Sunday, February 19, 2006

This and That

Few weeks ago Beth arranged an Unloved Sockyarn Swap and I had to try it too. It was the very first swap I have participated in and it was of great fun. Last Thursday I received my surprise from Polly of alltangledup. The timing was perfect, pulla was gone and I was about to make myself a cup of coffee feeling a bit sorry that I did not have anything good to have it with. And then the package arrived. First of all Jaffa Cakes to have with coffee and then the lovely yarn. How can anyone not like it. I will. I have never tried neither of them before. The ones on the left are Lorna's Laces Shepferd Sockyarn colorway Country Christmas and the Opal is color number 208.

Thank you so much Polly! And Beth for arranging it!
I also received some lovely wool from Carol (thank you so much!!) but that I will post of later when I get to spinning it. I have managed to spin a bit. I finished the laceweight Merino and it truly came out as laceweight. I have about 660 meters (733 yards) which weighs 100 grams (3,5 oz). And it is 2 ply. The needles in this picture are 2 mm. I would like to knit it right away to see how it really is but it has to wait until I have completed the Pacific Northwest Shawl.Here is a progress picture of PNW Shawl. The first part of the shawl is done, it is called the Seagulls and am starting the second part the Evergreens. The shawl has several different pattern repeats and it seems to grow quite quickly. This is like knitting a story or a picture. There are pattern repeats like Sand dollars and Water. I know I have only a few stitches on the needles so far and when I reach pattern repeat called Fish I am sure it won't go all that fast but I do believe that these pattern changes keep up the interest and away boredom. And this yarn I love!
100 grams of Létt Lopi has been used up... Somehow I don't seem to get this sweater really going. I think I have the wrong size of needles, I'm using 5 mm and they feel a little bit big. Or slippery. Or something. Not right. The needles or something else. Don't know.Maybe it is not the needles or the yarn at all. Maybe it is just me, leaving for a week and feeling distracted because of that. I have a busy week and won't be able to knit that much but am hoping to get a chance to do some yarn shopping... And I try to find better needles for the Lopi Sweater. Because I will get it done. Because I love this yarn also.

I'll be posting again next Sunday (Feb 26th) I hope. See you then!


  1. My pulla is going in the oven in about 30 minutes. Thanks for being such a good victim! ;@)

  2. Have a nice time away... and come back soon. I will be missing your posts.

  3. Enjoy your time away

  4. Hi. I just thought I'd share a comment. I've been reading you're site a while now and really enjoy it :-)

    Létt-lopi is usually knitted on 4.5mm needles, (and ribbing on 3.5mm's). I hope it starts working out for you, it looks very nice so far.

  5. janeen00:40

    Have a nice trip! We will miss you!!

  6. Marie N.17:58

    The PNW shawl looks beautiful and so intricate. What a perfect color for the "story" too.

    The exchange sounds like a great idea how fun!

  7. Wow, you certainly got a lot of beautiful yarn - I'm very curious to see what you're going to make with it!
    I love the shawl you're doing, it already looks fantastic, and the color is so great!
    Best wishes from Austria!

  8. Hi Lene, I'm a new reader of your blog and I know it will be among my favorites. I saw Polly's link about the Pulla and thought I'd check to see what your blog was like. I added you to my Bloglines a few days ago and waited until I had the time to really REALLY carefully read several entries and look at the photos. Lene, I am actually crying tears over the beauty of your photos, the lovely way you write, the things you write about, every project you have made and shown. I am so happy to have found your blog and look forward to learning more about you. Thank you for sharing such beautiful projects and thoughts.

  9. I meant to make pulla this weekend, but I forgot to buy the yeast! Next weekend for sure.

    And I'm really glad that you're working on the lopi sweater again. It's such a lovely pattern!

  10. Joanne Williamson17:50

    I have just discovered your blog and read all your posts. It is especially interesting as my husband is Finnish! His family calls the pulla bread Nissu(a) but it looks like the same recipe.

    I love your knitting and photos. The shawls from the book Three Cornered and Long Shawls are just lovely. Hyrna Herborgar is on my "Want To Knit" list and now, so is Hálfskák.

    Looking forward to your return and reading future posts!