Thursday, December 08, 2005

Meet Mrs Sheep

Mrs Sheep got extremely frustrated yesterday. She has all these Christmas preparations to do and nobody to help since her helper Miss Piggy sits in the closet with me. She tried to reason with us but did not succeed. I'm not sure but I think I heard her call me a whimp, which is quite extraordinary and shows how upset she was.

But then Miss Piggy heard the smallest lamb cry and she burst out of the closet. I tried to told her that children do cry out of various reasons and it is probably nothing to be concerned of but her heart just melted on the spot and I was left alone. After a while it felt stupid to be there...

I saw on the blog a nice comment from a person called Sonja and for a moment I thought it is my Sonja who wants her Mom to come out - wishful thinking - my Sonja (almost 16 years) would have me sit in the closet for another two years ... Anyway, thank you Sonja!

Mrs Sheep will not introduce her little ones on the internet. She doesn't think it is good for them to go public but here, meet her.

(She felt ridiculous turning her back, but I assured her that her dress has so nice detailing in the back that it was necessary.)

As you may have guessed there has not been much of happy clicking of knitting needles. But I have cast on again, the same pattern, the same yarn. This is where this Finnish "sisu" comes in handy. Sisu means never to give up, you can push your way through grey ground rock if you set your mind to it.

PS. Ella and Jackie, there isn't any pattern available for these creatures. You might want to look at the post from November "Mother Nature it is" - there is something written about the birth of the creatures.

PS. Beth S, I can't take the credit for the baskets, Hedgehog the Gardener makes them. But she is hibernating at the moment and won't get up before May.


  1. I don't know which I love best, the creatures themselves or their beautiful costumes. I really like the lacy trim on Mrs Sheep's dress, and all the little buttons up her back.

  2. I look forward to your blog everyday because it is like a page from a story book. Kind of like a Finnish "Wind in the Willows" Have you ever thought of writing a book about your sweet little creatures? You wouldn't have to illustrate it with drawings. You could just keep photographing them in that beautiful scenery you live in.
    Thank you for taking my mind off the cranky people in my world today.

  3. Glenna22:39

    I love your critters. I've been sewing together Alan Dart's Dickensian mice parts from all the pieces that my mother knit, and your lovely sheep and badger and piggy make my poorly assembled mice feel shy about their ragged costumes and awkward arms and badly spaced eyes and crooked noses, but your inspiration and that word I've now learned from you--sisu--cheers me on to keep trying.