Friday, March 17, 2006

Trying to stay awake

There is something wrong. I wonder if it is my knitting that is too boring because I seem to need more and more sleep. Yesterday I went to see my Mom (I do this many times a week) and after I had dinner there with the kids around 6 I stretched myself out on the couch and woke up at nine when Mom gently whispered to me, are you sleeping over here? The hair-backed creatures were all alone home so we had to come home. Once home I went straight to bed, the alarm clock woke me up this morning and I thought that when the kids have left to school, I'm heading back to bed. Think about the amount of good knitting time wasted... Maybe it is time to start taking some vitamins.

While awake I learnt something new. About Létt-Lopi. I came to a point where I needed to pick up stitches and did not have suitable yarn to do it nicely. I split the Lopi to find out that it breaks easily and that I can't pick up stitches nor sew with it the way it is. And realized that the split yarn only needs more twist. I split a lengthy amount of the yarn, did it slowly untwisting the 2-ply yarn to get the singles separated and then used my drop spindle to add more twist to the singles, steamed the singles and had a good, quite sturdy but a lot thinner yarn to pick up the stitches. I plan to use this to sew on the sleeves as well.
Here on the left is the new single and on the right the original Létt-Lopi.I didn't have any difficulties working with this new yarn and I think the picking up stitches came out beautifully.All day long I have had this temptation to take a nap. I have tried to fight it with knitting. But have found myself dreaming of sock yarns eyes closed. So I have come to the computer and opened eyes and sites after sites and have just barely managed not to order everything I see before having to go on the couch to lie down. Have taken a pile of books with me to browse through searching for stockings and socks. I came across with this. No, I'm not going to knit it even though it says in the book (by Marika Jondal Me neulomme year 1952): "In these northern latitudes one can never get too much sun, so try to knit as small bathing suit as you can", and even though it might be the lack of vitamin D causing this sleepiness. But it got me thinking about knitting a new pair of long johns (remember The Family Heirloom from November?). The old pair can only be used in limited occasions and I would really need a nice pair to use in more civilized surroundings and it would fit the theme Wear Thy Knitting. Should I start swatching for them? Or just jump straight in without bothering with tiring swatching. Maybe swatching would only put me into sleep again. Should I really think this over seriously. I have the yarn. And it is blue. Beautiful dark blue.

Anyway. It is Friday. Have some rest!

PS. The foamy pad (styrox that I covered with fabric) is from a hardware store. And I'm no good in knitting toe-up socks. I have tried but find it difficult. Honestly!

PS. I did not like the ending of the Life of Pi. Reading through the last pages took some effort. I'll start Moll Flanders shortly. If I can stay awake, that is. And have tried the coffee.


  1. Vink! mun epätavallinen väsyttäminen = merkki poskiontelontulehduksesta.
    Toivottavasti ei sitä kuitenkaan.

  2. What a great idea to re-spin the single ply. It makes for a very tidy picked up row. I'll have to remember that!

  3. To fight drowsiness, eliminate carbohydrates from your diet for a day or two, and add more protein in its place. You might be pleasantly surprised! Then again, a day or two of sleeping might be your body's way of fighting off an on-coming illness.

    Retwisting your thin Lopi was brilliant.

  4. Marie N.19:29

    The sweater is coming along so nicely. You're a master of your craft to cleverly re-spin the yarn to achieve the effect you want. I'm too much a novice to understand all about it.

    I hope a few days with extra sleep will do you good. It was just last week you were feeling sairas koira.

    Knitted long johns sound like a great idea. I'll need to check into that too.

  5. The pick up is beautiful-what great thinking!

    I am going back to your post from a few days had me so enspired checked into purchasing the Holiday book - I was so suprised to learn that President of our knitting guild a year or two ago designed the red hat with the beading!

    What I really want is to know if you are willing to share the pattern for the lovely yellow stockings...please say yes!

  6. I don't do toe-ups either. It feels unnatural somehow.

    I love what you did with your lett-lopi. Very clever of you to figure that out! :-)

  7. I've been enjoying catching up on your posts. Your blog is inspirational!

    For instance: Your idea to respin the Lopi. Now my method would have been to growl, throw a temper tantrum and ignore the garment for a few months just to show it who's boss.

    Your method works much better!

  8. Clever girl - splitting the yarn to pick up stitches! I love reading the different blogs, because you can always learn something. I was wondering if your time in Ohio was as a Rotary exchange student? Have a good restful weekend!

  9. This cardigan is growing beautifully. What an ingeniuous solution to your problem!
    I wonder what you'll knit for Moll Flanders....

  10. Renée from Wisconsin00:28

    Sleep is the ticket. Sleep, sleep, S~L~E~E~P. Once you are caught up, you will be energized beyond your dreams. Your body is telling you to sleep and regroup before the burgeoning of spring on Monday! Your blog is fabulous!

  11. Holly00:54

    I love your blog. Every time I'm depressed about my local weather I look at yours - it always makes me feel better. I think you need a vacation to a warm sunny climate.

  12. What a brilliant idea, to spin some twist into the Lopi! I will remember that for sure!

  13. I really like the way you solved the lopi problem! I almost never knit with it because of the splitting and breaking. I am going to go get some now and practice drop spinning it now. You are so clever, I learn so much from you.
    Oh and also; have you seen the 'Longgies' in Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitters Almanac"? That pattern reminds me of your knitted woolen's from your Mom.
    Yikes! a knitted woolen bathing suit! I am so glad we live in this time period and have spandex now. :)
    Oh I felt that way awhile back were no matter how much sleep I got I was still tired all time. I went to the Dr. and she discovered my thyroid wasn't working right. Maybe if you don't feel better after awhile you might want to go see the Dr.
    P.S. I am not sure if I am going to read Moll Flanders yet. Although it would be fun to knit some baby things for Moll's Baby if I do read it. :)

  14. Your sweater is awesome. I was checking out some of your old projects as I'm a new fan of your site. I LOVE the felted bag you made with the sheep. I too am a hand spinner and collect sheep.
    Rest if you need it. Spring is on the way. It may just be the time of year.

  15. This sweater is just beautiful. I'm currently working on my first pair of toe-up socks. I didn't like the toe part, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. We'll see how I feel when I reach the heel.

    I have gone through spells where I even fall asleep while knitting, I find the best thing to do is sleep, it usually passes and I get my energy back.

  16. Sinun paitasi on oikein kaunis, minä pidän sen paljon! The Lopi trick was darn clever... I was trying to sew with létt-Lopi the other day, and although I managed, it did get scarily thin towards the end. Voi voi, I wish I could spin (I still have to sew the sleeves on a létt-lopi sweater).

  17. Last time I was so unusually sleepy I found I was 10 weeks pregnant with my daughter! :-) I was shocked! I had 4 boys already, and since Mary,I have just had boy #5 and he is the reason this 43 year old mommy of 6 (ages 24,20, 17, 12, 6, and now 3 months) is sleepy and never gets to knit! My sock yarn just arrived via the 20 year old bringing home some Bonkers Yarn
    from Lawrence, Kansas. I will try to make hiking socks for my Sockapalooza pal. I dont have time for those small needle socks these days. Anyway, the lower carb idea will probably help you! Have a great day! I love ready your blog! Can you give out the pattern for Miss B? :-)

  18. Hi Lene, I bet you're coming down with something. Get as much sleep as you need. And drink some orange juice every day.

  19. Anonymous17:53

    If you continue to require an inordinate amount of sleep, have your thyroid checked.

  20. Anonymous19:34

    The best thing for sleepiness is, of course, sleep. But sometimes, when you can't just lay down for a nap, try this little trick: DRINK WATER. Yes, simply drink water. Getting dehydrated is very easy to do, especially in winter when the heat is on. Tiredness is often a sign of a mild dehydration. So try this little trick, and it certainly cannot hurt you, can it?