Friday, December 30, 2005

Knit more!

Have a glimpse of our daily life...

Today at three in the afternoon number one daughter came downstairs in pajamas with a serious complaint. She told me she was going to report us as parents who mistreat their children. She stated that her back can't take more than 15 hours of straight lying in her bed and then she is forced to get up because of a lousy mattress...This while number two was lounging on a sofa. Number three had left early to catch a bus to go to town for after Christmas sales. What about the structure of the day, what about lunch or dinner? What kind of an appetite you have after 15 hours in bed... I tell you, you take two to three pieces of chocolate and drop yourself on a kitchen chair, drink a glass of juice and eventually leave the kitchen with a comment there is nothing to eat... But then I can still very well remember the time when all three of them got up before six in the morning very hungry and they outgrew that. Maybe this phase will pass also.

I'll knit and I'll spin while waiting...

Talking of knitting I did start something new and it is not blue. To be honest the color blue did not even cross my mind now. I don't know how it looks to you but it is more green than blue.

The pattern is from the Girl from Auntie. The yarn is Janne (85%wool, 15% polyamid) by ASA GJESTAL SPINNERI and needle size 4 mm. This yarn is like a rope after lace... but also refreshing and the color is beautiful and this feels like a good way to start a new year.

I haven't yet decided on any New Year's resolutions. Jen wrote that she promises to knit more and that sounds good. Paula will play with fibres and yarn and I'll agree there too. I'll have to come up with a one that I can share with my family because we do tell to each other our resolutions but are quite not as organized as you are Marie. If I'll say to my family that I promise to knit more... I dare not even think about the consequences...

It was suggested that I'd make a grandpa wolf... It would be great to do but I'm not sure what would happen to the peaceful harmony of females if I introduced a male... this I will have to think carefully before I do anything hasty... And Santa's bear is real sheep's fleece.


  1. Marie N.17:48

    Hi Lene,

    The things Rick and I do together are very organized. I begin well, but things deteriorate into disorganization so easily!

    I keep my kitchen and school for the kids organized. Housework is getting much better now that youngest, who takes his time, is out of diapers, but not yet ideal.

    And this jigsaw puzzle I am working on is so interesting. It is still Christmas vacvation here.

    What about knitting? I am making a blanket for our sofa in the den. It will be 12 strips 8 inches wide and 8 feet long. Some strips are all green and some are mottled green with grays and blues. I have 5 strips compelted and stitched together. I have 7 more stirps to knit. Each one will take me about a week. I am not using a pattern from a book, just knit two rows, purl two rows, except for the beginning and end of each strip which I knit 7 rows. I am using needle size 10. I take the work along to do while Amelia is in her Tae Kwon Do class. Also while I see some TV at night. My favorite part is when the strip is long enough to cover my legs and feet while I work because it is cold at the martial arts school and we are asked to remove our shoes.

  2. Hapyy New Year Lena. I am not sure what impresses me the most about your blog: your knitting or your 99.9999% flawless use of English.

    I so enjoy checking in to see what is new with you and your family. Love the pictures.

    Chesterfield, Virginia
    United States

  3. Happy New year Lene!
    Hehehe, I empathize with you and your teenagers. Mine are doing like yours. In the autumn I longed for the time to spend with them over the holidays, but now I can't wait for their school to start up again.