Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Wednesday

I start off with the Finnish lesson so that you get the mood I'm in. The sun is still here. In the morning she was behind the heavy cloud curtain and I was worried for a little while that she was not coming out but then she did not let me down after all this patient waiting ...

Here is the wool I was talking about last time. It is Wensleydale colorway Petroglyph form

I have spun a little bit of it. I think that it is simply gorgeous. I don't have a clue what I'll use it for.My next new project has something to do with these. Rubber boots and seed envelopes!It is March already!! Time to start planning for the spring in the garden. And in two weeks time I should get seed beds out (for that I have to showel a way to my little green house) and plant the tomato seeds. The green house is too cold for months yet so I'll grow them inside first. Please don't get me wrong, I'm really a novice here and get easily frustrated when things don't turn out the way I planned but even though, in spring I get my hopes extremely high up and dream of tasty red tomatoes!!

And while waiting for the real rubber boot season to come I'll knit myself a pair of yellow gardening stockings to wear with the boots. The recent stockings on the needles are coming to closure and I'm very fond of them. Knitting another pair with yellow is bringing the spring one inch closer. Although I feel very tempted to knit them with this green Lanett I think I want to honor the sun and stick to the yellow Lanett. You can see it hiding in the picture under the yellow Tove in the right corner. The pattern for the yellow stockings is under construction.

To speed up the recent stockings I keep looking at these spring colors...


  1. Tulee pääsiäinen mieleen kevätväreistäsi!

  2. Good Morning Lene!
    I am glad you are home safe from your trip. Did you have a nice time? I lov ethe photo's of the sunshine and the snow!
    I am so happy that it is Maaliskuu already! It is the season for wearing wellies and planting seeds in little pots while dreaming of gardens and red juicy tomato's! I am so happy to see the aurinko is out more for you! Keltaiset sukat are such a wonderful idea to honor the aurinko! I am thinking I need new sukat to wear in my gardening wellies too! I will have to ponder the color for awhile while I decide on how many tomato plants I need this year. Last year I planted 6 different kinds of tomato plants and we had a terrible drought here and only 1 plant survived to produce only 4 tomato's! So maybe I need to plant 12 plants this year? Just in case.
    Happy Sunshine Day to You!

  3. Thank you so much for the Finnish lessons! please keep going with them. They'll help me when I go back to Lempaala in April or May...there are pictures from my last trip in October in my archives. My favorite was a shot of three teenaged baby Goths on a street in Tampere.
    all the best,

  4. You're so industrious with the green house and everything - I don't know if I would work so hard for tomatoes, though I love them dearly! I think I will be making some red socks to honor the idea of tomatoes and put some yellow in there for the sunshine they need. I love your Finnish lessons - I should print them all because the drawings are so delightful. :)

  5. That Petroglyph is lovely. And it's hard to imagine anything more cheerful than a pair of yellow stockings. :-) I wonder if yours will be lacy? Maybe for gardening you need something more practical.

  6. I really like the Petroglyph! It reminds me of daffodils coming up at the end of winter. Perhaps a pair of red socks are in order later on in the season to charm in the tomatoes?

  7. Anonymous23:25

    thank you for this sunny post ! we all are eager to sunny, warmer and longer days but I can imagine how hopeful you may be. the spring colours are really nice.

  8. Thank you for sharing the source of your Wensleydale roving! I saw some at a spinning group last week, and we were all admiring it. I had not seen any around, so I was wondering.... your yarn is beautiful from the Petroglyph roving!

  9. I love your Finnish lesson cartoons, Lene! I have some Silja in a golden color that I've been wanting to make into socks for a while - I'm hoping that yours inspire me to start mine.

  10. Hi Lene! The wool you spun is just beautiful! I like it very much too.