Friday, December 23, 2005

I'd rather be knitting

If only I had decided to knit Christmas presents I would be knitting instead of doing all this not so pleasing stuff... I wonder if the last minute panic knitting is really what one should do right before Christmas - as it is for now, I haven't got time to knit. Not that I have got done much else either but can't settle down to knit because of the feeling I should be doing something more useful... If I had something on the needles that should be done by tomorrow morning I would be knitting at this very moment...

Then again I could start a pair of socks and forget the rest and knit... But now that there isn't any last minute knitting there are lots of other last minute things in the kitchen and around the house that I might have planned differently if only I had some knitting... So it is panic no matter what... And I really rather be fiercely knitting than baking and cleaning.
The progress on the shawl is minimal.

Tomorrow morning we'll have warm rice pudding with almonds for breakfast. It is customary to put one almond into the pudding so that the person receiving it gets married the next year. Because of one unhappy Christmas Eve morning many years back when Sonja at five was determined to get married to the other five year old and was certain she would be the lucky one with the almond and not the three year old sister next to her who didn't have a clue what was going on I have since put many almonds into the pudding, so that everyone gets many. I might have spoiled a tradition here...But it is Sonja's birthday and I want to make sure it is not the lack of almonds if she is not being proposed the coming year.

Then we go to the sauna. Christmas sauna is a must in Finland. You don't question it - ever. We go to sauna in the morning before we leave the house to take candles to graveyard, other families might go there later but they will. Later on there is dinner and then the Santa Claus arrives. Well, we used to have him visit when the girls still believed in the story...

Santa Claus comes in the evening, knocks on the door and comes inside to pass on the gifts. There are different places from where you can order this guy but we had got to the point where Sonja knew this was a fairy tale, Nadja was not quite sure what to think but Daniela believed in the story with heart and soul. No doubts, none... We knew this fairy tale was going to come to an end sooner than later and suspected the other two would reveal the secret. So Mika and I decided that this year Mika would play Santa's role, put on the gear and perform. He has the gear because he has been playing this in the neighborhood.

So he goes out pretending that he has important errands outside, two of the girls giggle, they know... But the third one keeps staring out of the window wondering where is Santa... Finally the knock on the door, and in he comes. All three know instantly that this Santa is their own father. But they decide to play with him. For a while anyway... then Daniela gets deep wrinkles onto her forehead, and she comes to me quite annoyed and whispers : I wish Daddy would stop fooling around and go so that the REAL Santa could come...

The kitchen is calling. If I had planned differently I might be knitting now in panic... Like these doll clothes many many many years back.

One more night to Christmas.

One more night to knitting.


  1. Anonymous13:29

    Dear Lene !
    I wish you and your companions all the best for Christmas and New Year !
    I started with a glove after wery long pause with knitting-now I feel myself as a normal person again! It is your bloggsite witch inspired me to start knitting again 1 thank you !
    Also I want to thank all knitters who were in Estonia last summer and wish to all them : ILUSAID JÕULUPÜHI ja HEAD UUT AASTAT !

  2. Leena14:07

    I had quite a big operation done, left hospital yesterday. Allthough there is a chaos at home, no baking, no cleaning - doctors order. Just layind with my dogs. But what makes me sad indeed there is no any blue yarn in my mailbox. Where are you postman?

  3. Marie N.14:54

    Good morning! I like your rice pudding with almonds story. With so many suitors being stored up by the Fates your girls will have excellent choices to be sure.

    Today I will be in the kitchen too, preparing a few foods and then cleaning the house.

    When the kids are in bed and the work is done Slinky the cat will cuddle with me and my book or movie on the couch.

    I have a girl who no longer believed the story last year, but she does again this year. maybe this is the last year? My little boy is just beginning to understand but he is still shy and annoyed by Santa.

    Marie N.

  4. PirkkoK18:10

    Oikein hyvää joulua sinulle Leena ja perheellesi myös! Kiitos erityisen mukavista joulukuun postauksista! On ollut ilo lukea niitä joka päivä. Toivottavasti tahti ei kauheasti hidastu huomisen jälkeen =)
    Sinulla on kyllä erityinen lahja tuohon blogin pitämiseen, eli neulomisen ja kirjoittamisen yhdistämiseen!

  5. Renée from Wisconsin22:44

    Merry Christmas and Blessings to you and your lovely family, Lene, at this wonderful season. Thank you for all the fabulous posts, pictures, comments, and stories you have regaled us with over the Advent season. Each day's post was a marvelous "door" to open on our Advent calendars. May peace prevail over all the world, knit together by all of us tied by the same yarn.