Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yellow is so difficult

I don't know why the color yellow is so difficult. I never find a perfect shade yet the color is so cheerful and inspiring. I think any other color is easier. I know exactly what I want to see when I look at the blues or reds or oranges or browns or greens, but when it comes to yellow I'm lost. But I have to have it sometimes. Something is me needs that color.
When the sun shines through the clouds on a cold day in this time of year the sun is this beautiful pale yellow. I tried to take a picture of it but did not manage to capture the true yellow.

The yellow in this sock is not perfect either but I'll continue in honor of the sun and the spring coming and the anticipation of leaves and flowers.... Now I like the pattern, there has been lots of trial and error but am quite pleased now. And it fits and feels good.It is difficult to take a photo of your own leg... that is why the Evergreen pics did not have a back view, I tried but even when standing in front of the mirror I couldn't get a decent picture.

I have been experiencing a little, just minor, pain next to my knee on the right side in my right foot. And I was telling of it to my good friend who is a doctor, and she told me that it is the upper part of the tibialis anterior. And then I figured out where it was coming from... spinning!! But really it doesn't matter me now the least bit because I'm so into these stockings... So the poor muscular can have all the rest she needs.


  1. Oikein kaunis keltainen väri minusta! Todella kirkas keltainen on minulle liian hm kirkas. Liian pääsiäisen värinen.

  2. I really like your sock pattern, It makes me think of spring, sunshine and daffodils.
    The way you do that sock band is very ingenious!

  3. miriam23:23

    when I read your post about the color Yellow, I thought of the poem you can find at the link above.
    scroll down until you see the forsythia bush in the yellow square.

    love the socks

  4. The things we do for our crafts!

    The socks are lovely.

  5. I am enjoying your blog very much. I wonder if you could say where I might find instructions for the beautiful Rovaniemi mittens. I think spring is on its way in England. I have been out in the garden pruning roses etc and enjoying the early spring flowers. Best wishes, Brigid.

  6. Mmm.... Lene, you're right about the color yellow (and many colors for me). You have something in your mind and it's very difficult to re-create that exact color. Somehow the colors nearby affect what you see, especially with the camera for me. The socks are just delicious!! Love the pattern. :)

  7. Marie N.14:32

    Hi Lene,

    With your beautiful command of language we can imagine the beauty of the yellow sun shining through the rich evergreen pines and even the ice in the foreground slightly tempering the shades of color. The photos are stunning.

    I'm also amazed with the yellow knee sock. I love the pattern and I like the scalloped edge at the top by the knee. I've not figured out how to do that yet, so I'm ading so much to my list of things I'd like to learn.

    Thank you for the inspiration that one day I'll be able to make these pretty things that I'd enjoy wearing too.

  8. Well, the yellow sock looks beautiful, even if it wasn't the yellow of your imagination.

    Sorry to hear you're having real live spinning fatique - I think the knitting is a good break for it (and maybe the yellow sock will help soothe it!).