Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just a few words in between the Games watching

This sock or stocking no longer exists. It is gone. The yarn was --- not good for this project. Too thick for these delicate twisted stitches. Or I should have used a bigger needle size but then the stocking would have been too large. Two days of knitting gone. The truth hit me last night. I turned off the telly quite late and went to spin for a while to gather the strenght needed and then quietly took it down. But, I still find this pattern very appealing so after I find a good yarn that suits this design I'll try again. Farewell pictures...

So in the morning I had to find something fast. I hate those curly and untidy balls of yarn and since I was set to get to low level in my stash with this yarn, I cast on these...
This is the Over-the-knee-Sock from this book... Modified. Not going to be over the knee.
I was going to knit these stockings to the legs in the picture because this is the color these legs prefer and the design would be so pretty on these particular legs... But these legs won't like these, because they itch... so they say. I'm having no luck with this yarn. But I will finish, I don't want this yarn to end up in my stash looking sad. The stockings will then be mine.

I joined this Knit the Classics KAL a while ago. I couldn't find the book for February from my library so I'm ahead of the time reading this March book. I'm past the first 50 pages and this is so far enjoyable. Very seldom a book grabs me on the first page but this book did.What am I going to knit from it is yet to be seen.

PS. Having very cold milk and warm pulla (fresh from the oven) in the afternoon or in the evening is the first choice. Second best is pulla with coffee and that could be any time of the day. But this is a matter of taste.


  1. Hey the Finn's are looking good in the Olympics! We have been watching the Olympics constantly over the weekend. So much fun! I especially enjoyed this Olympics opening show.

    Even if your stocking didn't work out I am glad you took photo's so we could see the pattern up close. It is very beautiful, I love the tiny cables. Let me know when you find a good sock yarn for that Austrian stocking. I may try that stocking later in the spring.

    I just got my "life of Pi" book for knit the classics too! I am almost done with "Woman on the edge and can't wait to start "Life of pi." Have a great week watching the Olympics! Such a beautiful place Torino is!

  2. I am glad you like Life of Pi. i am looking forward to reading it, so you have made we even more excited! I love your stocking. I really like the pattern and would love to make them to, but i haven't got the book yet. I will have to put it on my wish list. What a great thing to wear with skirts in the winter.

  3. Luisa00:58

    The soscks looked ok to me... but then you are the one who knows best. I'll have to get that book!

  4. Wow! You are some kind of quick knitter - what a shame they went to the frog pond. Looked so nice - that's a great book (Handknit holidays and Life of Pi)....I am going to make some Pulla this week! Will post pictures when I do!

  5. I can't even imagine how painful it was to rip the Austrian stockings. They looked gorgeous but I understand the yarn troubles (which yarn were you using?). I love the Handknit Holidays stockings too - I ironically have just 3 skeins of the yarn called for in the pattern, which is driving me nuts, in a quiet way.

  6. Marie N.14:28

    I'm still amazed by the intricate work on thse socks. I have so much to learn!

    The kids and I have been watching so much TV lately to see the olympics. I've not gotten as much knitting done because I'm joining in the board games 4 year olds enjoy.

    I finished a pair of pants for a doll. In that project I learned the yarn over technique. Next I need to make the doll's coordinating sweater. Another challenge.

    I've bought some sock yarn to experiment with for myself. We shall see, I'm still intimidated by them. Your Finnish lesson describing the parts of the sock is a big help -- now I can see what the parts of the garment are called!

    Thank you,
    Marie N.

  7. I'm so sorry that the twisted-stitch stockings didn't work out. I love that pattern with all my heart! But the not-quite-over-the-knee socks will be lovely too. (Please don't forget to tell us about the modifications you make to the pattern! Some of us would like to follow in your footsteps. :-)

  8. Loved the Austrian pattern, but if it doesn't work, you followed the only possible path. I'll chime in with Beth, to let us know the modifications for the over the knee socks, which remain so for about 20 seconds of wearing. I had thought about knitting them with elastic reinforcing, but that sounded like a recipe for vein thrombosis from leg compression. I like your idea better.

  9. I think that your socks were outstanding!! I'm sure you will knit them again, another time.
    Unrelated to the socks, I want to tell you that I am enchanted with where you live. I have always had a passion for the land north of the Arctic Circle. IN 2001 we visited the very northern part of Norway, going to Nordkapp and then taking the ferry down the coast. We drove to Kautokeino and Karasjok, very close to Finland. We visited Alta and then the Lofoten Islands. It was one of the best trips of my life!! I knit socks all the way!

  10. Hi There!
    Just found your blog this morning and you're knitting some gorgeous items. Those socks look so nice and warm! And I can wait to bake my first Pulla bread!
    Nice to meet you!

  11. I love your Austrian patterned stocking! What is the source for the pattern? I am sad to see it frogged... are you planning on re-doing it with a different yarn?

  12. I was back reading your blog. I love the cabled sock that you had to frog. Please let me know where you found the pattern, I'd love to try it.