Thursday, December 15, 2005


This was to be a Lukunuttu ( or Sleevings or a Soulwarmer or a Shrug - you can pick your own word here, I'll be stubborn and use Lukunuttu...) I have not yet checked the pile on the right if it is still usable...

The blue shawl update: 9 rows to go... Are you getting bored?

In summer of 2002 (I think it was) the Nordic Knitting Symposium was held in Härnösand Sweden. I took a workshop by Britt-Marie Christoffersson, a wellknown Swedish designer. She has written at least one book, maybe even more.

I don't remember very much from the workshop because I was hit by a lightning in the very beginning that set my mind in a mood where the outer world is meaningless. Now I think I should have paid attention what else she said, but I remember only this: (I have forgotten the correct words also, but the meaning was) PLAY WITH STITCH PATTERNS. Don't settle with them the way they are, introduce new colors or change the order of different stitches and see where it goes... Until that point I had been a knitter totally dedicated to produce patterns exactly as they were written and trying hard to avoid my own interpretations of the patterns. I called them mistakes...!!!

I didn't accomplish anything worth showing the whole day or was is two days, but I'll show you anyway.

This was more or less all...
How do you think I felt after coming home and taking a workshop by a famous designer and bringing piece of this ... How do you think she felt when I left the classroom with this...

But I have her advice which I treasure.

Later on I tried to play a little...And it resulted in the end to this...
This needs improvements, the collar first and then the shaping could be better. I'm going to make another one with improvements. This was knit with Smart from SandnesGarn. There is a beautiful shade of blue in the color chart of Smart...

PS. We had some new snow last night and it is supposed to start snowing again later on today...

PS. The baby garment from yesterday, I guess it was difficult to see but the color there was this.


  1. Leena10:53

    Sorry - following in Finnish only...Siis aivan uskomatonta, että just olin Wetterhofin sivuilla etsimässä sinisiä lankoja ja tuskailin kun ei minkäänlaisia värimalleja ole näkyvillä ja että pitääkö pelkistä värimalleista maksaa sama toimituskulu kuin langoista?? Ja sitten lähdin uppoutumaan sinun blogiisi - jälleen kerran - niin eikös vain sinun ihanan sininen huivisi olekin Whofin Veeraa :) Mikä on värin nro? Ihanaa että on muitakin sinisen perään. Olen ollut sairaslomalla viimeiset kolme viikkoa ja unettomina öinä neulonut. Syksyn Novitasta tullut tehtyä malli 34, neuletakki 7veljeksestä, farkunsinisenä, hieman lyhyempänä kuin mitä ohjeessa. Nyt toista hihaa vaille valmis neuletakki Ainosta, tosin punaisena näin Joulun kunniaksi.

  2. Well, even if all you came home with was a swatch, the sweater that you wound up with seems to have been a success. It looks lovely.

  3. I agree with Cassie -- the sweater is quite lovely!

  4. Aivan ihanan sinistä lankaa...

  5. I love the sweater. Like me, you are too critical of your own knitting :D The stitch design and shaping of the sweater is wonderful!