Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sonja's Pony

I managed to hop on the Christmas train yesterday. At first the pace is slow and pleasant; you take out lots of candles, collect your most cherished Christmas carols and sip glögg at nights while the color red quietly sneaks into the interior...

Then the pace gets furious and soon the train bursts through the time like a rocket and one has to hold on tight not to fall off. Finally the train arrives at the destination on Christmas Eve.

I'm a Christmas person, I will enjoy the ride through the winter wonderland. The knitting has to be chosen carefully to balance the journey so I'm knitting lace for the coming weeks. This is what I cast on last night, but I'm not sure if this lace is what I want, so it might change tonight... So there won't be any project details at the moment.

I had my first born Sonja on Christmas Eve, just about the time Santa Claus comes with the gift bag. That was 16 years ago this Christmas.

Advent Calendar belongs to Christmas. I would like to give you one here, so everyday for the next 24 days you'll see something knitted - if there happens to come a day without a post, then the power lines are down - this happens sometimes with heavy snow...

Sonja chose this for the first of December:

This pony was born surrounded by the best company in Kristiansand, Norway 2001. As midwives acted Estonian Anu Kotli and Anu Raud. Both were needed to bring this healty boy into this world. Neither the yarn quality nor the needle size mattered and have both vanished from my mind. I'm sure there was some pain but that too has vanished.

It is common knowledge around here that if you get hurt, you have to press the bruise with healing wool. Sonja was entering her teen years then and I suspected there might be times when she wouldn't like me to accompany her and there might come up situations where I couldn't be at the spot to provide the heeling wool so I gave her the pony. These days I'm at the spot very seldom so I just try to make sure she never leaves the house without him...

PS. Thank you Susanna, I'll use the hat for ornamental purposes...


  1. Oh, the lace looks beautiful! No pattern details? trying to keep up the suspense? ;-)

    I haven't gotten anwhere near Christmas preparations. I like to hold off a little longer.

  2. I need some glogg -- right now! I love the idea of a knitting Advent Calendar -- I'm going to look forward to reading your blog even more than I already do for the next 24 days!

  3. Southern Norway Fairytale16:31

    In + 3,6, waiting for -1 and snow tomorrow (finally) Edward the Fox sends the best Advent greetings to Sonja's Pony whom he met four years ago when he had not yet left the knitting needles.

  4. The horse is so cute! I love the idea of healing wool, I have a small teddy bear made out of our dogs wool and I think I'll have to slip that into my sons coat.

  5. Is the pony a hand puppet? I can't quite tell.

    And the lace--such a pretty beginning; what will it be? Is it handspun?

  6. Barbie00:28

    Hello, Lene.

    It's snowing here in Seattle (which it rarely does), and it made me think of you and your blog! So, I'm taking a minute during my workday to meet Sonja's Pony and to wonder what glögg is.

    I will drink a toast to you with my next martini.

    Cheers! Barbie

  7. The train ride is a perfect metaphor for this month. My kids and I watched The Polar Express this evening - a wild ride! I try to guard carefully against overcommitting and overextending ourselves during Christmas-time and am usually pretty successful with it, but it's always a challenge because of so many great options!

    Started my own blog a few days ago and am having fun with it. Thanks for being part of the inspiration.