visiting the pages of the Danish magazine Gavstrik maybe sometime after Christmas.


  1. That is a beautiful shawl pattern. I also really love Sharon's Dove shawl pattern. I recently discovered the garnstudio yarns and I am so in love with their Alpaca!

  2. Well, if the rule that is designed to help you out, ends up making your life harder, then the rule should be discarded! Buy away!
    I just bought enough yarn for four projects and two pairs of socks! I'm set for quite some time... I'm a yarn binger.

  3. I love the colour of the Garnstudio Vivaldi. It looks so soft. I will be going to my cottage soon for 3 weeks so I bought a bit of sock yarn, not too much though. I tried to maintain some control because I just bought one of those antique circular sock machines. Expensive. I think I won't be getting any other birthday or Christmas presents this year!

  4. Mary Jo09:38

    Beautiful colour, like raspberies.

  5. Your photos show the softness of the mohair/silk so beautifully. They look softer than a cloud. How beautiful that shawl will feel on your arms when it is wrapped around you.

  6. I've been inspired by Anne's shawl too. She says she's going to share the pattern with us, and I just can't wait!

    That's a lovely shade of red. I love it when you walk on the wild side like this. ;-)

  7. Congratulations on choosing to use stash! It can be hard for me to use my stash sometimes... I think part of the excitement in starting a new pattern is finding/purchasing the perfect yarn. I tend to forget I have something that will work in my stash :-)
    I love the new shawl, and what a beautiful colourway!

  8. I have to be very careful about how much I buy because I do feel stressed if there is too much yarn saying "knit me now". I finished the easy Heirloom knitting shawl with 2 balls instead of 3 but it did come out too small. (ANd then my mum lost it!)

  9. You are so generous to link us all in your blog. Knittingwithcats broke - boo hoo - so I have a new one: katzundyarnerbits.blogspot.com. I haven't been able to post much more than previously but it's a little more up to date than the first (which I miss terribly). I broke my rule when I went to one of the LYS I frequent and bought yarn for 40% off. I have a project NOW though. Does that count?

  10. oh lene! thank you for the lovely compliment and for sending so many of your friends to see my shawl (i blush). i to hear about your summer midnight sun (and clouds) and what it is like to live in such an environment.

  11. Shawls and lace! Knitting lace is a challenge, especially the first time when it looks like a pile of wet noodles, but oh the beauty of it all when it is blocked. I am currently working on Wool Peddler's Shawl and it is not very lacy on the border, so it needs very little blocking. I love the 'red' colour, but if you go to yesterday's post on my blog, you can see why.

  12. Lene, hi from Ireland. Found you via Wanda of Fiberjoy and love your style! I KNOW that shawl pattern and have it right here by my desk, waiting to be knitted. Seriously upset by the news that I need more than 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze. Don't know how much it costs in Finland but it's pretty expensive here.
    And who wants to be the kind of person with no spare yarn and every project finished neatly and on time? No souls.