Monday, June 05, 2006

Still here

I have been living in outer space since last Friday. That is when the computer died (to be specific it was the modem).
My sock knitting spot is quite sore at the moment and I have not been able to touch it. I got some very good advice how to accommodate the huge toe and dress the peculiar foot and I will try out the advice and keep you posted when I have the courage to venture socks again. Which undoubtedly will be soon. Thank you for all your good tips.
But I have spun some yarn. Polwarth sheep's grey. I took the yarn down to the lake to take a picture with the grey rocks---But something else happened there as well. This was a test trial of a boat which name I cannot reveal at this moment because she will get a nice paint coating and then she will have appropriate naming ceremony with pre-christening dinner as well. The hull number is 001.Here you see the ship builder. The ship yard has been busy during the winter and there was great expectations and excitement when she had her trials. But mostly everything turned out the way it was supposed but as always there are some points that need improvements. (This is not the ship builder's own design.)
The wind is in the north, the temperature low but she thinks it is warm enough for a good swim. Posted by Picasa


  1. It looks like the test voyage was a success! Congratualtions.

    I can empathisze with computer technology problems. They are a plague here too.

  2. Ellen in Conn01:14

    Congratulations and Bon Voyage to the ship builder.

  3. elsje03:48

    Congratulations on the successful maiden voyage. I have to tell you that I love to read your blog. I was a foreign exchange student in Finland (many) years ago - I loved the people and the country and your blog helps me to remember what a wonderful time I had.
    I especially love your finnish lessons! The vocabulary you include is far beyond what my meager brain picked up or remembers but I always try to read out loud your comments.

  4. I hope your toe is better soon. That looks like a great boat. How warm is the water? We have aquired another Lab but my heart still aches for my old friend. Anyway, this one apparently loves water so much he will get in and just keep going--so I plan to have him on a long rope, so as to reel him back to shore. Take care of your feet, and don't let anyone step on them!

  5. Oh I hope the big toe isn't broken, as I discovered when I broke mine - that is the one toe that the doctors will put you in a removable boot cast for because of balance. Do be careful when you are down by the lake.

    Congratulations on the maiden voyage, and enjoy the upcoming christening.

  6. What fun to have a nifty little boat that was built by your daughter's hands! Building lasting memories of joyful times and adventures.

    Do you sell your handspun yarn?

  7. I have just begun spinning, with a lovely alpaca whose color is very similar to this. I imagine you are more advanced than I am with my drop spindle, but the effect is likely the same - complete amazement that I can create yarn out of a bag of fiber! I can't wait till I have a finished product to show for it. I am still inspired by your purple-clower-embroidered gloves.

  8. I just love reading your blog... I found it just a couple of months ago, and it has already become one of my favourites.
    When things are stressful here, I take a moment and spend some time reading the archives; it is calming and your ways of thinking familiar.

    I enjoy your drawings too, although my Finnish has not improved much (from zero!). It is nice to know that someone else in the world shares the same type of feet as my mother and I... :D

    Congratulations on the first voyage.