Friday, December 02, 2005

Perler på Pulsen

We have a long weekend ahead, Tuesday is our Independence Day and Monday is also free for the school children. But the long weekend won't be solely peaceful knitting I'm afraid...

The temperature seems to stay below zero. I have already carried inside most of the firewood needed today - we heat the house mostly with wood. The snow cover has grown by few centimeters during the week: there is showeling scheduled...In the afternoon I'll saddle the old war horse, take her to town and do some shopping but later on tonight, I'll prepare some glögg and knit this.

If I'm lucky in the future I'll have a shawl with handspun Shetland. This shawl might turn out to be Hyrna Herborgar from the book Three-Cornered & Long Shawls by Sigridur Halldorsdottir (from Schoolhouse Press). I had to cast on five times before I could get the pattern straight and I'm not sure if I'm able to carry on this... Definately I want the shawl, but tomorrow the color might be different, because this handspun is so fragile I might run out of usable yarn here...

Glögg is a hot drink mainly with red wine which has been spiced with something strong, like cognac or brandy or vodka and some raisins, almonds and cinnamon thrown in. Our stores carry different kinds of glögg bases which you can spice to your own taste.

I wish I had had the knowledge to build a true Advent Calendar with the doors but let's pretend you open up number two:Pattern from The Håndplagg Book by Heidi Fossness (from the Nordic Fiber Arts). Yarn Satakieli. Pearls from various sources.
Pattern from Perler på Pulsen book I bought in Kristiansand, Norway where I was bitten by the Pulsvante Bug. Get prepared if you get close to that corner of the earth. Yarn Silk/Wool Sivilla.

The next three are influenced by Perler på Pulsen book but I'm not sure if I followed the patterns exactly and various yarns were used from the stash.Last summer I finally thought I was cured from the bite and wouldn't need to knit any more of these ... but then the fate put me next to Susanna in a bus drive to Pärnu and she happened to be knitting cuffs. I realized I was a poor novice... she knew all the tiny details to make perfect ones.

PS. Sonja's Pony (who is a handpuppet) sends his best to Edward the Fox and he'd like to know how is life around Virginia the Wo-o-lf.


  1. Your pulsewarmers are lovely! My friend Johanne in Sweden has knitted me two pairs of beaded pulse warmers and I cherish them!

  2. Southern Norway Fairytale16:43

    I am very sorry. Virginia's head is still on the needles. I will do my best.........
    may be with some pearls on her dress.

  3. I'm speechless. Such beautiful work!

    Could you tell us a little about how you use the pulsewarmers? Are they for indoor use, or are they considered outerwear? And do you match them to your clothing, or does that not matter? Is it difficult to attach the beads?

  4. Your pulsewarmers are inspiring! This close to Christmas I don't need a case of startitis but maybe if I just knit one pair.....

  5. janeen18:35

    Incredible pulse warmers. I am in awe!!
    Thank you, Lene, for showing them. I would love to try beaded knitting sometime.
    As always, you are an inspiration!!
    (I'm going to try that glogg recipe sometime, but not when I'm trying to figure out beaded knitting)
    All good wishes to you and your family...
    janeen in Maryland usa

  6. I check your blog obsessively and your daily advent calendar makes me feel as if I'm receiving a Christmas gift every day - for 24 days!

    And all the beautiful cuffs made me look again at the yarn in my special yarn pack from this summer. I have been thinking about it ever since you gave it to me and now I may have the beginnings of an idea...

  7. WOW! They are beautiful - something I don't think I will ever have the skill to make! Just wonderful