Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meet one UFO

Everyone who was willing to make pullas and was puzzled with the metric system, please have a look at the updated Pulla Friday post with cups and ounzes.

I have been busy this week with other stuff than knitting or spinning. We are having house guests for the weekend and a little more thorough cleaning of the house is necessary and since I'll be gone the next week there are other things to take care of also, like cleans clothes and food for the freezer for the home troops. So I won't be posting this Friday, but hope to be able to write something Sunday and then I'll be off for the whole week. I don't like cleaning. But it would do good to this house to have guests more often. It is amazing how things move around and how we drop stuff here and there while going from one spot to another. Even the dogs participate in this, the other one being a Labrador is always carrying something and the other one is so young, she is doing it for the fun...

I finished the first of the stockings, but when both of them are done, I will tell about my modifications. I knit mine with number 2 mm needles but the pattern calls for 3,25 mm. I'm using Sandnes Sisu which is durable sock yarn but not fancy at all. Sisu is also the yarn I tried to use for the Austrian stockings but there knitting it with 2 mm did not work.

When Cassie of Too Much Wool cast on for her Olympic Knitting, my Icelandic sweater from last summer came to my mind. I have had this on the needles since ... This is from the book Létt Lopi number 16. These are the colors. They are quite true on my screen.
The sleeves are already done and there are few centimetres of the main body done...
I wonder if this would be my chance to get this done. Now that there is another Islandic being knit it would be such an inspiration to get mine going again ...

I really feel tempted.

I bet many of you know how to count to three in very many languages...


  1. Marie N.15:48

    Enjoy your house guests and your time away from the computer!

    I'm in the final stages of finishing a doll sweater. It is still daunting to imagine making something I would wear. I get right and wrong sides confused!

    My daughter has a gift for languages, similar to my dad, I think. She excelles at her German school, does well in Latin, and counts in Spanish & Korean. She will be excited to add Finnish to her accomplishments and show it off next time our Finnish friends are over for dinner!

  2. I could use some company on the Icelandic front - jump on in. I happen to love that particular lopapeysa - the yoke patterning is particularly pretty.

  3. My house loves it when I have guests due to arrive !!!
    Your lopi will be beautiful in those colours.

  4. This coming weekend is an extra-long one for me, so I will have time to try your pulla recipe. (If I remember to buy yeast!)

    I do hope you will finish that Lopi pullover. It's too pretty to leave unfinished.

  5. thank you for updating the pulla recipe. I can deal with the metrics, just did my head in trying to figure out what was a 'dl', which I can suppose now is a demi litre.

  6. Anonymous13:52

    Hi, Lena. Someone pointed me to your blog, thinking we were kindred spirits in wool. Though we have very different approaches (I'm not really a classic designer), I love your work. Come visit me at and tell me what you think.
    Jane in Canada

  7. Hi! I am new to your blog (I am also doing KNit the classics) and I just wanted to say I ADORE your knitting! Such pretty and intricate things.

  8. I tried your pulla recipe last weekend and will definitely make these again! I had no trouble with the metric conversions - should you ever post in metric again just direct people to do an online search for kitchen measurement converters - took me about three minutes to get the figures converted and I was off and running. My kids really thought these were great. I posted a picture about making Pulla here on my blog at I did make sure to cite you as the source of the recipe.

  9. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love your stuff. I also noticed that your Jaywalkers look a lot like mine:)You can see my version here:

    By the way, Life of Pi is one of my favourite books ever:)

  10. Testasimme Nean kanssa pullareseptiäsi tänä aamuna, hyvää tuli. :)