Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ignoring the UFO warning

Election Sunday. The gallups are saying that both the candidates have a chance to win. Very exciting night ...

I have enjoyed the knitting a lot during the past few days and I think it is because I have more than one thing on the needles now. This seems to fit my mood at the moment. Yesterday most of my knitting time I was working on the green cotton but then my hands started to ache, they do sometimes when I knit cotton, so I switched to the soft Lanett.
So here follow ups...

I do love this Birch pattern.

And something else again. I cast on for the scarf Interlocking Balloons by Shirley Paden from the book scarfSTYLE by Interweave Press. I realize this might not be the perfect yarn for the scarf, I'm afraid the pattern isn't going to be very visible but I decided to settle with this after auditioning few others mainly because this is soft and I have two skeins which should be enough and sometimes I need to make use of the stash.

The Green Rogue, the Green Pivocoli and this new scarf belong to the same family.But there is probably going to be one more member. A Felted Bag made of these three skeins of Satakieli. I haven't swatched yet so I don't know if Satakieli felts nicely and I need to test that first.

If that bag is going to happen and when I have it on the needles, then I think it would be wise to settle down and finish one thing before I go hunting again.

Oh, forgot the Olympics. That will be number five on the needles. But really, this is so enjoyable at the moment, that I have decided not to take seriously this UFO warning that keeps echoing around...

PS. Our President for the next coming six years is Mrs Tarja Halonen. She got little over 51 % of the votes.


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  2. Renée from Wisconsin01:40

    Your site is always so interesting. Glad to hear Mrs. Halonen won; hope that's who you voted for! :-) I was pleased when you mentioned that you live north of Rovaniemi. I googled images of the town in Finland and found wonderful pictures of your "neighborhood", especially of the bridge over the river. It was also interesting to see the "mountain" along the river. Your pictures on the manniquin always make the lake and surrounding area look so "flat". I also googled up pictures of Rovaniemi in summer time and of downtown. Well, I just found it all very interesting. Next, I'll have to google Turku, where you said all your girls were born, and which you thought was the loveliest of cities. I love the internet, bloggers, and knitters. Will love to see your answers to Lankakomero. "See" you at the Olympics next! Keep up the wonderful site.

  3. For the Olympics, I should join Team USA, but my heart is with the Suomalainen. Can I defect and claim temporary citizenship?

    Rovaniemi! We visited Rovaniemi for a few days a year ago, and my eldest daughter keeps asking when we are going to move there. If only we had jobs to go to, then we may just consider it. It truly was beautiful--though it rained and snowed the August we were there. I'm the one who mentioned Turku--I have a distant cousin who lives there, and it truly is a beautiful city. My girls loved the 'tori and Ars Nova/Aboa Vetus, but the eldest wants to live in Rovaniemi. The youngest wants to live in the playcar on the VR.

    When I was in Finland, I didn't see as many yarn shops there as I do here in America. Do you think knitting in Finland is gaining popularity? Is there another textile art that is more popular?

    So many questions that are only slightly related to knitting! Voi voi voi.

  4. Oletko jo päättänyt minkälaisen olympia-eläimen sinä neulot olympialaisten aikana? Ne ovat niin ihanat, neule eläimet, odotan innolla että kerrot enemmän suunnitelmistasi!

  5. Janet in Seattle21:25

    I am curious about Satakieli. It looks like it would make a beautiful sweater. What do you think? I looked at the website and would consider ordering from them. Other fibers they sell also looked interesting. Happy Olympic knitting and thank you for any suggestions!

  6. Marie n.03:44

    Very nice pictures! The suspense of your olympic design is killing me. I can't wait to see the completed project. How do you like knitting with alpaca?

  7. I have so many things I want to knit and learn about that I cast on lots of projects and I have one in every room of my house.
    I am so glad I am not alone in that. I too want to defect to Suomi! I am really enjoying my Suomalainen tyohuone.
    I have lots of questions already, but I will wait and ask only the ones I can not find the answer too.