Friday, March 03, 2006

Evergreen Stockings

I have been battling with this ... I like the pattern but there are some ifs and buts on the way yet and I think I just have to frog this. I might continue with this pattern and this color or maybe with different pattern but same color. And then later on try this pattern again.But the Over-the-Knee Socks are done. I call mine Evergreens. The pattern is from the book handknit Holidays and I did modifications along the way. To start with I changed the yarn. The pattern in the book uses Haneke Exotics (merino and linen), while I used to my stockings hard wearing everyday yarn Sandnes Sisu. I realize Sandnes Sisu is often knit with bigger needle size, but I don't like my socks end up too loose and soft that's why I knit with needle size 2 mm.

I used invisible cast on to have 104 stitches all together, that is 26 stitches on one needle when having the stitches spread out to four needles. Then knit stockinette for 13 rows, did the Picot edge and another 13 rows of stockinette. The amount of stockinette is based on the width of the rubber band you are going to use. I used one inch wide very soft and very stretchy band.

I measured my leg right under the knee where the leg is smaller in circumference and did not stretch the band, it is exactly like the circumference.

Slipped the band in between and closed the edges. You can see the white band hiding.

The amount of stitches in the beginning was 104 and when I reached the ankle there were only 72 stitches. I repeated the pattern 15 times and hid the decreases into the pattern like advised in the book and they are totally invisible.

First pattern repeat: no decreases - following 5 pattern repeats the decreases were on the row 10 (5 times 2 stitches, that is 10 less, 94 remaining) - the next decreases were on the pattern rows 6 and 10 until 72 stitches were reached. And I continued with the pattern to the desired length, which in my case was 15 pattern repeats and almost too many for my short legs... But even so the stockings are not over the knee in my case

Then I followed the book again, except for the fact that I had more stitches on the needles, and turned the heel the way in the original. I did the spiral decreases in the toe area.

This was a simple and an easy to adjust pattern. I like the feel. The stockings are simple, modest and appear to be hard wearing too. And now that I have grown to like them a lot, I found a person, who would really appreciate them. So it is farewell time. But I might need to make another pair for myself and after I find a perfect non-scrathy yarn I will knit yet another pair for the long legs I intended these in the first place...

Forgot to tell that the amount of yarn used was less than 200 grams. I did not weight the yarn in the beginning and was using some end of skeins, but at least 200 grams should be enough.


  1. Anonymous17:12

    how quickly you knit, Lene ! good job, your Evergreen stockings match perfectly with your garden rubber boots, don't they ?

  2. I love your stockings, and thank you for the project notes on them - I hope I can get to them soon as well. Where is the new pattern (at the top) from?

  3. What a great trick, with the elastic! :-) Very clever.

    The yellow stocking is pretty; it would be a shame to see it go. What don't you like about it?

  4. Marie N.19:38

    This was a very informative day! I'm making a pair of socks now and wondering how they will turn out.

    I was not happy with the first pair I made and I think it was becasue of the pattern of toe decreases combined with the hefty wool blend I used. The spiral toe decreases look so much more comfortable. Thank you for giving me something to look for in my next pattern!

    Some day I'll graduate to making knee-high socks (my favorite to wear). I'll be sure to remember the elastic trick when I do.

  5. Wow those Evergreen stocking are great! I bet they're very warm. I wish you had posted a photo showing the pretty pattern up the back if it's the pattern I'm thinking of. Thanks for showing how the elastic is encased!

  6. Wow you are a fast knitter!

    I really like the evergreen knee socks! They look very warm and cozy indeed! Did you knit clocks on the ankles?
    I save dthe information notes on them, thank you for posting the step by step photo's too!
    I love learning new things!

    Your yellow socks look so cheerful on the snow like rays of sunshine!

  7. Lovely. I'm using Sisu now for the first time - glad to hear it is hard wearing.

  8. You do knit quickly! I really love the yellow stockings. They're very delicate and airy looking.

    Your Evergreen stocking look so warm. They're on my to-make list for this year.

  9. The stockings look great! I have been so tempted by that book, this was one of my favorite patterns from it. Nice job!

  10. Lynne04:49

    I enjoy your blog. I was in Finland 2 years ago when my husband & I came over to see our youngest son going to school in Sweden. The 3 of us took the ship to Finland, visited Helsinki & Estonia. It wasn't long enough in Finland to see where my husband's & my grandparents were maiden name was Hannula & my husband's original family name was Pihlaja. Many Finns emigrated to NE Minnesota where we still live....very similar country with pines, lakes, snow & mosquitoes!
    I love to knit too but have too little time with a job to play like I want to. I have a rag rug loom (factory made) & also now have my husband's grandmother's very large handmade loom. Someday, soon I hope, I will get back to weaving rag rugs.
    We complain here in December when it is dark at 4pm...but it's great in the summer to have light until almost 10pm. I'd like to visit there in June to experience the long daylight, but not the mosquitos!