Sunday, February 26, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

After the wide and busy streets the little snowy road through the home woods is so dear and familiar. It is good to be back home! The yarn stash, the wool, the spinning wheel and works in progress were waiting for me and the reunion was happy. But ... I have not been able to do that much - because there are other things needing attention. I'm sure you can guess what they are...

Can't wait to have more time at the computer and see what you all have been doing during the past week...

While away I missed my lake. But she is different. More and more snow mobile tracks appear on her ice and the snow on the tracks gets so hard that it is lovely to walk on.You'd think we have four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. I think we have six seasons, we have spring, summer, autumn and the dark winter around Christmas, then there is the blue winter after Christmas and once we reach the end of February and the beginning of March we have the spring winter. During the blue winter the forest is dead, completely, not a sound is heard if you stand still but now you can feel there is life again. The wind starts to sing in the tree tops and the sun is all around, there are shadows and sun rays and bright high blue skies and lots of clean snow. You keep turning your face towards the sun and the sun makes you smile and purr.

And this is the time when I need to find something yellow... I have some lovely wool that I plan to spin next week that has yellow in it. The color seems perfect to my mood and to this season. I know it is still winter, there is lots of snow and we will have even more, but also I know for sure the spring is closer and the flower buds and leaves under the heavy blanket of snow --- they are not dead but only asleep. We made it through the blue winter, this is a new season and it calls for yellow...


  1. Welcome home and back to the blog! Thank you for your explanations on your weather and the nature around you. I really enjoy knowing what it is like where you are. I live in the states, northern Illinois near Chicago, and currently we are starting to feel spring in the air too. The next 10 day forecast predicts sunny and between 40-50 degrees F (4-10 C), such an exciting time of year. Yes, yellow is a good color right now :D

  2. janeen23:00

    Hello Lene, and welcome home!
    You and I both are in a "yellow" mood ~ I am ordering soft yellow 2-ply lace wool for a shawl... and I just painted our bedroom a buttery yellow.
    Glad you are safely home and hope you had a fun time. Enjoy your new wool!

  3. What beautiful pictures of snow! Your description of the six different seasons was wonderful to read! It makes me wish I was somewhere else besides California in the US where it is more like alternating days of cool and warm and rain than strong distinct seasons. Welcome home and I'm looking forward to seeing the yellow wool!

  4. Thank you for sharing your three winter seasons with us! Here in Maine, we have five seasons. We have Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud and Bug season. Mud season is between winter snows and spring - generally the whole month of April. Bug season is between Mother's Day in mid May and Father's Day in mid-June. I think I'd rather have the three winter seasons!

  5. WOW! Look at all the snow! I live in Texas. We don't have many seasons. We have hot and humid, with an occassionally ice day.

  6. Marie N.16:04

    Welcome back to your on-line community and to the comforts fo your own home and familiar surroundings.

    I too enjoyed reading about your description of the seasons. Then when you describe your longing for yellow I remembered the daffodill greens that are 6 inches high in my gardens due to our mild winter. The previous owner of our home planted hundreds of daffodills all over and they are a joy to me every spring. I love to cut the boquets and bring them inside.

    Did you get to do the yarn shopping you anticipated on your trip?

  7. Renée from Wisconsin23:02

    Welcome home and welcome back to your lake. We missed you.

  8. Welcome home! I like winter, but I am always glad when I feel spring is on its way...

  9. Lene, welcome back to your blog! I was just away from home for a long weekend and was happy to be among the familiar again. I know the sensation of the different stages of winter that you mention, though probably not quite as extreme as the experience you are having. I grew up in Michigan USA during a time when the winters were a little harsher than they are right now and winter was definitely my favorite season. Post-Christmas winter was a very different winter, and the pre-spring winter had its own feeling too, just like you describe. I can't wait to see what your yellow project is. Do you dye your own fiber? I don't remember seeing anything about that.

  10. What could you be making that is yellow?

    This is not a color I would have associated with you.

    Very mysterious.

  11. Southern Norway Fairytale10:56

    Welcome back!
    I'm looking forward to the yellow as well.
    I'm back too. From a spinning retreat in Denmark. The subject was "spelsau". The Danes could introduce those of us who are knitters, knitters and nothing but knitters - to dogme knitting! All you need is a spelsau and a pair of needles...

  12. Hello Lene.
    I have been here in Sweden for 2 years and a half.
    What a impressive scene it is! A friend of mine, who is from the northern part of Sweden, always tells me how beautiful there is in the winter season. I can imagine from your photos.

    And I love "Pulla", actually we call it "Kanalbulle" in Sweden. I picked up and put your recipe into my cooking files! Thank you, Lene!

  13. Ah, yellow and butter yellow with sprinkles. I find that I can't get enough of it and use it in my bedroom and kitchen for the warm cheer. More people are asking for my Jonquil colorway, which must mean that they are over THEIR blue winter and ready for yellow as well. Thank you for the photos and the sound or lack of it. Where we live in California, it is shocking to see snow and that makes you a much more hearty bunch up there in Finland. Your spinning looks beautiful, by the way. I look forward to seeing what it becomes. :o)