Sunday, December 11, 2005


This is where I come every morning. The computer, the coffee, the notebook, the dictionary... I think I'm posting too early because I have a feeling someone might be peeking the Advent Calendar a day early...Thank you for all your good advice on whether to rip or not. I have been very close to ripping but decided not to. I would feel so lost and wouldn't dare to start all over again fearing of all the mistakes I'd make again so I'll carry on. I wanted to use this shawl as a learning tool so I'll stick to it with whole my heart and try to pay attention not to make too many --- did not say any --- mistakes!

Here is the shawl, on the left the previous one to guide me and then the charts and the cat. And some Christmas wrapping paper in the left corner... You'd think there were be a nicer place to take a nap.
I have started the next stitch pattern on the shawl which makes it again very interesting. I couldn't put it down until 1 in the morning...

Today is the third Advent Sunday. Three candles burning and I'll show you few of my Christmas presents from the 60's.

These little gloves Mom made to my doll. I remember liking them a lot and realizing even then that they have been a lot of work. (The eraser here to give you the size.)

The pair on the right belonged to my most beloved doll. She also had an orange cardigan and a hat to match these mittens. I'm sure they are somewhere just couldn't find them...Since these white mittens did not have thumbs I remember asking Mom to make a pair with thumbs. So then my doll received these.And socks to match.
But now ... I must go. There are other things waiting, can't sit here for the whole day reminiscing...

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