Saturday, December 10, 2005


I'm not winning here. I have reached the Trauma Point ... and guess what? There are two small mistakes that I discovered by close inspection. What do you suggest I do, shall I carry on and knit plenty of hours pretending that there is nothing wrong or shall I abandon her altogether. Last night I checked the white shawl and found one mistake there but I still like it. But while I was knitting it I was not aware of the mistake, there is a difference.

I'm having mixed feelings...

Hold on tight to your chair, here is again R E D!

December 10th is LUKUNUTTU.

This was a kit I bought few years ago after having a workshop by Vivian. I think the construction of this LUKUNUTTU is brilliant. You knit it in one piece, no sewing and you can weave in the ends as you go. I have worn it a lot . I think you can find this pattern in Vivian's book Dominoknitting.

I was told by an authority not to use the word shrug, because it is not a nice word. "So use - (I think it was this)- sleevlets like you would use wristlets." I'm not sure of the spelling here. And this is getting so complicated now that I think we should all use the word LUKUNUTTU from now on. Since I'm a Finnish speaking person English is somewhat difficult at times and my spelling, grammar and choice of words is not accurate most of the times. I have decided to teach you a bit of Finnish next year, so maybe after few months I'm able to write in my native language...

There is another Finnish word for this also HARTIANLÄMMITIN, but this LUKUNUTTU has an oldfashioned sound. Hartianlämmitin sounds a bit too technical, it means shoulder warmer where lukunuttu is something you wear while reading...


  1. Not sleevelets silly - SLEEVINGS. Like leggings, but for arms. Sleevings. It's obvious once you think about it. Shrug (as a noun) is a very ugly word and should be avoided at all cost.

    You may want to point out that the first two pictures of the LUKUNUTTU are of the back of the garment. And I still think the "little bobbles" are one of Vivian's greatest gifts to us!

    Will you be aware of the two mistakes when you wear the BLUE shawl? Will they spoil your enjoyment of wearing it? If yes, RIP. If not, leave them in.

    If you are looking for something to wear in bead to warm your shoulders while you are reading a French novel, do you put on a LUKUNUTTU or a HARTIANLÄMMITIN? What about if you are in bed knitting?

    Just asking.

    And I have to give credit to my non-blogging friend Atarah for coming up with the word SLEEVING. It's quite brilliant, just like she is.

  2. Anonymous10:11

    OOOOIIIII !!!!!

  3. Kun olin ihan pieni tyttö eli noin kolme- neljävuotias 60-luvulla, oli äitini neulonut itselleen verkkoneuleisen pastellinkeltaisen lukunutun, jolle minä jaksoin naureskella. Se oli minusta niin hassu, kun siinä oli vain hihat. Äiti piti sitä yllään yöpaidan päällä lukiessaan kirjoja sängyssä.

  4. Dear S,
    Oh...I knew I was missing something here...
    I put on a LUKUNUTTU while reading a French novel or knitting in bed.

  5. Oh, Lene, you speak English extremely well! As a matter of fact, since I began reading your writing, I have even wondered if you've always lived in Finland or if you are a native English-speaker who just happens to live in Finland. I love the idea of learning a few words in your language, as the comments from your local friends always fascinate me (in that I can't even guess at a single word).

    The bobbles and cheerful colors of your lukunuttu are such FUN!

    As for a mistake or two, I've even seen them on garments being modeled to sell the pattern for said garment. I'm always surprised when I notice this, but I figure this means little mistakes don't bother other knitters and I shouldn't let them bother me. But I think they would. But maybe they shouldn't, especially in the big picture, once the item is complete. Hmmm...I'm no help at all, am I? Really, though, if you wore a beautiful blue lace shawl with a couple of little errors in it, I think most people wouldn't notice and would be quite impressed with your work. And those who may notice would be knitters...who would absolutely understand. :-)

    I thought of you yesterday as we were getting about 10 inches of snow (Connecticut, northeast U.S.) and I noticed that our Christmas train is chugging along at a comfortable pace. We put up our decorations yesterday, listened to Christmas music, and drank egg nog. Cheers!

  6. Dear Lena!

    Susanna told me about your blog and I of course loved it. There is another word for shrug (bedwarmer I think) it is even worce - shrug is used in many books. In Danish it is sjælevarmer, which mean something to warm your soal. Sweet isn't it.

    Susanna is sweet too - the bobles are the greatest thing - so when die and go to heaven Sct. Peter will ask - did you do any good on earth? - Oh, yes, Iwill say, I knitted bobles and made the instruction. Do you think he will let me in?

    Now to your knitting problem - I am sure you will always see the mistakes - as your work is always so perfect. But I agree with Susanna. Do remember only God does not make mistakes.

    Love from Vivian

  7. p.s. In my blog entry today, I linked to your blog. :-)

  8. I wish ALL native English speakers were as good as you. By all means, teach us Finnish, it'll be fun!

    Hmmmm, well, there's been mistakes in my lace knitting. Some I've fixed and others I turn a blind eye to. If the item is for me and the mistake is noticible to expert knitters only, it stays. Otherwise, if the item is a gift and the mistake is a bad one, I do whatever it takes to fix the problem.

    As beautifully as you knit, I can't imagine you letting any mistakes stay in your work, though. ;)

  9. shrug is a fine word to use for that garment. At least in Virginia it is ok. Beautiful beautiful.

    I am off to Tahoe, Nevada for the holidays for a skiing trip with my two sons and husband. I hope you and your family have a peaceful joyous Christmas.